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Boruto Episode 135

Boruto Episode 135

The Last Battle, Urashiki

Boruto episode 135 was the big climax of the 20th anniversary arc, with the next episode seeming to be the finale. And somewhat surprisingly, we did get a decent fight against Urashiki in it. However, let’s not pretend that this fight was anywhere near the level of some previous fights in Boruto.

While there was some fight choreography, it was mostly just Urashiki, Naruto, and Boruto firing off chakra blasts at each other. Boruto with his Rasengan, Naruto with his Tailed-Beast Ball (Rasengan), and Urashiki with whatever his Ameno Subaruboshinomikoto: Ryugu is.

But I think the one thing that really made me question this fight was Urashiki’s appearance. He was a bird-moth-man.

And as stupid as I though he looked, I actually think I know why he looked like that. My theory is that all of the members of the Ōtsutsuki clan are based on animals of the zodiac. That’s right, the Ōtsutsuki clan is just an alien version of the Souma clan.

Seriously though, look at the Ōtsutsuki clan members and compare them to the zodiac animals. Kaguya is obviously the rabbit — her epithet is the Rabbit Goddess. Kinshiki is probably supposed to be the ox. I’m not quite sure watch Momoshiki is — either the dog or goat most likely. And by this logic Urashiki is the rooster.

The only real problem with this theory is that I have no idea what Toneri is supposed to be. But I’m also pretty sure Toneri is a member of the branch family, not the main family of the clan, so maybe this doesn’t apply to him.

The White-Maned Toad Charmer

While I’m glad that Jiraiya got some time to shine, including announcing himself as the White-Maned Toad Charmer, he still didn’t fight all out. The one time he really showed off some of his true strength was with his standard Rasengan that blew Urashiki away.

And yes, I’m still extremely confused by the fact that Jiraiya doesn’t mention anything about Urashiki having the Rinnegan.

The White-Maned Toad Charmer, Jiraiya from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
The White-Maned Toad Charmer, Jiraiya

But why didn’t Jiraiya go all out once Urashiki turned into his “god” form? Once he saw that Urashiki basically shrugged off his Rinnegan it should have been go-time for Jiraiya. I mean, he didn’t even summon Gamabunta which is like his go-to for battles in which he still doesn’t think he needs to go all out.

You can’t have Jiraiya announce himself as the White-Maned Toad Charmer and then not have him summon a single toad for the entire battle. And I’m not sure if Boruto has met Gamabunta before. That would have been a good way to introduce him to Gamakichi’s father.

At the very least, the White-Maned part of Jiraiya’s title was showcased. He doesn’t actually use these jutsu very often, but his hair jutsu are actually Jiraiya’s signature jutsu. I’m certain he uses them more than this, but the only other time I can think of him using them off the top of my head is in his fight against Pain.

We probably saw him use these jutsu during the Third Great Shinobi War arc though, when fighting against Hanzo’s forces.

But still, Jiraiya should have gone all out, and that’s the position I’m sticking to. I get that Pain was an extreme threat, but Urashiki should be too. There’s no reason for Jiriaya not to see him as just as much of a threat.

Sasuke Returns

I’m not sure how he does it, but with barely any chakra remaining, Sasuke pulls out some of his higher-level jutsu in this fight. I mean, he’s not using his Susanoo or anything, but Amaterasu and Kirin are no joke. Where he got the chakra to use those jutsu is anyone’s guess.

But as with Jiraiya, this brings up an important question: why didn’t Sasuke go all out when he had the chance?

Sasuke using Kirin from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Sasuke using Kirin

Well, I actually have two reasons for why he didn’t go all out, despite the fact Urashiki probably would have been easily defeated. The first is that Urashiki could teleport before he went into his “god” mode, and so could have evaded all of Sasuke’s large-scale attacks.

This means Sasuke would have had to save all his chakra until a point at which Urashiki could no longer rely on his teleportation.

The second reason is that performing a perfect Susanoo and using Amaterasu on a large scale would surely bring about both destruction and suspicion. There’s no way the Hidden Leaf Village, or any neighboring villages who heard about the event, would be able to simply let it slide.

If only Sasuke brought adult Sakura back in time with him instead of Boruto. The two of them would have easily been able to defeat Urashiki without Sasuke needing to result to large-scale jutsu like Susanoo.

And for all those who are going to say Sakura wouldn’t stand a chance against Urashiki, yes she would. She’s almost invincible herself and just one of her punches packs more force than Jiraiya’s Rasengan. Alone she wouldn’t win, but paired with Sasuke they would have no problem.

Idiot Disciples

Possibly my favorite part of this episode was the ending, where we got Jiraiya and Sasuke talking about their disciples. Sasuke has already been Boruto’s mentor for a while like Jiraiya was for Naruto, but I like how the series really went out of it’s way to illustrate that here.

Maybe Sasuke needed to meet Jiraiya like this to really understand what it means to be a mentor. After all, Sasuke isn’t exactly the fatherly/mentor type. Perhaps seeing how Jiraiya treats Naruto as a son is what he needed and he’ll now take Boruto’s training more seriously.

Jiraiya and Sasuke from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Jiraiya and Sasuke

And lastly, look at how much Sasuke looks like Orochimaru in the picture above. Maybe Sasuke wasn’t the only one who got something from his meeting with Jiraiya. Perhaps Jiraiya got something out of it as well.

Since he already knows Sasuke’s identity, perhaps that gives him a little insight into how his old friend Orochimaru is faring in the future. Perhaps he sees that although Orochimaru lost his way, his disciple turned out good after all.


What are your thoughts on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 135? Do you think Jiraiya and Sasuke should have gone all out in their fight against Urashiki? Do you think the Ōtsutsuki clan are based on the zodiac animals? And if so, what animals would you attribute to each one? Let me know in the comments.

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My Hero Academia Episode 71

My Hero Academia Episode 71

Suneater of the Big Three

It’s episodes like this that remind me why My Hero Academia simply isn’t as good as other battle shounen series like Naruto. This was Suneater’s big fight, and yet the fight itself wasn’t all that interesting to watch. It revealed some cool ways to use quirks, but the fight itself was pretty lackluster.

Even though I find some quirks to be visually stupid, such as Fat Gum’s, the variety of abilities in this series should mean that the fights are great. But the lack of choreography within those fights is why they don’t stand out very much.

For example, look at the “best” fight in My Hero Academia, All Might vs. All-for-One, and compare it to any of the top-tier fights from Naruto: Shippūden. What makes Naruto fights so good is how they seamlessly merge the abilities of the characters and the choreography of the fight.

My Hero Academia simply doesn’t do that. It’s all about showing off a character’s quirk in one, short burst.

It doesn’t really matter how cool and interesting character’s quirks are if we never actually get to see them in a real fight. Like, I’m sure Bubble Girl’s quirk is actually pretty crazy, but we’re probably not ever going to see her use it in a real, drawn out fight. Instead, we just got to see her blind someone with a soap bubble.

But hey, at least Kirishima (Red Riot) seems to be getting a lot of attention during this arc. I still don’t think we’ll get a well choreographed fight with him, but I do like seeing how he uses his quirk and hope to see more of him in the future (like next episode).

Larceny, Crystallize, and Food

Aside from Bubble Girl’s brief use of her quirk, the only new quirks we get to see are of three members of the Eight Bullets. These are Toya Setsuno (Larceny), Yu Hojo (Crystallize), and Soramitsu Tabe (Food). These three also work fairly well together, despite their quirks not exactly aligning.

Toya Setsuno (Larceny), Yu Hojo (Crystallize), and Soramitsu Tabe (Food) from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Toya Setsuno (Larceny), Yu Hojo (Crystallize), and Soramitsu Tabe (Food)

Setsuno’s Larceny is arguably the most dangerous of these three quirks despite it not being able to deal any damage on its own. It works exactly like Kazuma’s steal ability from KonoSuba. He can steal anything his opponent is holding by having it teleport into his own hand — guns, knives, even certain quirks.

Hojo’s Crystallize is a different take on a crystal ability than Diamond Jozu’s Sparkle-Sparkle Fruit from One Piece. While Hojo’s crystals can definitely be used for defense — as we see Suneater do — he mainly uses them for offense. He generally seems to use it to harden and sharpen his fists.

And then we have Tabe’s Food — which is a terrible name for a quirk. Why not name it something like “Ravenous” instead? It’s not like he can turn into or create food. He can simply eat anything. And while it’s stated that he’s the perfect counter to Suneater’s quirk, that’s not entirely true. His quirk is powerful in its own way, but it’s no better against Suneater than it is against someone like Deku.

He could just eat both of them.

It’s for this reason that I mentioned these quirks aren’t exactly aligned. Yes, they can be used together, but they don’t need to be. It’s not like Setsuno needs to steal the defenses from his opponent before Tabe can eat them.

Vast Hybrid: Chimera Kraken

The highlight of episode 71 was obviously Suneater using his quirk to its full extent — or at least I assume this is his maximum power for now. Of course, he’s still in school, so in the future his quirk will likely become even more powerful as he uses it more.

We already knew what Suneater’s quirk was, but until now his use of it seemed fairly limited. He could manifest parts of whatever he ate on his body. That can definitely be a powerful quirk, but his Vast Hybrid special move takes it to the next level, with this he can combine the things he ate.

So for his Chimera Kraken version of Vast Hybrid, he combines the hard shell of a crab with the dexterous tentacles of an octopus. It would have been cool to see him incorporate Hojo’s crystals into this as well, but unfortunately we didn’t get to see a crystal chimera kraken.

Suneater using his Vast Hybrid: Chimera Kraken ability from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Suneater using his Vast Hybrid: Chimera Kraken ability

However, the fact that we know Suneater can combine things he eats makes future battles with him all the more interesting. Remember how before the raid Fat Gum gave him swordfish to eat? We haven’t seen him incorporate swordfish into his body yet, so what will that be like when he does?

I assumed he would simply use it as a sword, but maybe he’ll combine it with Hojo’s crystals to strengthen it. Or maybe he’ll combine it with something else he ate that we haven’t seen yet.

Also, if he can eat Hojo’s crystals and use them, what other quirks does this work with? Could he eat one of Bubble Girl’s bubbles and then use them? What about non-tangible quirks? Could he eat a strand of Mirio’s hair and use his ability too?


What are your thoughts on My Hero Academia episode 71? Do you think Bubble Girl will ever get a time to shine? Which of the three enemy quirks do you think is the most powerful? And, what two things would you like to see Suneater combine with his quirk? Let me know in the comments.

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Dr. Stone Episode 23

Dr. Stone Episode 23

Wave of Science

It was brought to my attention that apparently I didn’t complain about Dr. Stone episode 22. So to make up for that, I have some complaints about episode 23. But actually, I do have a couple of complaints regarding this week’s episode, and I was going to bring them up anyway.

My first complaint is that this episode was basically just an invention montage episode. We don’t really get any development aside from the fact that Senku completes his “cell phone.” But, Ishigami Village does get upgraded in the process, so I guess there’s that.

The other complaint I have is that Gen breaks out into song randomly in the middle of the episode. I should honestly drop my rating of this series down a point just for that, but I’ll hold off for now. Seriously though, I hate when anime break out into song for no reason.

Dr. Stone isn’t that good of an anime to begin with, so the addition of musical elements is just that much worse. If it was actually a good anime I might be able to overlook it a bit more, but it would still have made me consider dropping my score.

Maker Friends

Perhaps you remember way back when Kaseki was first introduced into the series. I’m pretty sure at that at that point I commented about how he would be little more than a background character. Well, it turns out I was somewhat wrong, and the Kaseki montage in this episode helped me realize that.

I mean, he’s not a character who gets very much screen time in most episodes, but he has been instrumental in the construction of just about every invention since his introduction. And this week we finally get a little bit of background information on him, though it doesn’t really matter.

Kaseki crying from happiness from the anime series Dr. Stone
Kaseki crying from happiness

Apparently because he was the only maker in the village, he was always a bit of an outcast. So to make sure he was accepted by the other villagers, he always used his crafting to create things which would improve the lives of everyone else. In fact, he’s even the one who originally constructed the bridges.

However, we don’t have to feel too bad for Kaseki because he’s no longer alone. He now has Senku and Chrome as his maker friends, and I guess Suika too, but she’s not a real character so she doesn’t count.

Chieftain Senku

Now, the only part of the episode I’d say really mattered was when we were shown Ishigami Village being upgraded by Senku’s inventions. Yeah, Kaseki’s background was nice, but it was also really short. And the “cell phone” invention is still something I think is pretty worthless at this point in the story.

But the upgrades to the village do matter. They mean that the quality of life will improve, villagers will be able to live longer, and perhaps other people from the Tsukasa Empire will be enticed to join the Kingdom of Science.

Kokuyo leaving Ishigami Village in Senku's hands from the anime series Dr. Stone
Kokuyo leaving Ishigami Village in Senku’s hands

And these upgrades to the quality of life of the villagers is something I mentioned in a previous episode review (I don’t know which one). Although Senku has these road maps to create his big inventions, all the little inventions along the way have their own uses.

This is something the previous Ishigami Village chieftain, Kokuyo, realizes in this episode. Yes, Senku invented oven things to help produce components for his “cell phone,” but they can also be used to keep the villagers warm throughout the winter.

“Cell Phone”

For a few weeks now, I’ve been mentioning how the thing Senku is building isn’t really a cell phone. Yes, it’s a radio wave transmitter and receiver, but that’s not exactly what a cell phone is. In fact, what he built has nothing to do with the “cells” the word “cell phone” is derived from.

But that’s not really what I want to discuss right now. No, what I want to discuss is the “cell phone” itself, and how there’s no way that Taiju and Yuzuriha are going to be able to hide it from Tsukasa and his underlings — especially while under 24 hour surveillance.

First of all, it’s large, as I had previously pointed out it would be. Second of all, it’s not nearly as robust-looking as one would probably like. I don’t think that “cell phone” is going to hold up for long if it’s out in the elements. And lastly, they have to build a second one now for Taiju and Yuzuriha to use.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to communicate in basically any other way? Yes, the village got some upgrades along the way, but using these “cell phones” without being found out is completely absurd. What, is Taiju going to hide it in his cave and nobody from the Tsukasa empire is going to check?


What did you think of Dr. Stone episode 23? Did you like the fact that the episode was basically one, long montage? Did you like Kaseki’s backstory? What about Gen breaking out into song randomly? Let me know in the comments (unless you actually did enjoy Gen’s song, then keep that information to yourself).

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Blade of the Immortal Episode 10

Blade of the Immortal Episode 10

Act Ten – Animal

Today’s Blade of the Immortal review is going to focus on side characters. We don’t really see much of Manji in this episode, and the only shots we get of Rin involve her fishing for crayfish or something. But, there are two things regarding the two of them I do want to mention before getting into everything else.

Last week we saw just how far Rin was willing to go in order to cross the border into Kaga in pursuit of Kagehisa. However, this week we learned that she didn’t actually have to do that, and that Manji could have gone with her. A man, who I believe was Rin’s instructor, reveals that he can actually get border passes relatively easily. Whoops.

The other thing I want to mention is that apparently, while the Mugai-Ryu knew Kagehisa was traveling to Kaga for something, they didn’t yet know where he was traveling to in Kaga. So basically they sent Rin into Kaga without any idea of where to find Kagehisa. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a very good plan to me either.

Taito Magatsu

I mentioned this in a previous episode review, though I’m not sure which one and I’m not going to go back and check, but it seems that Taito and Manji are going to team up. Is Blade of the Immortal about to become Samurai Champloo? Rin is Fuu, Manji is Jin (I guess), and Taito is Mugen.

I’m honestly extremely okay with that development because I think Taito is an interesting character. However, I also would have liked to see the series follow him separately from Manji and Rin. Sort of like how Naruto Shippūden follows Sasuke separately from Naruto & the gang for most of the series.

Sure, both Rin and Manji are also seeking revenge just like Taito is, but Taito’s story so far is a bit different from theirs. He was initially one of the bad guys, and still is to an extent. He’s more like a rogue now, who’s willing to side with whoever will help him accomplish his short term goal of killing Shinra.

Taito Magatsu from the anime series Blade of the Immortal
Taito Magatsu

But now that Taito has join Manji, it made me think about how we might see their dynamic play out. Both of them seem to be pretty hard-headed, but laid back at the same time. They clearly aren’t two people who could ever really get along even though they probably understand exactly how the other feels.

There’s also the fact that Manji is “immortal,” while Taito is not. Is this difference between the two of them going to come into play at some point considering how similar they are otherwise? I was thinking that Taito might actually sacrifice himself for Manji, despite the fact that Manji is immortal.

That could be an interesting way to show that Taito has come to respect Manji after their travels together, but who knows.

Hyakurin and Shinriji

The main focus of this episode is on the Mugai-Ryu pair of Hyakurin and Shinriji. We already knew these two were partners in the organization, but aside from that we didn’t really know all that much about them. Well, except that Hyakurin used to have a family, but I’ll get to that shortly.

Let’s first go over Shinriji, because (spoilers) he’s the one of the two who dies in this episode. Shinriji has a crush on Hyakurin, which is obvious by the fact that he asked her to settle down and start a household with him — after they’re no longer wanted criminals, of course.

We also learn that his crush initially stemmed from the fact that Hyakurin reminded Shinriji of his mother — specifically her hair color. This makes the fact that he has a crush on her a bit weirder, but whatever, you do you, Shinriji.

Hyakurin killing her captor from the anime series Blade of the Immortal
Hyakurin killing her captor

It’s also implied that at some point the pair had a choice: they could either join the Mugai-Ryu as criminals, or they could perform assassinations for the government to pay off their crimes. They both chose the Mugai-Ryu for whatever reason.

Now, as for Hyakurin, we don’t know exactly why she was given this choice at all, but it originated from her killing of her husband. She stabbed him through the head after witnessing him cut their eight-year-old son down for being weak.

I guess that proves she’s a good enough swordswoman to be invited into the Mugai-Ryu.


Finally, we have Giichi, who I’m not sure was named until now. He’s the Mugai-Ryu member who uses the circular weapon (I have no idea what it’s called) that decapitates people. He’s interesting for two reasons, the first being the simple fact that he appears to be much stronger than I previously thought.

The other reason he’s interesting is that he may be the person previously referred to as “Akagi.” At least, it’s hinted that his alias is Akagi, because the episode cuts to him right after Hyakurin reveals that the Akagi the Itto-Ryu is looking for is someone they’ve already run into before.

However, I also considered the fact that Akagi could be the alias of Shinra, in which case Hyakurin was implying that the Itto-Ryu had been dealing with Akagi without even realizing it.

But back to Giichi, another reason I’m not entirely sure if he’s the Akagi mentioned is because he’s not the leader of the Mugai-Ryu. The same could be argued about Shinra as well. Whoever Akagi is, they seem to be the one in charge, and Giichi mentioned his “superiors.”

Could Akagi be the man we see with Giichi when Hyakurin was first taken in by the Mugai-Ryu? Or is it someone we’ve already met?


What did you think of Blade of the Immortal episode 10? Are you excited to see Manji and Taito become bros to the close? Do you think Rin will manage to find Kagehisa on her own? And who do you think Akagi is? Let me know in the comments.

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When Your Favorite Anime Series gets a Movie

When Your Favorite Anime Series gets a Movie

Are Anime Movies Really a Good Thing?

The idea that anime movies might actually be a bad thing for anime-only viewers is one I’ve had for a very long time. I simply never got around to writing about it, until today. And with a fairly decent number of anime series receiving movies recently, this seems like as good a time as any to discuss it.

So, my basic argument is that either movies don’t matter, or they mean the series is coming to an end (as far as the anime is concerned). And the reason for this is that anime are, largely, viewed as advertisements for the source material. Who do you think finances anime series? The publishing companies.

They make a lot more money off manga, light novels, and merchandise than they do off anime. And this was the case even before a large percentage of oversees anime viewers used piracy sites. Even within Japan, this is generally how anime are viewed by publishers.

Now, there are, of course, exceptions to this rule. For starters, there are anime original series, but they tend not to receive movies as frequently. There are also series like Monogatari which have had movies incorporated into them just fine.

But then there are series like No Game No Life, which I’ll discuss in more depth later on, for which this is not the case. The movie effectively killed the series off (but not really).

Non-Canon Movies

Boruto: Naruto the Movie anime poster
Boruto: Naruto the Movie

So let’s first cover non-canon movies. This would be things like the One Piece movies, or even most of the Naruto movies. You know, movies that don’t actually affect the main plot of the series. Even the Fullmetal Alchemist movies fall into this category, though one of them is a bit iffy.

Non-canon movies are actually much less of a problem than canon movies, specifically because they’re non-canon. They’re seen as extra content; a bonus for fans of the respective series. But there is still a problem, and that’s the fact that they don’t really matter.

Why should I get invested in a movie that I know has no real effect on the story I’m already invested in?

There is one good way to solve this problem though: make the non-canon movies canon, but flashbacks. For example, I’ve only seen like two of the Naruto movies despite being a huge Naruto fan, but in one I remember Naruto fighting someone inside a volcano — that’s all I remember of it and I don’t know which movie it was.

Rather than having a story like that, involving Naruto in the current timeline, but doing something that doesn’t affect the story, why not have a flashback movie? I would have much rather watched a Naruto movie based on a period of time we didn’t get to see much of, such as when the Second Hokage was in power.

I get it, then a bunch of fans would be mad because the protagonist of the series isn’t in the movie. But I see it as a great way to build up portions of the series’ world which are currently a bit cloudy. That’s a better way to make a movie for a series if it can’t directly affect the story.

Canon Movies

No Game No Life: Zero anime movie cover art
No Game No Life: Zero

However, canon movies are the main topic of this article because they seemingly kill off the series they’re meant to promote. As mentioned before, No Game No Life: Zero is a prime example of this (though it does actually go the route of flashback movie I just said was good). The series was very popular, it got a movie, and then nothing.

And there are many other series you can see this same pattern with. No Game No Life is just one of the most well-known examples. So why is it that canon movies seemingly send their series to die?

Well, it all goes back to the idea that anime are merely advertisements for their source material. No Game No Life was a popular light novel which got turned into an anime. But, the anime only covered a portion of the full story. This is done purposefully so that viewers will then go buy and read the source material to find out what happens next.

However, there’s an even better way to ensure your viewers will purchase the source material, and that’s by creating a canon movie after the one season anime series.

Okay, so you got a lot of people to buy your light novel thanks to the anime series, but there are still a lot who didn’t make the jump. A movie, with its increased production, will serve to push even more of those fans off the edge into the world of your source material.

And once that’s done, you pull out of anime altogether. This is key, because if you continue on with making anime after that point, there’s no reason for the viewers to seek out the source material.


So what about some popular anime series which have recently received movies or are going to receive them? I think Demon Slayer is already confirmed to have a second season after its canon movie. But what about series like KonoSuba, Re:Zero, and Goblin Slayer? As far as I know, we haven’t heard about future seasons for those series.

Have any of your favorite series fallen victim to the movie and bail strategy publishing companies like to take? Let me know in the comments. For me, Madoka Magica was almost that way. I mean, it was an original series, so the one season and a movie was more expected. But luckily we’re getting a new anime based on the mobile game this winter.

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