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Boruto Episode 141

Boruto Episode 141

The Shinobi Prison: Hozuki Castle

When I saw the preview for this episode last week, I figured that it would be a single filler episode. However, it turns out this is actually going to be a full arc. I’m still assuming it’s filler, but at least filler arcs are generally better than standalone filler episodes.

In this episode, Boruto and Mitsuki have been sent into the shinobi prison, Hozuki Castle, in order to protect a specific inmate. This man was once a member of a prominent shinobi gang, and has agreed to trade information to the Hidden Leaf in exchange for protection.

But while Boruto and Mitsuki have infiltrated the prison by disguising themselves as prisoners, Sarada must use a different method. She enters the prison disguised as a journalism student looking to write about the prison.

There are two main reasons for Sarada not pretending to be a prisoner like the other two. First of all, we don’t see any female prisoners, so we can assume they’re held separate from the men. This means that even if Sarada was one of the prisoners, she wouldn’t have access to the man they’re supposed to protect.

The second reason is that with Sarada pretending to be a prison visitor, she has more freedom within the premises. Boruto and Mitsuki are supposed to focus on protecting the target and gathering intel from the other prisoners. On the other hand, Sarada is canvassing the prison and gathering information from the guards.

Celestial Prison Jutsu

A prison for shinobi doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of place that would hold prisoners for long. After all, the prisoners there are experts at infiltration, assassination, and escape. And if you look at Hozuki Castle itself, there aren’t many physical defenses stopping the prisoners from leaving.

However, the prison has been run by the same family for generations, and there’s a special reason for this. Lord Mujo’s family specializes in a jutsu known as the Celestial Prison jutsu. This jutsu restricts those affected by it from using ninjutsu of their own.

Now, something you may have noticed is that we’re told the Celestial Prison jutsu specifically prevents the use of ninjutsu. So does that mean those affected by it can still use genjutsu? Probably not. If that were the case then this prison would have been destroyed long ago by a genjutsu user.

Lord Mujo using the Celestial Prison jutsu on a prisoner from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Lord Mujo using the Celestial Prison jutsu on a prisoner

So how exactly does the Celestial Prison jutsu work?

We know it’s a fire style jutsu, but that doesn’t really matter for the purpose of restricting jutsu. It can be assumed that it somehow blocks the flow of chakra within the body, and that’s how it prevents those affected by it from using jutsu — perhaps it burns the chakra network in the body.

But then comes the second part of the jutsu. Anyone affected by it is unable to leave Hozuki Castle. We don’t know how exactly this area of effect is designated, but we see that it does in fact exist. If a prisoner attempts to escape, the jutsu will burn their body from the inside.

The Mujina Gang

The Mujina Gang is a fairly prominent robbery gang which primarily functions throughout the five great nations. However, it’s actually not the first such gang we’ve seen in this series. The Byakuya Gang, way back in episode 42 before I started reviewing the series weekly, was very similar in that regard.

Also, I’m pretty sure the Byakuya Gang arc was the last canon arc in the anime as far as the manga is concerned — though the Boruto anime is also sort of considered canon.

While the Byakuya Gang’s name means “White Night,” a reference to the fact that they’re an underground organization based out of the Land of Snow, the Mujina Gang’s name isn’t quite as obvious. Mujina typically means badger, but it can also be used to refer to similar animals, such as the tanuki.

As of this episode, it’s not exactly clear what badgers or tanuki have to do with the gang at large. It could just be a random name, or there could be some significance to it. If the name is referring to tanuki, then it could have something to do with the fact that tanuki are considered somewhat mystical.

Sarada disguised as a journalism student from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Sarada disguised as a journalism student

If we do learn more about the gang and why it’s named what it is, I’m sure we’ll have Sarada to thank for that information. She’ll probably figure out what the name of the gang means, and that will somehow help explain what’s going on with the gang at Hozuki Castle.

Perhaps the name of the gang has something to do with the shadowy figure we saw attack Kokuri. But, I’m also still not entirely convinced there was an attacker to begin with. Kokuri admitted to faking the fight that sent him to the infirmary, after all.

Chinese Lantern Plants

The final important piece of information from this episode has to do with the Chinese lantern plants which Hozuki Castle is named for. These plants can be found on the outer perimeter of the castle, and are said to be poisonous. However, that hasn’t stopped at least one inmate from eating one in the past.

And as Boruto and Mitsuki are told, this is one, not very recommended, way to get sent to the infirmary where Kokuri is located. But, if they do decide to go down that path (which Boruto does), they’re warned to only eat red blossoms, not white ones.

Of course Boruto does end up eating a white one, though.

For now, we don’t know what the difference between the red and white blossoms really is, but it’s sure to become important later on. Perhaps they restrict chakra flow, which would be bad for Boruto considering the Celestial Prison jutsu used on him was actually fake.

We haven’t seen Boruto use jutsu yet, so that’s a very real possibility. Or, perhaps it has some other sort of delayed side effect which will become apparent later on in the arc.

But if I had to bet, it would be on the former. Perhaps Hozuki Castle wasn’t named as such because it was near a field of Chinese lantern plants. Perhaps it was named that because the Celestial Prison jutsu works in a similar way to the white blossoms.


What do you think the importance of the white Chinese lantern plant blossom is going to be? What about the name of the Mujina Gang? And, do you think Boruto is going to cause a prison riot by releasing all the prisoners’ Celestial Prison jutsu with his water release? Let me know your thoughts on Boruto episode 141 in the comments.

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Boruto Episode 140

Boruto Episode 140

The Mind Transfer Jutsu that Lost to Potato Chips

If you haven’t already watched this episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, I’d highly recommend that you skip it. In fact, I won’t even fault you for skipping out on this review because literally nothing happened in this episode. I’m not even sure why I’m writing about it.

But, maybe at some point in the future Inojin will use his Mind Transfer jutsu at a key moment, and we’ll have this episode to thank for it.

Basically, we know that Inojin mainly uses the jutsu passed down to him by his father: the Super Beast Scroll jutsu. However, the jutsu passed down to him by his mother is almost just as important. They’re both used in different scenarios, but as I’ll discuss later on, the Super Beast Scroll is probably the better pick.

Chouchou and Inojin talking to a Tanuki from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Chouchou and Inojin talking to a Tanuki

So, since Inojin isn’t very adept at using the Mind Transfer jutsu, he asks his mom to train him. First, he starts off transferring his mind into a tanuki — because apparently animals have weaker wills than humans and so it’s easier to take control of their minds.

He then graduates to transferring his mind into Chouchou, which normally wouldn’t be much of an issue. I doubt there’s a real difference between Chouchou and a tanuki in most situations. But, to make things harder, he has to take over Chouchou’s mind while she’s trying to get at her favorite flavor of potato chips.

And this is one of the more interesting parts of the Mind Transfer jutsu. You’d expect it to be more effective on those who are susceptible to genjutsu, not those who have weaker wills.

Mind Transfer vs. Shadow Possession

But as I mentioned, I think the Super Beast Scroll jutsu is best for Inojin, and the reason for that is Shikadai already knows the Shadow Possession jutsu. While they do have their differences, the basic concept behind Mind Transfer and Shadow Possession is the same.

Both jutsu effectively immobilize their users, but also immobilize their opponents.

The benefit of Shadow Possession — and the lesser Shadow Paralysis — is that multiple people can be stopped in their tracks at once. However, the drawback is that it doesn’t work unless there’s a light source strong enough to make sizable shadows.

Mind Transfer is basically the opposite. It can work in any lighting conditions, including the dark. But, it’s limited to controlling only one opponent at a time.

So while in most cases the Shadow Possession jutsu is superior, there are a few instances in which Mind Transfer could be necessary. Also, let’s not forget that the Ino-Shika-Cho trio really relies on the Mind Transfer jutsu to an extent.

The Shadow Possession jutsu is supposed to be used to stop an enemy in their tracks. Then either the enemy can be wiped out with the Partial Expansion jutsu, or they can have their body taken over by the Mind Transfer jutsu. It all depends on the particular goal the team has in mind.

Also, I don’t remember if either the Mind Transfer of Shadow Possession jutsu can force a person to use jutsu of their own. I’m sure we’ve seen Shikamaru use the Shadow Possession jutsu like that in the past if it’s possible, but I can’t think of any time it’s happened off the top of my head.

Ino and Sai Yamanaka

And because there’s not really anything else to talk about regarding this episode, let’s take a look at the relationship between Ino and Sai.

I’ve never really understood the Ino x Sai pairing. Sai was basically Ino’s second choice after it was clear that Sakura was going to end up with Sasuke — so that’s already not the best start. But even more than that, Ino and Sai have nothing in common, and we never really saw them interact much.

Think of it this way, Ino is an overly-aggressive flower shop worker while Sai is an emotionless assassin. Why would you ever think that these two would end up together? But, end up together they did. And they managed to have a kid which is strange since Ino was surprised that Sai even hugged her (which was technically Inojin controlling Sai).

Sai apologizing to Ino from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Sai apologizing to Ino

I’m also pretty sure that having both Ino and Sai as parents is why Inojin turned out the way he did — submissive and self-doubting. Ino is clearly the head of their household and rules with an iron fist. On the other hand we have Sai, who appears to go along with anything his wife says in most situations.

And growing up as a boy in this household, Inojin would have witnessed this dynamic between his parents. Just as his father doesn’t typically stand up for himself, neither does Inojin in most cases. He’s also very doubtful of his own abilities — after all there was another filler episode where he didn’t believe in himself enough to use the Super Beast Scroll.

I’d also like to think that if Inojin had been born a girl, he would have taken after his mother more than his father. There’s no way Ino would raise a daughter submissive to male authority.


Did you watch Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 140? If so, what are your thoughts? Do you think the Mind Transfer or Shadow Possession jutsu is better? And, what do you think of the relationship between Ino and Sai? Let me know in the comments.

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My review of the next episode is available here.

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Boruto Episode 139

Boruto Episode 139

The Terror! Enko Onikuma

It’s time for another filler episode, but this time we’re following Team 40. The members of Team 40 are Enko Onikuma, Dōshu Goetsu, and Tsuru Itoi. Their current team leader is Ibiki Morino, however, they had an unknown team leader before this.

I’ll get to Ibiki shortly, but for now let’s focus on the genin members of the team. Team 40 is interesting in that they specialize in sealing techniques, but likely not for use against enemies.

Dōshu is said to be fairly competent at sealing techniques, but we mainly see him use some sort of weapon which restrains his opponent. Tsuru, on the other hand, actually uses a sealing technique which involves capturing opponents with her hair.

But then we have Enko, who is likely the reason Dōshu and Tsuru were placed on the same team. Sure, having a team which specializes in sealing is a good idea — we’ve previously seen this during the Fourth Great Shinobi War arc. However, it really seems that Dōshu and Tsuru are there to seal Enko if needed.

Enko is possessed by a demon — something I’ll get to later on — and has a tendency to lose control of her powers. When this happens, the demon possessing her needs to be temporarily sealed to stop her rampage.

Also, as a fun fact, Enko’s last name is one of those anime names which describes the character. Oni is the Japanese word for demon, and kuma is the word for bear. This applies to Enko because she has demon arms which she covers with gloves which resemble bear paws.

And, this is likely why they defeat a bear at the end of the episode. It represents Enko overcoming her loneliness.

Ibiki Morino

Ibiki Morino has been around in the Naruto franchise since the very beginning. And it doesn’t look like he’s aged a day despite something like 21 years (or more) passing since he was first introduced. I mean, just look at how much Anko changed in that time.

If you didn’t already know who Ibiki was before this episode — which you should have because he’s been in Boruto before — then he was actually introduced fairly well. He’s the head interrogator for the Hidden Leaf Village and specializes in making even the most hardened criminals crack.

Ibiki Morino from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Ibiki Morino

Unfortunately, I don’t think this episode really did Ibiki justice. He’s one of the most feared jonin of the Leaf, and yet he got beat up by a little girl with demon arms. Sure, Ibiki isn’t exactly one of the strongest shinobi the village has to offer, but he’s still been a jonin for over 20 years.

This man fought against Pain’s Animal Path during the assault on the Leaf Village — there’s no way Enko, even in her possessed form, should be an issue.

But, I think the real reason Ibiki got beat up by Enko was because he wasn’t exactly fighting back. If he really wanted to, he could have easily killed Enko with something like his Iron Maiden summoning technique. However, that’s not what his job is at the time; he’s the new team leader.

With that said, I do think it was pretty dumb that he wasn’t shown to fight back at all. I get that killing, or even severely injuring Enko isn’t what Ibiki wants to do, but he still needs to stop her. To me, it looked like he wasn’t even really trying to do that. He didn’t even land a punch.

Possession-Type Summoning

So, let’s talk about the demon in the room, Enko Onikuma. It’s unfortunate that we don’t get more information on her family and their signature jutsu, because it’s quite interesting and unique — although I think it looks stupid.

We’re told that the Onikuma clan’s signature jutsu is a “possession-type summoning,” which isn’t something we’ve seen before that I can think of. We previously knew of weapon-type summoning and pact-type summoning, but this is completely different.

It’s not as if the Onikuma clan are creating a pact with demons and then summoning those demons to fight alongside them. Instead, they’re summoning a demon once, and then allowing it to possess their own body indefinitely.

Enko Onikuma possessed from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Enko Onikuma possessed

Most of the time, the Onikuma clan are in charge of their bodies — so you could really refer to it as a partial possession. They gain the strength of the demons, but they’re still the ones in control. The problem with Enko is that she isn’t entirely in control of the demon possessing her just yet.

I should also mention that another way this differs from the pact-type summoning is that the demons don’t really appear to benefit. They don’t even get complete control over the bodies they possess. So based on this, I’d say that the Onikuma clan and demons aren’t exactly on good terms.

It’s more likely that the Onikuma clan are capturing demons against their will and then forcibly using their powers.

And, I’d also like to point out the similarities between this possession-type summoning and the curse mark. Do these demons have something to do with the nature energy harnessed by the curse marks and Jugo’s clan? They seem to be fairly similar.


Knowing this is a filler episode, did you watch it? Or did you opt to skip this week’s episode? And for those of you who did watch Boruto episode 139, what were your thoughts? Specifically, how do you think the Onikuma clan’s possession-type summoning works?

And what did you think of the new version of OP 6 and the new ED? Personally, I really like the visual changes which were made to this (third?) version of OP 6. As for the new ED, I think the song will grow on me over time, but again, I really liked the visuals this time around. That may be the most visually appealing Boruto ED so far.

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My review of the next episode is available here.

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Boruto Episode 138

Boruto Episode 138

Hiashi’s Birthday

This week’s episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was about as filler as you can get. On the surface level it’s about the birthday of Hiashi Hyūga, Boruto and Himawari’s grandfather. But it’s actually serving to teach new viewers a watered down version of Hyūga family history.

So why don’t we start off by covering the real history of the Hyūga clan?

The story Kurenai tells Boruto is correct, but it also leaves out a couple of major details. Part of the subjugation of the Hyūga clan branch families had to do with seals which amounted to curse marks. If they got out of line, the head of the main family, Hiashi, could use this seal as a torture device — or even kill them.

When Hyūga branch family members died, this seal would also activate and destroy their eyes. They Hyūga clan is known for their Byakugan, and this was a way to prevent it from being stolen by outsiders. Ao of the Hidden Mist is the only known shinobi outside the Hyūga clan to have a Byakugan.

Hiashi Hyūga's birthday party from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Hiashi Hyūga’s birthday party

With all that in mind, yes, the story Kurenai tells Boruto is technically correct, but it also leaves out some of the atrocities committed by Hiashi. And, that’s only the internal history. The Hyūga clan also hasn’t always been the most accepting of outsiders either, and they were partially to blame for the eradication of the Uchiha clan.

Also, at one point Hinata was disowned by Hiashi, making her younger sister Hanabi next in line to lead the clan. I don’t actually remember if this is still the case, but I’d imagine Hanabi is still going to take over after Hiashi dies rather than Hinata.

Strongest Shinobi of the Leaf

It’s a bit amusing that Hiashi refers to himself, and the Hyūga in general, as the strongest shinobi in the Hidden Leaf Village. But, this isn’t actually the first time we’ve heard this. The Hyūga have always been considered the strongest clan in the Leaf Village.

However, that’s basically a remnant of the beginning of the original Naruto story. Neji was one of the “villains” of the chunin exam arc way back at episode 20 or something like that (we’re 858 episodes in at this point). Back then, to make him seem like a powerful opponent, it was said that the Hyūga were the strongest.

Hanabi Hyūga from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Hanabi Hyūga

The strongest Hyūga currently is probably Hanabi. And I wouldn’t say she’s one of the top shinobi in the village. To list a bunch of people stronger than her we have Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Tsunade, Shikamaru, Konohamaru (probably), Guy, Lee, Sai, Yamato, and probably a lot more of the older jonin.

But just counting those I named, Hanabi isn’t even in the top 10. She might be about even with Konohamaru, but he’s not exactly anywhere near the strongest either.

And, in case anyone is thinking Hiashi is actually stronger than Hanabi, it’s possible. However, we don’t actually know how strong he is at this point in his life, and Hanabi has been held up as the Hyūga prodigy since forever. She’s a jonin now, so it makes sense that by this point she would have surpassed her father.

As a final note on the Hyūga not being the strongest, it was also originally claimed that the Byakugan is stronger than the Sharingan. That’s categorically false. That’s something which was stated long before we knew all the things the Sharingan is capable of — it’s not even close.

The Hidden Cloud Village

I don’t really get many chances to bring up the Hidden Cloud Village, but a “shinobi” from there appeared in this week’s episode. This guy doesn’t seem like a real shinobi though, and I don’t remember seeing a headband anywhere on him. He’s more likely just some random mountain bandit.

I’m also not entirely sure he’s actually from the Cloud Village. He definitely could be, but he doesn’t exactly look like someone from there. Everyone from that region of the world has much darker skin, which this guy doesn’t. However, the world is a smaller place in Boruto, so maybe there are people with lighter skin living there now.

Really there are only two reasons to think he might be from there. The first is that he claims to be, and the second is his use of Lightning style. But, neither of those things is a confirmation. Boruto can use the Lightning style too, but he’s not from the Cloud Village.

We also don’t often see people from the Hidden Cloud Village out in the rest of the world. They are friendly with the Leaf, and other major villages, but they still mostly stick to themselves. However, this could theoretically be why this guy has come to challenge Hiashi. He simply doesn’t know any better because he’s never left the Land of Lightning.

Think about it though. What Hidden Cloud shinobi have we seen in Boruto? Darui has made an appearance, probably with one or two escorts, and Choji’s wife is originally a Cloud shinobi too. Also there was one Cloud team in the chunin exams. Meanwhile, we’ve fairly regularly seen shinobi from the other four great nations.

Oh, and Killer B was probably shown at some point.


Normally this is where I’d ask you what you thought of Boruto episode 138, but I do’t think that question really matters this week. It was just a useless filler episode anyway. So instead, what are your thoughts on the preview we got to see of the next episode?

Although it’s still filler, the next episode will be focusing on one of the other Leaf genin teams. And it looks like one of the members is afflicted by some sort of demonic curse. I’m interested to learn what family she’s from and what that jutsu is supposed to be. Could she be from the same clan as Jūgo?

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Boruto Episode 137

Boruto Episode 137

The Samurai Exchange Student

If you aren’t aware, it’s been a very long time since the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime wasn’t in a filler episode. But there’s filler, and then there’s filler. Filler arcs can be pretty good, like the whole Stone Village arc. Filler episodes, on the other hand, generally are not because they can’t tell a real story.

Today’s episode is the latter kind of filler. But, it actually does serve a purpose in the main story. You see, Team 15 is actually a filler team. Yeah, the Sumire-Wasabi-Namida trio doesn’t actually exist in the manga, but Sumire alone does exist as a member of the Scientific Ninja Tools Research Team.

So this episode actually serves to finalize Sumire’s break from Team 15 in the anime since she’s not actually supposed to be there. And yes, the fact that Team 15 is a filler team is also why they have such bad character designs — specifically their secondary color theme of purple, green, and orange.

But with this in mind, I do want to point out that the Boruto manga isn’t necessarily the canon version of events. Everything in the manga is canon, but the anime is actually considered canon as well, which isn’t how series normally work.

Usually you have the manga which is canon, and then any filler in the anime isn’t considered canon. With Boruto, however, the creator has specifically stated that both the manga and anime are canon — the anime just fills in a lot of the gaps which he didn’t have time to go into in the manga.

So I guess technically speaking, Sumire really was a member of Team 15. It’s just that Team 15, including both Wasabi and Namida, have never been mentioned in the manga.

Team 15

I’ve discussed Team 15 before, but let’s do it again anyway now that they have a new member. We have Hanabi Hyūga as the leader, then Wasabi Izuno, Namida Suzumeno, Sumire Kakei (formerly), and now Tsubaki Kurogane (temporarily).

I’m interested to see if Tsubaki is really going to be a temporary member of the team or not. She could be there for just this episode, she could be there forever, or Team 15 as a whole could just be forgotten after this episode since they don’t actually matter (unlikely).

But now that Sumire is out, and Tsubaki is in (for now) I have to say that Team 15 has been upgraded. Hanabi was already a good addition to this team, so there’s not much to say about her, but the other three left something to be desired.

Wasabi Izuno, Namida Suzumeno, and Tsubaki Kurogane from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Wasabi, Namida, and Tsubaki

Wasabi and Namida are pretty bad characters. They’re one-dimensional and not very interesting. However, they do have pretty interesting signature jutsu with Wasabi’s Cat Cloak and Namida’s sound-based jutsu. Sumire, on the other hand, didn’t really have anything special. She has Nue, but Nue is pretty boring if you ask me.

Now that we have Tsubaki, we have another seemingly good character along with Hanabi. And the fact that she’s a samurai rather than a shinobi adds some interest to their team. I mean, really, before Tsubaki was around, was there any reason to pay attention to this team?

The one issue I see with this is that I don’t think Tsubaki really fits into Team 15. Team 15 is the dedicated tracking team, and Tsubaki doesn’t appear to really add anything to that. At least Sumire could use Nue to chase down those who were being tracked.

The Land of Iron

In this episode, Boruto takes on the role of the viewers who are newer to this franchise. This is something we’ve seen before, and while I personally think it’s a bit annoying, I understand why this is done. If Boruto doesn’t ask questions about the samurai of the Land of Iron, then many younger viewers won’t know the significance.

Unfortunately, Sarada’s explanation isn’t all that in depth. She basically explains that the Land of Iron is the only land which uses samurai rather than shinobi and that it’s cut off from the surrounding lands by mountains. Great, but that doesn’t explain why we should care.

So for any of you who haven’t watched Naruto: Shippūden, allow me to give a better explanation of the importance of the samurai.

Basically, the Land of Iron is like the Switzerland of the Naruto world. They typically stay out of the wars between the various nations which surround them and instead consider themselves neutral. This is also the land in which the five-kage summits are traditionally held — though now they’re also held in the various other allied lands.

In the prelude to the Fourth Shinobi World War, this is where the five-kage summit was being held. And once the five major nations decided to ally against “Madara,” the samurai of the Land of Iron joined the alliance as well.

So while the Land of Iron is a fairly secluded region of the world, it’s not as if they’re completely cut off from their neighbors. They have been a major player in the politics of the world thanks to their role as a neutral zone, and even fought alongside the five major nations to protect the world.

Oh, and Mifune, Tsubaki’s master, is the leader of the Land of Iron samurai.

Tsubaki Kurogane

So let’s talk about Tsubaki Kurogane herself. Her first name is a type of flower, which is probably supposed to be the type flowers she has in her hair. Her last name means “black iron,” or simply “iron” which is obviously a reference to the Land of Iron from which she hails.

Tsubaki’s personality isn’t exactly the most interesting. She’s basically the trope of the new girl who comes in and thinks she’s better than everyone else, but it’s then revealed that her stand-offish attitude is just her way of compensating for something else.

And what Tsubaki is compensating for is the fact that the samurai of the Land of Iron have been on the decline. We don’t know why the samurai have been on the decline, but we’re told that they are, and it’s for that reason that Tsubaki is sent to learn things from the shinobi of the Land of Fire.

Tsubaki Kurogane from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Tsubaki Kurogane

Also, I want to point out that there may be some sort of inconsistency here. Tsubaki is said to be the last pupil of Mifune, but is Mifune supposed to be the man we saw sending her to the Land of Fire? He was already old back in Shippūden, so the man we saw in this episode appeared way too young to be him.

If that’s not Mifune, which would make more sense, then that must be the new leader of the Land of Iron. And this might be the reason the samurai are considered to be on the decline. Perhaps Mifune has since died and Tsubaki wants to prove that her late master was just as strong as any shinobi (which he was).

I also liked that Tsubaki retains Mifune’s fighting style which creates a whirlwind with the swing of her blade.


What did you think about Boruto episode 137? Do you like Team 15? What about Tsubaki? Do you want her to stick around? Do you think she will? And, I know we’ll probably never get an answer to this question, but what do you think her sword is named? Let me know in the comments.

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