Naruto: Missing Kekkei Genkai

Naruto: Missing Kekkei Genkai

Kekkei Genkai

It’s been a little bit since I last discussed Naruto aside from my weekly Boruto episode reviews, so today we’re looking at kekkei genkai. And for those of you who don’t know, or just don’t remember, kekkei genkai are what’s known as “bloodline traits.”

This means that in order to have a kekkei genkai, one must first be a member of a particular bloodline, or clan. Some notable examples are the Uchiha Clan’s Sharingan, the Kaguya clan’s Shikotsumyaku (Dead Bone Pulse), and the Senju clan’s Wood Release (though technically only Hashirama could ever use it).

There are a wide variety of kekkei genkai, and perhaps I’ll do a full post on them at some point in the future. But this article is on a specific type of kekkei genkai, the combined elemental chakra natures. These are the natures which you get by combining your basic Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, and Water.

The key here is that it doesn’t matter if you can use both Water and Wind style chakra. If you don’t have the correct kekkei genkai, you will never be able to combine them into the Ice nature. At the same time, you may technically have the kekkei genkai, but if you don’t have both natures needed to use it, you won’t be able to use the combined nature.

Although the typical chakra nature chart only depicts eight kekkei genkai natures, there are actually many more. Some share base natures, such as Wood and Mud both being combinations on Earth and Water. Others are created with yet unknown combinations of basic elemental natures.

However, there are also two kekkei genkai which are noticeably missing from the chart.

Missing Kekkei Genkai

Looking at the advanced chakra nature chart depicted below, you’ll notice that there are two kekkei genkai natures missing between Scorch and Magnet Release. The first is a combination of Fire and Lightning styles, and the second is a combination of Wind and Lightning styles.

Advanced Chakra Nature Chart from the Naruto anime series
Advanced Chakra Nature Chart

Even with all the additional kekkei genkai chakra natures which have been revealed over the years, none have filled these two slots. Why is that the case?

The boring answer is that these natures have been left blank because it’s difficult to come up with kekkei genkai that would be combinations of those basic natures. After all, what do you get when you combine Fire and Lightning, or Lightning and Wind?

Of course, there’s always the possibility that these chakra natures exist, but have simply never been mentioned. Just as authors come up with character sheets full of information, much of which is never officially released, the same could be true for chakra natures. Kishimoto might know what those natures are, but for whatever reason never released them.

Then, there comes a third explanation which is simply that it doesn’t matter what the missing kekkei genkai are. Part of good world building is that there are always a couple of unknowns. After all, it’s impossible to know everything about a world, and it’s the unknown which allows us to theorize and come up with our own conclusions.

So, since there’s literally no information on these missing kekkei genkai chakra natures other than the base natures they’re made of, let’s get to the good part of this article: the theorizing.

What Could They Be?

Let’s start off with the Fire and Lightning nature because I actually think that one’s the easier of the two. If I had to choose a chakra nature to be paired up with this particular kekkei genkai, I think a Plasma Release would be a good pick.

If you didn’t know, fire and electricity are both actually plasma. So I think simply calling the combination of the two Plasma Release makes the most sense. After all, as I already mentioned, what else would you possibly get by combining Fire and Lightning?

The only problem here is that I have no idea what the jutsu for this nature would be. I guess one of them could involve using the plasma like a blade to cut things. But aside from that, I’m not exactly sure.

Pakura using Scorch Release from the anime series Naruto: Shippūden
Pakura using Scorch Release

The Lightning and Wind kekkei genkai is a bit harder to come up with. They base natures don’t have anything in common, and nothing happens when they’re combined. Also, before you say Thunder Release is a good option, that’s technically already the name of Lightning Release.

So if I were to simply base this new nature on, say, how Scorch Release works, then I guess Static Release is what I would choose. Scorch uses the destructive force of Fire and combines it with the far reaching effect of Wind. Static would kind of do the same thing.

Rather than having a single bolt of electricity, Static Release would spread the electricity around a vast area using the Wind portion of the combination. And as with the Plasma Release, I have no real idea of what jutsu for this kekkei genkai would look like.


Even though so much of the Naruto world has been revealed over the past 20 years, there are still two kekkei genkai chakra natures unaccounted for. And interestingly, they both include the base Lightning nature. I guess it’s just difficult to come up with ways to combine Lightning with other things.

But what do you think of these missing kekkei genkai? Do you think they’ll ever be revealed at some point in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations? And what do you think these natures would look like? Let me know in the comments.

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