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Demon Slayer Episode 21

Demon Slayer Episode 21

Against Corps Rules

This week’s episode of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba wasn’t exactly the most exciting. There was no major battle, we weren’t introduced to any new demons, and because of these things there was no over-the-top animation. However, it was still one of the better episodes of the series.

I think last week I said that was the conclusion of the spider clan arc, but it turns out that this week’s episode was the real end. The Spider Silk Demon’s story was wrapped up, and the shift into the final arc of the season began. Or at least what I assume will be the final arc — there are only five episodes left.

But the fact that this episode included the transition between two arcs is partially why it was so good. We got some new information to wrap up the spider clan arc, and we got some new information to introduce the next arc.

World building hasn’t exactly been one of the strong suits for this series thus far. In multiple of my previous episode reviews I mentioned how the way the world works seemed to be retconned with each new episode. But it feels like we’re now at a point where this will no longer be an issue.

The benefit of longer series is that over time they can tie together the differing facts which were laid out near the beginning of the story. Think of it like story maintenance to fill in plot holes.

Now that Demon Slayer’s world has been around long enough to be established, it can turn its attention to fixing the inconsistencies in it. Look at any other, often shounen, series which is, or will be, longer than four cours and you’ll see this same thing happening.

Rui – Spider Silk Demon

For a few episodes now we’ve known that the Spider Silk Demon’s name is Rui. I just haven’t been referring to him as such because, to be honest, I kept forgetting it. Me being bad with side character names is nothing new.

But Rui’s name isn’t what I wanted to discuss here. Instead, we’re shown his origin story. Or rather, we’re shown the origin story of the Spider Silk Demon. Rui was originally a sickly child who had to remain indoors — that is, until Kibutsuji Muzan paid his home a visit.

It’s unclear exactly why Kibutsuji chose to “save” Rui, but we can assume he saw that Rui had the potential to be a powerful demon. In this case, Kibutsuji doesn’t turn Rui into a demon by force, but rather offers him a deal. If he gives up his humanity, he can have a new lease on life.

Much to his parents’ dismay, Rui takes Kibutsuji up on this offer and becomes a demon. But, at least at first, he tries to live a normal life with his parents. However, it didn’t take long for his parents to try to kill Rui due to his need to consume humans to survive.

And this is the important part: Rui kills his parents, develops his fixation on family bonds, and seemingly awakens his Blood Demon Art. Could the stress of losing, or potentially losing in Nezuko’s case, a strong bond be the trigger for Blood Demon Arts?

Even with the Taiko Demon it could be argued that this was the case. The bond with his father was severed due to his disapproval of the Taiko Demon’s writing. It all seems to be coming together, finally.

Shinobu vs. Giyuu

While Rui’s backstory took up roughly the first 10 minutes of the episode, after that is where the shift to the next arc begins. I’ll just call this the Hashira arc, and exactly what the Hashira are is something I’ll get into later on.

But what we need to know for right now is that both Giyuu Tomioka and Shinobu Kochou are Hashira. This is a title within the demon slayer corp, but it’s not one of the 10 levels of demon slayers. In fact, we the levels of demon slayers haven’t really mattered at all since they were first introduced.

Sure, some of the no-name demon slayers who were in the spider demon forest referenced various levels, but other than that we no nothing about them. Is there a formal test one needs to take in order to go up a level? Can demon slayers be demoted? We don’t know.

Shinobu Kochou vs. Giyuu Tomioka from the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Shinobu Kochou vs. Giyuu Tomioka

However, what we do know is that the demon slayer corps rules call for the annihilation of any and all demons — including Nezuko. While Shinobu is willing to uphold this rule, Giyuu takes a stance against her to defend both Tanjirou and Nezuko.

This leads to something I actually hope to see more of in the series, a demon slayer vs. demon slayer duel. Sure, this isn’t something which would probably happen often since the demon slayers are all members of the same group, but they do still have individual differences which could lead to conflict.

The demon slayers may not try to kill each other, but duels between them could still be used to decide the balance of power between factions within the organization.

Kanao Tsuyuri

It was either last week or the week before that I mentioned the girl with the butterfly hair clip from Final Selection was probably related to Shinobu in some way. I don’t think her name was actually revealed in the anime yet, but I’m telling you it’s Kanao Tsuyuri so I can refer to her by her name for this section.

Kanao does appear to be an apprentice of Shinobu, so perhaps we’ll see Tanjirou become Giyuu’s apprentice in the future. However, even if she use the Insect Breathing Technique like Shinobu, which I’m assuming she does, she’s not a carbon copy of Shinobu. She doesn’t have the same fighting style.

Shinobu makes up for her lack of strength with her specialized blade which delivers poison to those she cuts. Kanao doesn’t rely on such a roundabout tactic. She has the strength to decapitate demons, and is shown to be fairly physically strong otherwise as well.

Kanao also wields a pink Nichirin blade which has unknown properties. I’m not sure what color blades Shinobu and Giyuu are supposed to have, but I wouldn’t call either of theirs pink. And I’d just like to remind you that this is only the third colored blade we’ve seen. We still know very little about them.

However, like her mentor, Kanao is a member of a specialized group within the demon slayer corp. This group, led by Shinobu, serves as the clean-up crew after battles against demons have taken place. Most of the members aren’t swordsmen, and they instead serve as a medic corp.

Since she’s a member of the medic corp, and Shinobu is a pharmacist, I’m guessing Kanao’s pink blade has some sort of drug-like property.


The Hashira are probably the top demon slayers in the demon slayer corp. I’m assuming they’re all members of the Kinoe rank — the top rank. However, I think they’re probably not the only ones who hold that rank. If they were, there would be no reason to have the separate title of Hashira.

As for what Hashira means, it simply translates to “pillar.” Essentially, these are the pillars of the demon slayers corp. They’re the strongest members who uphold everything the corps stands for. But all we really know about them for sure is that there are at least seven of them.

Giyuu and Shinobu have already been confirmed as members of the Hashira, and five other members are pictured with Shinobu in the image below. And I say there are “at least” seven members because since Giyuu wasn’t pictured with them perhaps there are others who also simply weren’t pictured.

The Hashira from the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
The Hashira

It’s also possible that there are only seven and Giyuu isn’t with them because he’s been imprisoned for defending a demon. My guess is that the Hashira are going to be the ones who determine Nezuko’s fate, with Shinobu arguing for her death and Giyuu arguing for her life.

Also, since there are so few Hashira, and the two we know the most about use different breathing techniques, it makes sense to me that they all have different specialties. There’s probably a Hashira for the Thunder Breathing and Beast Breathing techniques, along with three other techniques we don’t know yet.

Taking a look at the picture of them lined up, I think the central man will be the Thunder Hashira and the one on the far right will be the Beast Hashira. So let’s just make some guesses for the other three Hashira pictured.

My guesses are as follows: the man on the left is the Earth Hashira, the woman on the left (not Shinobu) is the Sky Hashira, and the woman on the right is the Plant Hashira. Also, now that I look at this cape, perhaps the main in the middle is actually the Fire Hashira and the man on the left is the Thunder Hashira.


What did you think about this week’s episode of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba? Did you like Rui’s origin story? Do you think Kanao is trying to steal Shinobu’s distinction as best girl? And what are your guesses for the techniques used by the Hashira pictured? Let me know in the comments.

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Demon Slayer Episode 20

Demon Slayer Episode 20

Pretend Family

Last week I questioned whether or not the spider demon clan were truly related by blood. This week we got an answer to that question, and the answer is no — sort of. They aren’t actually related by blood, but they do have a special bond forged by blood which I’ll get to in a bit.

The Spider Silk Demon was building a “family” of demons to surround himself with for one reason. He thought that if he could truly feel the bonds of a family that it would help him remember his life as a human. But the question remains, why?

What does he get out of remembering his life as a human? And why did he forget it in the first place? Do all demons tend to forget their lives as humans? Has he been a demon for so long that he forgot? And, is remembering his human memories something Kibutsuji would want him to do?

I don’t really see what benefit would come from remembering his human past. If anything, it would make him no longer want to be a demon, which could prompt him to take his own life. This seems like something Kibutsuji wouldn’t want one of the Twelve Demon Moons to do, so why does he allow it?

There are two scenarios I can think of. The first is that Kibutsuji simply doesn’t know what the Spider Silk Demon is after, but this seems unlikely. The second is that Kibutsuji knows that even if he does feel the bonds of a family, it won’t make him remember.

Perhaps Kibutsuji allows him to indulge in this search for familial bonds so that he’ll remain loyal while knowing he’ll never find the answers he seeks.

Demon Blood Ritual

I’m glad we got to see the ritual which the Spider Silk Demon used to add new demons to his family. I had been wondering why all these demons looked similar and had spider-like abilities if they weren’t actually related in some way, and we now have the answer.

It doesn’t seem like the Spider Silk Demon can turn humans into demons with his blood, but he can alter those who are already demons. By drinking a mixture containing his blood, they develop their signature Blood Demon Arts and begin a physical transformation to look similar to him.

The Onee-chan Demon from the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
The Onee-chan Demon

So is this how Blood Demon Arts are acquired? Do certain demons have the ability to pass along Blood Demon Arts to others? It seems this is one possible way, but with Nezuko it seems this wasn’t the case. Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art seems to stem from her bond with Tanjirou.

Anyway, once the demons have undergone the ritual, the transformation doesn’t appear to be permanent. One of the things the Spider Silk Demon hates the most is when the other demons in his family allow their appearances to revert. I can only assume because it “breaks the illusion.”

But, what does this mean for their powers? If, for example, the Onee-chan Demon allowed her appearance to fully revert back to its original state, would she lose her Blood Demon Art too? And do these demons need to continuously undergo the ritual to stay in these forms?

Giyuu Tomioka

Let’s move on from discussing the demons to discussing the demon hunters. Giyuu Tomioka is the man who initially confronted Tanjirou and Nezuko at the start of the series, and is the one who sent a letter of introduction to Sakonji Urokodaki on their behalf.

Since then, we haven’t actually seen all that much of him. He’s been shown in a few scenes, but until the previous episode he was never really doing anything. So, although we’re bound to learn more about him in the future, let’s go over what we know so far.

Giyuu Tomioka from the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Giyuu Tomioka

We know Giyuu uses the Water Breathing Technique like Tanjirou and Sakonji, but he seems to be better at it than both of them. I assumed he was Sakonji’s student at one point due to his use of this technique, but I’m starting to think that isn’t the case. He may just be someone else who uses it.

And the reason I say he’s better than both of them is that he actually knows more forms of it than they do — or at least than Tanjirou does. Sakonji only taught Tanjirou 10 forms of Water Breathing, but Giyuu knows an 11th, Dead Calm.

I don’t know how exactly this technique works because we don’t see him do anything, but it’s represented by a calm body of water without any ripples. I like to think that this is the final form of Water Breathing that comes with a complete mastery of the rest.

Shinobu Kochou

The other high-level demon slayer featured in this episode is Shinobu Kochou. You may recall seeing a girl with a similar butterfly hair clip at the end of the Final Selection, but these are two different characters. Perhaps that girl is a student of Shinobu or is related to her in some way.

Also, Shinobu is the best girl of the series. Sorry, Nezuko fans. I’m not really into girls who don’t talk and sit inside a box all day.

Everything about Shinobu is based on insects, butterflies in particular. Her hair clip is a butterfly, her robe looks like butterfly wings, and her sword has a butterfly-shaped tsuba (hand guard). The shape of her sword could also be seen as proboscis-like, which fits her overall theme.

Shinobu Kochou from the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Shinobu Kochou

But what about her abilities? For one, it appears that she can either fly or glide in some way thanks to the wings of her robe. I’m not exactly sure how she does this, but it may have something to do with her Insect Breathing Technique. I’m also assuming this is the same breathing technique used by that girl at the Final Selection.

This is the perfect technique for Shinobu. Rather than relying on physical strength, something she doesn’t have, it relies on a flurry of smaller slashes. She even admits that she’s unable to decapitate demons, but she still manages to make the most of her technique.

Her blade works like a hypodermic needle and injects a poison into her opponents with every slice. It’s unclear exactly what goes into this poisonous cocktail, but at the very least we know it includes wisteria extract, which is deadly to demons.


What did you think of this week’s episode of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba? I, for one, think this was a great way to end the spider demon arc — at least I assume it’s over. This arc was definitely the best of the series so far, and I’m looking forward to what else this series has in store for us.

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My review of the next episode is available here.

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Demon Slayer Episode 19

Demon Slayer Episode 19


Let’s get some things out of the way before the true episode review begins. First of all, I believe I’ve been writing Demon Blood Art for the past bunch of episode reviews, but it’s actually called Blood Demon Art. I think my version was better, but from here on out I’ll try to write it correctly.

Second, this was probably the best episode of the entire season across all anime thus far, and I’m not sure if anything is going to top it. It had a good story, interesting developments, and, of course, intense and well-animated action. If I were to rate this episode alone, it would be a 10/10.

Finally, I’ll be ignoring Zenitsu and Inosuke for the rest of this review. Not much really happens with either one of them other than the fact that they were both saved by stronger demon slayers. I would like to discuss the butterfly demon slayer, whatever her name is, in a future review though.

So with all that said, this review is going to specifically focus on Tanjirou, Nezuko (who finally made a reappearance), and the Spider Silk Demon as I’ve named him.

First Demon Moon

You may recall that in my previous episode review I mentioned that the Spider Silk Demon seemed to be the one truly calling the shots for this family of demons. There’s a father, mother, older brother, and older sister, and yet the youngest member of the clan strikes fear into all of them.

Well, it was finally revealed that my assumption is correct. The Spider Silk Demon is the ringleader and a member of the Twelve Demon Moons. That’s right, the Tarantula Demon isn’t one of the Twelve Demon Moons, the Spider Silk Demon is instead.

This makes a lot of sense. I had mentioned how I didn’t think the Tarantula Demon was actually strong enough to be one of the Twelve Demon Moons, and now we know why. Also, the reason the Female Spider Demon was afraid of the Tarantula Demon is purely because of his violence towards her, not because he was connected to Kibutsuji.

Spider Silk Demon of the Twelve Demon Moons from the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Spider Silk Demon of the Twelve Demon Moons

We also learned that the silk the Spider Silk Demon uses to fight is his Blood Demon Art. I figured a true member of the Twelve Demon Moons would have one, so again, this makes sense. Not only is his silk strong enough to break Tanjirou’s sword, but his skin is even stronger.

The Spider Silk Demon can also further power up his silk by imbuing it with his blood. This seems to be his true Blood Demon Art. As far as I can tell, this just makes it so he can control more strands of silk at once and also makes them even stronger than before.

The Spider Demon Clan

So what’s the deal with the spider demon clan? Why is the youngest child the leader of the family?

It appears that the spider demon clan actually aren’t related by blood. Or, maybe they are, but either way that isn’t the point. The point is that the Spider Silk Demon has a very particular view of how a family should behave.

He believes that the parents should protect the children, and the older siblings should protect the younger sibling. This is why he’s so strict about everyone properly fulfilling their roles. We even see him attack his older sister — who’s still alive by the way — when she attempts to defy him.

Nezuko captured by the Spider Silk Demon from the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Nezuko captured by the Spider Silk Demon

While it’s possible that all the members of the spider demon family are truly related by blood, it’s unclear whether or not this is the case. On one hand, that would explain why they’re all spider demons, but on the other hand, it seems like the role is more important than the blood relation to the Spider Silk Demon.

After all, he decides to kidnap Nezuko and make her a member of his family after he sees how she selflessly throws herself in front of Tanjirou to block an oncoming attack. Perhaps he kidnapped all of his “family” members in a similar way and they’re simply his hostages.

Demon Ranks Revisited

I think we also need to revisit the different ranks of demons briefly because we were given some new information in this episode. Previously we knew of four “ranks” of demons. The top rank includes only one demon, Kibutsuji himself, and the bottom rank is all the “unranked” demons.

The two middle ranks are what really matter. Just below Kibutsuji we have the Twelve Demon Moons, of which the Spider Silk Demon is a member. And below them are the Six Lower Moons, of which the Taiko Drum Demon was a member.

However, the Twelve Demon Moons themselves seem to be split into multiple ranks as well. We know that the Six Lower Moons are beneath the Twelve Demon Moons, but the Spider Silk Demon’s eye says (下五) “Lower Five.”

Does this mean that there’s an “Upper Seven” to round out the Twelve Demon Moons? That’s not clear just yet, but what is clear is that the demon ranks are a lot more complex than I previously thought. From what we know so far, the ranks look something like this:

  • Muzan Kibutsuji
  • Twelve Demon Moons
    • ???
    • Lower Five
  • Lower Six Moons
  • Unranked demons

Hinokami Kagura

Alright, so far I’ve mainly discussed the Spider Silk Demon, so let’s move on to Tanjirou and one of the major developments in the episode. Throughout the series we’ve seen Tanjirou exclusively use the Water Breathing Technique, but that changes today.

Now he’s added a new technique to his arsenal, the Hinokami Kagura, or as I’ll refer to it from here on out, the Fire Breathing Technique. Tanjirou was never directly taught this technique, but it’s something he picked up from watching his father when he was still alive.

Apparently the Kamado family worships some sort of fire deity known as Hinokami. So it’s fair to say that this is Tanjirou’s true technique. The Water Breathing Technique is merely something he adopted from Sakonji Urokodaki, not his own technique.

Hinokami Kagura and Exploding Blood combined from the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Hinokami Kagura and Exploding Blood combined

My main question now is whether Tanjirou will replace the Water Breathing Technique with the Fire Breathing Technique from here on out. I’m assuming he won’t since each breathing technique seems to have strengths and weaknesses, but at the same time we don’t know how it differs from the Water Breathing Technique yet.

Perhaps it’s like a stronger version of the Water Breathing Technique which takes up more of his strength. If this is the case, then we might see him only rely on it when absolutely necessary because he’ll be left defenseless afterwards.

I’d like for there to be some trade-off between using these two techniques. If it’s just that the Fire Breathing Technique is stronger, then it makes the Water Breathing Technique obsolete.

Blood Demon Art: Exploding Blood

But Tanjirou isn’t the only one who gained a new ability in this week’s episode. Nezuko finally awakened her Blood Demon Art, Exploding Blood. If you’re familiar with Naruto, then this is very similar to the abilities the Ketsuryūgan grants its users.

It’s unclear whether or not Nezuko can create human, or demon, bombs like the Ketsuryūgan can, but we do know that if there’s any blood outside the body she can make it explode. And, thanks to her demon regeneration, she can just cut herself, fling exploding blood at an opponent, and heal off the damage.

The first time she uses this ability is with her own blood to destroy the spider silk binding her, but the second time it’s with the Spider Silk Demon’s blood, implying she can blow up anyone’s blood. That’s a pretty strong ability to have, but I actually really like it for Nezuko.

First of all, this is the sort of ability which we would normally see an antagonist have, not one of our heroes. So that alone makes it interesting in my book. By comparison, Tanjirou’s Fire Breathing Technique is pretty boring.

However, there’s a second reason I like this ability for Nezuko. Explosions are linked to fire, and as I’ve already explained, the Kamado family worships some sort of fire deity. So while this may seem like a random ability at first glance, it’s actually tied into her family.

Would Tanjirou also have a fire-based Blood Demon Art if he were turned into a demon?


What did you think of this week’s episode of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba? Was it the best episode of the season across all anime like I said? What are your thoughts on the demon ranks? And, what other breathing techniques or Blood Demon Arts would you like to see? Let me know in the comments.

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My review of the next episode is available here.

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Demon Slayer Episode 18

Demon Slayer Episode 18

A Forged Bond

If I’m being honest, which I always am, this week’s episode of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba was definitely worse than some of the preceding episodes. It didn’t do much in terms of story progression, and the two fights in it were anticlimactic (so far).

Not every episode can be better than the one which comes before it, but it’s felt like this arc was building up to something which we’re never going to get. By the end of the episode there are only two spider demons left, and while still probably powerful, they aren’t even the main ones.

However, we do still have the whole domestic violence theme of this arc carrying through this episode. I’m not quite sure how it’s going to be wrapped up, but something tells me it’s not going to have a satisfying ending — something like, “oh well, that was a sad story. Time to move on.”

Will our heroes really learn anything or grow from their experiences in this arc? Has Inosuke realized he can’t use brute force to solve all his problems? Did Zenitsu realize his true potential? And is Tanjirou beginning to question who his real enemy is?

I think that last question is the most important one for the story going forward. Tanjirou already doesn’t view demons as very different from humans, but the spider demon family are different than any other demons he’s come across. In many ways they’re more human than even Tamayo and Yushiro.

Yes, they’re demons who probably kill and eat humans in order to survive — we haven’t seen evidence of this yet. However, they also seem to have hidden themselves away in a secluded area. Could this be to avoid contact with the humans who wish to kill them?

Tarantula Demon

The Tarantula Demon is the first of the real Twelve Demon Moons we’ve come across in the series. But is he really stronger than any of the other demons we’ve seen so far? I mean, he doesn’t even appear to have a Demon Blood Art, so what’s the big deal?

Let’s go over what abilities we do know the Tarantula Demon possesses. For starters, it’s extremely strong in the physical sense. It was able to lift the tree Tanjirou dropped on it, and it’s punches send humans flying. Secondly, it appears to have very thick skin, to the point that Tanjirou and Inosuke can’t cut through it by normal means.

Additionally, he has the ability to regrow lost limbs and morph his body, something we previously saw from that one demon during the Final Selection. So again, what really makes him strong enough to be considered one of the Twelve Demon Moons?

And, I know that the one who defeated the Tarantula Demon, Giyu Tomioka is stronger than Tanjirou and Inosuke, but it still only took him one attack to win. I’ll discuss what his defeat at the end of this episode means later on in this review, but for now let’s assume he wasn’t actually defeated here.

Perhaps this was only the beginning, and the real fight has yet to come. Perhaps he does have a Demon Blood Art and it’s something which revives him after he’s been struck down. If this turns out to be the case, then I could definitely see him being strong enough to have earned his title.

Spider Silk Demon

We’ve finally gotten a chance to see what the son of the Spider and Tarantula Demons is capable of. Earlier on in the arc we saw him threatening his mother by saying that he would tell his father if she failed to take care of the incoming demon slayers. This week he’s turned his attention to his older sister.

It’s unclear exactly why he attacked his sister, but my guess is that it has something to do with her running away instead of fighting against the demon slayers. I’m also guessing that she’s secretly the strongest of the spider demons, but refuses to fight for some reason. Has she held onto her humanity more than the rest?

Anyway, the last time we saw him, the Spider Silk Demon as I’ll be referring to him, was standing upon silk threads in the treetops. At the time I suggested that this may be something all of the spider demon clan members can do, but it seems it’s actually just him thanks to his ability.

The Spider Silk Demon from the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
The Spider Silk Demon

I won’t call this ability a Blood Demon Art just yet, because the other spider demons may be capable of it, but using silk as a weapon is this particular demon’s specialty. Silk threads are stronger than steel threads of the same thickness, so by fashioning his silk into thicker strands, he’s able to make a strong, yet flexible weapon.

We first see this in action when he uses it to chop a demon slayer into cubes in an instant. I don’t think this is the most interesting of abilities to have, but I’m still looking forward to learning more about the Spider Silk Demon as the fight progresses. He almost seems like the ring leader of the family.

One Down, Eleven to Go

Giyu Tomioka easily took down the Tarantula Demon in one motion. I’m disappointed that there wasn’t a real fight here, but at the same time I’m glad it was someone like him, and not one of our three main heroes who defeated it.

By having Giyu defeat the Tarantula Demon after our heroes failed, it shows that they have a long path ahead of them before they’ll be strong enough to go after Kibutsuji. I know I said the Tarantula Demon doesn’t actually seem that strong, but it’s more about his title than anything else.

If our heroes can defeat one of the Twelve Demon Moons on their own already, then they’ve already nearly reached the cap on their power. With this failure, they’ll be able to grow more in the future until they’re eventually on or above Giyu’s level.

Giyu Tomioka from the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Giyu Tomioka

The death of the Tarantula Demon also means there are only 11 of the Twelve Demon Moons left. Though, it’s always possible that a member of the Six Lower Moons could be promoted to fill the 12th spot. But do the Twelve Demon Moons really need to be defeated?

The answer is yes. Regardless of whether or not their defeat actively brings us closer to the conclusion of the story, these are demons who hunt humans. It’s not like Tanjirou needs to defeat them in order to get to Kibutsuji, but at the same time he can’t just let them run wild.

So, will all twelve of the Demon Moons be defeated before Tanjirou & company have their final battle against Kibutsuji? And will Kibutsuji even be the last antagonist in the series? Only time will tell.


What did you think of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 18? Was this episode as good as the others in this arc? Was it better? Worse? Also, do you think the Tarantula Demon has really been defeated? Let me know in the comments.

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Demon Slayer Episode 17

Demon Slayer Episode 17

You Must Master a Single Thing

Today’s episode of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba focused on Zenitsu Agatsuma, which is both a blessing and a curse. Zenitsu has by far the coolest technique of all the demon slayers we’ve met so far, but I hate almost everything else about him.

With that said, after this episode I am seeing some similarities between him and Might Guy from Naruto. And as anyone who’s seen all of Naruto knows, Might Guy is a pretty cool… guy. Perhaps Zenitsu will eventually reach Might Guy levels, but that’s going to take some serious character development.

Since the rest of this review will be about Zenitsu and the demons, let’s quickly check in with Tanjirou and Inosuke before moving on. Tanjirou defeated the female Spider Demon last episode, and this episode he was reunited with Inosuke, who has suffered some serious injuries.

However, before they can get Inosuke’s injuries treated properly, the member of the Twelve Demon Moons who resides on the mountain appears before them. I assume he’ll be given either an official name or title soon, but for now I’ll just call him the Tarantula Demon.

Spider Babies

So while Tanjirou and Inosuke were dealing with the female Spider Demon, Zenitsu came across a different member of the spider clan. This demon is another which doesn’t have an official name or title, so I’ll call it the Demon-Faced Spider (because it’s literally a giant spider with a demon’s face).

While the female Spider Demon controlled her victims like puppets, the Demon-Faced Spider’s ability is far more unsettling. It’s unclear if the normal spiders controlled by the Demon-Faced Spider are the same ones the female Spider Demon used to string up her victims, but they’re used in a very different way.

Their bites contain a venom which will turn the victim into a member of the spider clan within 30 minutes. However, it doesn’t turn them into demons. Rather, they become slaves of the Demon-Faced Spider and their appearance is similar to his own.

One of the human-turned-spiders from the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
One of the human-turned-spiders

There may be hundreds of spiders inside my house during this time of year, but at least none of them look like that.

Unfortunately for Zenitsu, he was bitten by one of the small spiders, which means that monstrosity pictured above is the fate which awaits him. Obviously he isn’t going to turn into one of those human-faced spiders in the end, but for now the effects of the venom have already begun.

My guess is that simply defeating the Demon-Faced Spider won’t be enough to save Zenitsu from this fate. Also, it’s unclear exactly what happens to the human-turned-spiders once he’s defeated. Do they die? Do they live out the rest of their lives this way? Are they still bound to the demon clan?

Thunder Breathing Technique

We were already aware that Zenitsu is a user of the Thunder Breathing Technique, but this week we were given a bit more information on both it and Zenitsu’s background. So let’s start with Zenitsu and then move into discussing the technique he uses.

Zenitsu never sought to be a demon slayer. Instead he was forced to train as a swordsman by a former demon slayer who then sent him off to partake in the Final Selection. He was also never good at anything he was taught, and only managed to learn one of the Thunder Breathing Technique forms.

Even so, his master didn’t consider him to be a failure of a student. He told Zenitsu that if he can only use one form, he should strive to be the very best at that form. Using Naruto as a comparison once again, you could say Zenitsu is like Rock Lee. They’re both limited in what they can do so they compensate for this by being highly specialized.

Zenitsu using the Thunder Breathing Technique from the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Zenitsu using the Thunder Breathing Technique

Zenitsu has his Thunder Breathing Technique, Tanjirou has his Water Breathing Technique, and I’m pretty sure the name of Inosuke’s technique is the Beast Breathing Technique. So what are the differences between these three techniques that we know of so far?

We don’t really know much about the Beast Breathing Technique, but we do know that the Thunder Breathing Technique has three forms while the Water Breathing Technique has something like eight. We can infer from this that the Water Breathing Technique is more variable, but what does the Thunder Breathing Technique have to offer?

Simply put, speed. Zenitsu is able to move at extremely high speeds, and with high speed comes high power. It’s true that Tanjirou can defeat a demon with one slash if he severs its head, but typically he has to fight first to wear down the demon. This isn’t the case for Zenitsu as he can go straight for the killing blow.

Spider Demon Family

Now let’s finish up this episode review by going over the members of the spider clan who we know so far. For now we’ve seen five members of the family, the mother, father, and three children — or two children as we’ll see.

  • Mother – Female Spider Demon – Deceased
  • Father – Tarantula Demon – Alive
  • Child #1 – Son seen with the female Spider Demon – Alive
  • Child #2 – Daughter seen with the Tarantula Demon – Alive
  • Child #3(?) – Demon-Faced Spider – Deceased

I don’t believe the Demon-Faced Spider ever specified his relationship to the other members of the spider clan, but he does refer to them as his family. He also refers to the human-turned-spiders as his family as well though, so perhaps he isn’t a direct relative of the other spider demons.

I’m interested in seeing the abilities of the three spider demons who are left. The Tarantula demon just seems to have brute strength, which isn’t very interesting, so hopefully he’ll show us something more in the next episode.

As for the two remaining children, we know the boy has the ability to walk on strands of spider silk, and we know nothing about the girl. Will our heroes even have to fight these two? Something tells me Tanjirou is going to be against it considering they’re just kids.


What did you think of this week’s episode of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba? Which of the spider demons is your favorite? Mine is still the female Spider Demon. And, do you think the two remaining child demons will fight against our heroes? Let me know in the comments.

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