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My Hero Academia Episode 87

My Hero Academia Episode 87

Japanese Hero Billboard Chart

Did anyone else think the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart was rigged? I don’t mean the fact that there was a literal washing machine in the top 10. I mean the fact that Mt. Lady wasn’t in the top 10. Based on the previous 86 episodes of this series, I was sure Mt. Lady was up there.

I think she ended up being number 23, which isn’t bad considering how many pro heroes there are in Japan. But when you take into account how many male fans she’s been shown to have around the country, and the fact that she’s a strong hero, you’d expect her to be higher up.

Also, although we didn’t get to see how high up Rock Lock ranked, it was good to see him make an appearance.

Wild, Wild Pussycats Return

I mentioned in a previous episode review that I had thought one of the Wild, Wild Pussycats died during the attack on the summer training camp. That was later stated to not be the case, and in episode 87 we finally get to see this team back together.

The member who I thought died actually just had her quirk stolen by All for One. But, this is important because it gives us an idea of what life will be like for Mirio now that he doesn’t have a quirk.

Although she was an active pro hero, without her quirk Ragdoll is demoted to the position of team secretary. While the other three members of the Pussycats are out fighting crime, she’ll be sitting in an office doing paperwork. So if that’s what happens to a pro hero who loses their quirk, it’s safe to say Mirio can’t be a pro hero without his.

The Wild, Wild Pussycats from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
The Wild, Wild Pussycats

I would have liked to think that Mirio could still be a low level hero even without his quirk. After all, he’s trained extensively in hand to hand combat, and can still effectively fight like that against villains with quirks. But if even a former pro hero can’t continue working without a quirk, he probably can’t either.

And speaking of Ragdoll’s stolen quirk, it’s stated that the only way for it to be returned to her is if All for One chooses to give it back. And even if he were to be so kind, he has to use his own quirk to do so. Obviously allowing All for One to use his quirk is a massive risk, so it’s not going to happen.

But what if there was another way for Ragdoll to reclaim her quirk which didn’t involve All for One? I think it’s reasonable to assume Eri’s quirk would work on Ragdoll just like it may work on Mirio. It would simply revert her body back to before her quirk was stolen.

Number One Hero Endeavor

Obviously Endeavor was going to be named as the new number one hero on the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart. But what I didn’t expect was that he was going to attempt to be a friendly hero so soon after talking with All Might.

Even when he’s provoked by Hawks at the ranking ceremony, he doesn’t retaliate in a manner you would expect from him. He recognized that Hawks was attempting to get a reaction out of him, and he didn’t fall for the bait.

Later on in the episode we even saw him attempt to be friendly, or at least his version of friendly, with one of his fans. This is something we’ve seen him do before, but it really seems like he’s trying harder now to fill the void which was left by All Might’s retirement.

We have to remember that Endeavor didn’t really see All Might as a rival. Even though he wanted to one day surpass him, he looked up to him first and foremost.

Number one hero Endeavor from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Number one hero Endeavor

Unfortunately, I was incorrect about Endeavor going up against Gigantomachia as his first battle to prove that he’s the new number one hero. Of course, he’s been the number one hero ever since All Might retired, but this would have been the battle in which he won the hearts of the civilians.

It looks like he’ll still get to have a battle like that, which will hopefully finish next episode since it’s the final episode of the season, but it won’t be against Gigantomachia. Instead, Endeavor will be fighting against a new kind of Nobu.

Rising Star Hero Hawks

Hawks is a somewhat interesting character because he’s kind of all over the place. He’s currently the second ranked pro hero, but he’s also only 22 years old. And I think it was stated that he started his own hero agency at the age of 18 and broke into the top 10 pro heroes by the time he was 20.

So obviously this guy is a strong hero — and we see that this is at least partially the case. At first it might seem that the fact he has wings and can fly is all his quirk is, but there’s more to it than that. He can also shoot out his feathers and control them freely, which is decently powerful.

However, we don’t know exactly how strong he is in comparison to actual villains, because all we’ve seen him do so far are low level heroic acts. But due to the fact that he’s the number two hero, I think it’s safe to say he’s taken down at least a few powerful opponents.

Number two hero Hawks from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Number two hero Hawks

But the strange part about Hawks is that although he’s ranked so high among the pro heroes, he has no ambition to become number one. He’s perfectly fine letting Endeavor be the number one hero and doing all the work which comes along with that role.

As long as the number one hero does all the heavy lifting, Hawks is perfectly content to sit back, relax, and promote that hero so he has less villains to fight. It’s a pretty odd dynamic for a pro hero to have, especially at his level.

If he just wants to take it easy and let other people fight the powerful villains, you’d think becoming a pro hero wouldn’t be the best career choice. And the fact that he started his own agency at the age of 18 is even stranger because that implies he was working towards becoming a top ranked hero — it didn’t happen by accident.


What did you think of My Hero Academia episode 87? Which pro heroes do you think deserve a spot within the top 10 rankings? Do you think Eri can recover Ragdoll’s quirk? And, what are your thoughts on Hawks? Let me know in the comments.

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Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 12

Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 12

Bonded Father and Child

I have to say, I really liked the final episode of Somali and the Forest Spirit. It wasn’t the best episode of the series, but it did include one of the best individual performances by a voice actor — potentially of all time.

Inori Minase has been one of my favorite voice actors for years at this point. She’s in a lot of anime, and does an amazing job every time (just like Kana Hanazawa, who unfortunately is not in Somali). And while I’m sure many people would say that Rem was her best character, I think she did even better with Somali.

Also, I loved Inori as Mei in Endro~! which is an anime more people should watch.

The performance by Inori when Somali is begging Golem not to leave her and telling him that he does have emotions was probably the best scene of the entire series specifically because of her voice acting.

And voice acting aside, I just think Somali is a really well written character with some well written lines. For example, when the old men in the town in this episode explain the wind-rider flower’s connection to the festival, Somali immediately asks Golem if he knew that already.

That line may not seem that important, but it’s exactly what a kid her age would do. They learn a new piece of information, and immediately want to know if their parent — who they believe knows everything — already knew it.

Harvest Festival

Unfortunately, we never actually get the name of the town visited in this episode. We can see that it’s loosely based on Chinese culture, with the dragon statues and lanterns, but other than that, this town doesn’t really seem to have any defining characteristics that we’re told of.

It’s not like Anthole City which is the gateway to the desert, Winecup Village which is an important rest stop in the desert, whatever the witch’s city was called which is the center of learning on the continent, or even Bygone City which marks the edge of civilization and the start of the frontier.

However, thanks to Bygone City, we can actually infer that this new town our characters venture to is disconnected from everywhere else they’ve been before.

Somali & the gang heading to the next town from the anime Somali and the Forest Spirit
Somali & the gang heading to the next town

This new town still has recognizable customs such as harvest festivals, the townspeople are still Grotesques, and the villagers even know what golems are. But we have to remember that this town is located beyond the frontier which Bygone City marks.

We didn’t actually get to see Somali and Golem traverse the mountains in the series like we did in the opening sequence, but we can assume this town lies beyond them. That also may be why the town is loosely based on China — a similar, yet very separate culture from Japan.

And one last thing I found interesting about this town is how they connect their harvest festival to their ancestors. Another option would have been to connect it to some sort of harvest god, but I think ancestors works better here for two main reasons.

First, collectivistic cultures (which Asian cultures generally fall into) place a lot more focus on the extended family, including ancestors. Second, this sets up the idea that Golem is going to die one day (potentially soon), but that he’ll still be watching over Somali after that.

Unlimited Golem Works

I don’t really have too much to say for this section, but I did want to touch on Golem’s berserk mode one more time after last episode.

We know he lost his left arm, and I believe he mentioned that 23% of his “skin” was also removed as well — along with internal fluids and whatnot. This isn’t that bad considering I thought this berserk mode was activated in exchange for his life. It almost seemed like a self destruct mode.

Golem going berserk from the anime series Somali and the Forest Spirit
Golem going berserk

Golem was also able to use some sort of fire technique, before which he said, “internal heat and spirit limit conversion initiated.” This furthered my idea that Golem wasn’t going to survive long after this fight — he’s literally turning his own spirit into energy for these attacks.

That has to do some lasting damage to his body.

It actually reminded me of when battle shounen protagonists do things that are said to reduce their remaining life force. I remember I watched a video where all the damage Luffy had taken over the course of One Piece was added up to calculate his remaining life, and he didn’t have all that long.

A New Journey Begins

Alright, so of course I was excited to see the new town in this episode. And of course I loved Inori’s performance in this episode as well. But I think the part of the episode which got me the most excited was the very end when we got to see Somali and Golem in their new outfits.

Golem’s new look is pretty decent, but I think I preferred his original design more. Somali, on the other hand, is powerful.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Somali’s original design too with the black minotaur cape. But this new design is pretty amazing as well — especially since the horns are now a different color from her hood.

Somali and Golem wearing new outfits from the anime series Somali and the Forest Spirit
Somali and Golem wearing new outfits

When Golem disappeared during the harvest festival I really thought that was going to be it for him. It wouldn’t have been the worst anime-original end. After all, Somali would have continued to travel with Shizuno and Yabashira, and it was just set up that Golem would be watching over her from the afterlife.

But now that we got to see these two continuing their journey, possibly in a different land connected to this final village we saw, I’m hopeful for a second season. And if we do get a second season, I hope we get to see Somali in a bunch of different outfits.


What did you think of Somali and the Forest Spirit episode 12? Were you impressed by Inori Minase’s performance? Do you think the season should have ended with Golem’s disappearance? And what are your thoughts on Somali’s new threads? Let me know in the comments.

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Magia Record Episode 12

Magia Record Episode 12

Why Is This So Unbearable?

Madoka Magica: Magia Record episode 12 includes many of the “big reveals” of the series. I’ll discuss them, and how they’re not actually revealing anything big, later on in this review. But before we get to that, I need to go through some updates based on information from this episode.

The first thing is Ui. There’s one episode left in the season, and we’re still no closer to figuring out where Ui is than we were at the start of the series. Iroha has come across no one who knows anything about Ui — or at least no one who will admit to knowing anything.

That in turn leads to there being three possible outcomes. Either everything is going to be wrapped up poorly next week, there’s going to be a second season which has yet to be confirmed, or we’re just not going to get a conclusion to this series.

I know that people have been saying Magia Record will need a second season for a long time now, and I don’t deny that. But at this point in time I’m not sure it will actually get one.

From what I’m seeing, we’re going to get a poor, unfinished ending to the anime and a call to action to download the game if we want to know how it ends. I don’t think that was the original intent, but I also don’t see Shaft picking this series up for another season.

If I’m wrong, great.

The second thing I want to mention is Mami. I’ve been pretty stubborn in my defense that Mami wouldn’t join the Wings of the Magius, but based on this episode, I can see why she might join. I’ll explain why that is bit by bit throughout the rest of this review.

Kanae and Mel

Kanae and Mel are two former magical girls who died in the line of duty. We don’t exactly meet them, but we see the circumstances leading up to their deaths through Mifuyu’s memories.

A question for those of you who play the mobile game: Are Kanae and Mel playable characters? Or are they just story elements? I’d imagine they’re still playable characters.

With the deaths of Kanae and Mel, Yachiyo, Mifuyu, and Momoko learn the dark truths of life and death as a magical girl. That’s their main role in the story.

Kanae (dead) from the anime series Madoka Magica: Magia Record
Kanae (dead)

And looking at their deaths from this standpoint, I can sort of see why Mami might join the Wings of the Magius. In this timeline, Mami was able to protect Madoka and Sayaka (who I assume both became magical girls without issue).

But rather than snapping when she learns the truth behind magical girls, she takes it upon herself to save them from their fate. So from that standpoint, I still stand by my assertion that Mami’s mental breakdown in the original series doesn’t play into why she would join the Wings of the Magius.

Instead, Mami is taking the role of Homura in this timeline — which is also what Mifuyu has done in a sense. Originally Homura sacrificed herself to protect her friends from their fate, and that’s what Mami and Mifuyu are doing here by joining the Wings of the Magius.

However, we also have Yachiyo who takes the opposite route. Rather than trying to protect her future friends, she decides not to make any more friends so that way she can’t lose them.

And this could lead one to argue that Yachiyo is in the wrong, while the Wings of the Magius are in the right.

The (not so) Big Reveal

Now, as for what was learned from the deaths of Kanae and Mel, that’s not actually anything revolutionary. I thought the big secret Momoko planned to tell Rena had to do with what we later learned are called Doppels, but that’s not the case.

Instead, the first big reveal is that soul gems physically house the souls of magical girls; so breaking a soul gem is the same as killing a magical girl. And the second big reveal is that magical girls are just adolescent witches.

If you’ve already watched the original series, which I think is fair to assume most viewers have since this is a spin-off of it, then neither of those things are a surprise. I understand that they’re surprising for these characters, but to make that the “big reveal” doesn’t really make sense.

Rena Minami from the anime series Madoka Magica: Magia Record
Rena Minami

Look, I don’t think many people would argue with me when I say the original Madoka Magica anime is better than the Magia Record anime. And one of the things the original series did better was how it revealed these dark truths about magical girls.

So I think a better way to go about doing this would have been to take a page from the original series. Rather than having this series explain these concepts again, they could have simply had Mami explain it to the girls (mostly off screen) a bit earlier and then saved this episode to focus on Doppels.

The original series is only 12 episodes and a movie, so it’s not a big commitment for people to watch that and understand how magical girls function. It’s not like when Boruto re-explains ideas from Naruto for newer fans so they don’t have to go back through 720 episodes.

Take advantage of the previous storytelling of the series.


We’re finally given a name for the pseudo-witch forms magical girls in this series can take advantage of: Doppels.

This final part of the episode is really the only time when we’re given new information about how this world works in the episode. And it’s also the main reason I could see Mami joining the Wings of the Magius. But at the same time, I don’t think Mami knows everything, and if she did, I’m not sure she would have joined.

So the main thing here is that by using a Doppel, a magical girl’s soul gem can be purified without the need for a grief seed. This has two huge benefits.

  1. Magical girls won’t die and turn into witches when they fall into despair, because they can self-cleanse their soul gems.
  2. Magical girls will no longer need to fight witches in the future, because all witches will be defeated and no new ones will be created thanks to this self-cleansing.
Mifuyu's soul gem becoming clouded from the anime series Madoka Magica: Magia Record
Mifuyu’s soul gem becoming clouded

I think Mami would view those two benefits in a very positive light, and this is why she joined the organization. But, the fact remains that the Wings of the Magius are producing witches and Rumors which are harming civilians.

I just don’t see Mami agreeing with this, even if it’s only a temporary thing until all witches can be destroyed. She obviously knows they’re harvesting the power of witches, but maybe she doesn’t know they’re also the ones creating them in the first place.

Also, although it was revealed that Touka created the Doppels, how she did this hasn’t been explained yet. That’s a major gap which is going to need explaining. There’s obviously a downside to Doppels which simply hasn’t been revealed.

And how did Touka “implant” Doppels into the other girls?


Normally I’d suggest that Touka does know who Ui is and actually used Ui in the creation of the Doppels. But considering we still have no information about Ui, I’m going to differ to a more reasonable stance and say Ui has nothing to do with this.

But what did you think of Magia Record episode 12? Has your opinion on Mami joining the Wings of the Magius been changed in either direction? Did you like how the truth of magical girls was explained in this series? And how do you think Doppels are created? Let me know in the comments.

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Boruto Episode 149

Boruto Episode 149


In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 149 we learn a lot more about Tentō Madoka, son of the current daimyō of the Land of Fire. But this in itself raises a major question about the Land of Fire’s daimyō.

We’re told that Tentō is the daimyō’s heir — implying that he will one day take over as the next daimyō of the Land of Fire. But, if the position of daimyō is hereditary, then where did the current daimyō come from? He’s not the same man who was the daimyō about 15 years ago.

In fact, the original daimyō of the Land of Fire who reigned all throughout Naruto and Shippūden was never even given a name. All we know is that his wife is Madam Shijimi, and he’s related to a young girl named Naho in some fashion.

So did the previous daimyō die without an heir? Or did Ikkyū Madoka lead some sort of rebellion against him? Also, this sort of ties into the fact that the current warden of Hozuki Prison was also not the same person who took over that role in one of the Shippūden movies.

Did Naruto completely shake up the ruling class of the Land of Fire when he took over as Hokage, even though that’s outside of his power to do so?

Boruto and Tento from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Boruto and Tento

But enough about what may or may not have happened to the previous daimyō, this episode is about Tentō and his friendship with Boruto. At first you couldn’t really call their relationship a friendship, but by the end of the episode Boruto understands how Tentō really feels and sympathizes with him.

This episode also did a great job setting up Tentō as a character we care about before he’s kidnapped by the Mujina Gang.

R.I.P. Yamaoka

Despite the Mujina Gang’s boss looking like an over-sized version of Danny DeVito playing the Penguin from Batman, he’s actually the most ruthless antagonist the Boruto series has had so far.

Other antagonists have had confirmed kills in the past, but they’re generally killing random shinobi we don’t care about. And while the Mujina Gang’s boss isn’t killing main characters, he’s already killed three named, supporting characters like it’s no big deal.

Technically Tsukiyo was dead from the very first time we met him, but I’ll still count him as the boss’ first named victim. Then the boss killed Kokuri, and now Yamaoka. And what makes these killings even darker is that the boss uses a jutsu to take over the corpses of his victims.

Yamaoka from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

I assume that the boss can only use the appearance of one corpse at a time, which means Boruto won’t have to come face to face with him disguised as Kokuri in the future. But he’ll still learn of Kokuri’s fate during his fight against the boss.

Technically Boruto already did come face to face with him disguised as Kokuri, but he didn’t know that at the time, so I don’t count it.

The same probably can’t be said for Tentō and Yamaoka, however. Tentō is going to be kidnapped by the boss disguised as Yamaoka, and will likely transform back into his original form in front of Tentō.

Also, because Boruto showed Tentō the transformation jutsu, Tentō might believe that’s all the boss did to disguise himself as Yamaoka. But I’m sure the boss will clear that misunderstanding up quickly as a way to show Tentō that he’s a real threat.

Boruto’s Goal

One of the more interesting aspects of this episode for me comes from when Boruto is explaining his dream to Tentō.

But before I get into that dream specifically, we need to talk about the shinobi trading card Boruto is trying to obtain. It might be obvious to you that he’s looking for a Sasuke card, but technically speaking, we haven’t ever been told what the card he’s looking for is.

We’ve never been shown a Sasuke card, we know Boruto looks up to Sasuke, and we know Boruto is tired of getting Naruto cards. All those things combined lead us to assume that Boruto is looking for a Sasuke card, and I think that’s a completely valid assumption.

It’s just interesting that it hasn’t actually been stated yet — so is there going to be some sort of twist?

Boruto and Sasuke from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Boruto and Sasuke

But, let’s assume that the card really is of Sasuke. Why does Boruto look up to Sasuke so much? As he’s previously stated, it’s because Sasuke is the only person strong enough to rival Naruto, who Boruto wants to surpass.

However, in this episode, and in previous episodes, Boruto has also expressed that he likes how Sasuke protects the Leaf Village from the shadows rather than out in the open like Naruto does. And potentially for the first time, he says that he wants to be someone who supports the Hokage from the shadows too.

That final part is extremely important, considering we already know that Sarada’s dream is to one day become Hokage. By the time we get to Boruto’s epilogue, I won’t be surprised if we see Boruto and Sarada playing the opposite roles of their fathers.

And, no, I don’t think they’re going to marry each other.


Speaking of who Boruto is going to marry in the future, I might do a post dedicated to my predictions for who the “Boruto 12” are going to marry. There’s a lot to unpack there though, especially when it comes to whoever’s stuck with Chouchou.

Anyway, what did you think of Boruto episode 149? What do you think happened to the previous daimyō? Do you think Yamaoka could still be alive? And, which shinobi trading card do you think Boruto would be after if not Sasuke? My next guess would be Jiraiya.

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My Hero Academia Episode 86

My Hero Academia Episode 86

Let It Flow! School Festival!

The school festival episode is here, which automatically means it can’t be a very good episode. My Hero Academia is one of those series I really don’t care about unless there’s action happening on screen.

And of the major battle shounen series I’ve watched, this is the only one for which that’s the case. I can be interested in Naruto or One Piece basically no matter what’s happening because I’m invested in the characters. I don’t care about the characters of MHA, so seeing them put on a concert does nothing for me.

Though, to be fair, I wouldn’t care if the characters of Naruto or One Piece put on a concert at a school festival either.

Really, episodes such as this just make it harder for me to write about them. There are few, if any, new abilities to discuss. There’s generally little to no character development. And it’s exactly why you don’t see me doing weekly episode reviews for slice of life anime.

Slice of life anime can be really good, but they aren’t the best for discussing on an episode by episode basis.

The good news, however, is that the school festival proper began and ended within this episode. Next week our focus will shift to something much more interesting: The new pro hero rankings.

I think it’s pretty clear that Endeavor will have moved up from his #2 position to #1, but whether or not he’ll be able to hold onto that spot for long is another matter entirely. The next episode preview teased a brand new pro hero who’s likely going to give Endeavor a run for his money.

Hound Dog

Hound Dog, Ryo Inui, isn’t a new character, but he’s a pro hero I’ve never discussed before. He’s actually been around since episode 13.

His quirk is a pretty simple one to understand. It’s called “Dog,” and it gives him the appearance and abilities of a dog. Just like how Tsu’s quirk gives her the appearance (not really) and abilities of a frog. It’s your standard animal-style quirk.

But what exactly are the “abilities of a dog?”

We can assume that he can run fairly quickly — probably on all fours when going at his top speed. He also likely has increased hearing sensitivity. And we know for a fact that his sense of smell is extremely heightened. Basically, he’s a tracker-class hero who specializes in hunting down villains on the run.

Pro hero Hound Dog from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Pro hero Hound Dog

Interestingly, Hound Dog’s official position at U.A. is that of the lifestyle guidance counselor. You’d expect him to be the school’s head of security or something, especially after seeing his role during the school festival, but that’s not the case.

What makes his official position even stranger is that he appears to have anger issues. He’s not on the same level as someone like Bakugo, but when he does get angry, which seems to be pretty often, his words become incomprehensible. He regresses into using howls and growls rather than human speech.

Not exactly a quality you’d probably want a guidance counselor to have.

Hopefully we’ll get to see more of Hound Dog in the future. The fact that he’s already been around for so long is a good sign. But many of the pro hero side characters are just that, side characters who don’t get much screen time.

Class 1-A’s Performance

And now we’ve made it to the part of the review where I no longer know what to discuss. Class 1-A’s performance happened. It was a success. And that’s pretty much all there is to say about that.

I’m still not a fan of the current trend of shounen series including English singing. If the character is Japanese and has only ever spoken Japanese, then why do they suddenly sing in English? It’s not like all Japanese musicians sing in English.

Sure, some do, but the vast majority do not — they sing in Japanese. So I don’t really understand where this trend came from.

Mirio and Eri watching Class 1-A's performance from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Mirio and Eri watching Class 1-A’s performance

I will say that the only bit of character development in the episode actually came from the part of the episode focused on the concert. We see that the shadow of Overhaul, which was still surrounding Eri, has been washed away by the light of the hero students.

From this point, Eri will be able to move on with her life and not be bound by the fear Overhaul had instilled in her. However, since I don’t know what kind of role Eri’s going to have in the future of this series, I’m not sure how major that development is.

I get the feeling that she’s never going to become one of the main characters of the series, especially considering how potentially broken her quirk is. But at the very least this was a conclusion to her story arc.

End of the Festival

After Class 1-A’s performance, we also get to see two other performances happening around the festival. Class 1-B (I think) put on a play which was a combination of Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Romeo and Juliet, and more.

I’m sure there were other stories tied in, but those are the ones I could remember off the top of my head.

The other performance we saw was the beauty pageant, which Nejire obviously won. She didn’t really have much competition outside of Kendou and the Luvia Edelfelt wannabe, so it was pretty clear she was going to win despite losing the previous year.

Nejire Hadou winning the beauty pageant from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Nejire Hadou winning the beauty pageant

Unfortunately, like the pro hero side characters who don’t get enough screen time, the same is true for the hero student side characters. Something tells me that the “Big Three” aren’t going to be all that important going forward.

They each had their time to shine (although Nejire’s was much shorter than the other two, probably because she’s a woman) during the Shie Hassaikai arc. And I don’t really see them being all that important going forward. Mirio is the most important of the three, and he doesn’t even have his quirk anymore.


Did you like My Hero Academia episode 86? If so, what was your favorite part? And even if you didn’t enjoy it, which pro hero would you like to see more of in the future? I’ve already stated in the past that I’d really like to see Rock Lock make a comeback — he had a pretty cool quirk.

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