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Fruits Basket 2nd Season

Fruits Basket 2nd Season

Fruits Basket anime series cover art
Fruits Basket

Season Overview

Fruits Basket 2nd Season (フルーツバスケット 2nd season) picks up shortly after where the 1st season left off. Tooru is still living at Shigure’s house with Yuki and Kyo, and all of the drama from the previous season has begun to settle down — at least at the start of the season.

I believe that when the season began, Tooru was familiar with 11 of the 13 zodiac members. If I’m remembering correctly, she only had the horse and rooster left to meet. And, unsurprisingly, she learns the identities of both of these members within this season.

This marks one of the major changes between the 1st and 2nd seasons of Fruits Basket. Previously, one of Tooru’s goals was to meet all of the members of the zodiac. However, that’s not really something she’s concerned about in this season.

Tooru does still get excited to meet the final two zodiac members, but their meetings were unexpected. She hadn’t been seeking them out and until she ran into them, she seemed to have forgotten that there were any left she didn’t know. Previously, she almost went out of her way to meet new zodiac members.

I think this change in Tooru’s attitude is a symptom of one of the bigger changes that takes place in this season: The shift from despair to hope. But, in order to properly discuss that, I’m going to need to include spoilers for this season. If you don’t want to be spoiled, I recommend you skip to the “Comparison to 1st Season” section.

From Despair to Hope

The biggest change between the two seasons is the overall tone of the series. The 1st season was shrouded in mystery regarding the members of the zodiac and their relationship with Akito. We often saw them being abused by Akito with no way to stand up for themselves.

However, the 2nd season changes all of that, with Yuki and Kyo being at the forefront of this change. They begin to stand up against Akito’s tyranny in multiple ways. Sometimes they disobey her orders, but that’s not their most effective form of resistance.

The most effective thing they can do to fight back against Akito is to live their lives as they want and be happy with those lives. When Akito sees that she no longer has control over their emotions, she becomes enraged that her absolute power has been cast aside.

Tooru and Kyo on the beach from the anime series Fruits Basket 2nd Season
Tooru and Kyo on the beach

I guess I should also just briefly mention here that Akito is a woman and also the God of the zodiac members, for anyone who hasn’t seen it and is reading these spoilers anyway. Throughout most of the series so far, these two facts were hidden (to an extent). Akito was made out to be male, and one of the zodiac members, albeit a stronger one.

The character development throughout this season was great. I loved seeing the dichotomy between Yuuki and Kyo on one side and Akito on the other. As Yuki’s and Kyo’s lives are starting to be restored, Akito’s is falling apart.

And, this shift in dynamic from despair to hope for the zodiac members is setting up the final season of the series when Akito will undoubtedly have to be overthrown. Now that the zodiac members are beginning to regain their lives, it’s time to figure out how to break the curse that binds them to Akito.

Comparison to 1st Season

Overall, I think the 2nd season is better than the 1st season. Surprisingly, the reason I think this season is better is actually that it focuses less on one of the things I liked about the 1st season: The mystery of the zodiac members’ identities.

One of my favorite parts of the 1st season was trying to figure out what zodiac animal each character was before it was officially revealed. There’s still a small amount of this in the 2nd season, but the primary focus is instead now on the relationships between the characters.

Basically, the reason Fruits Basket 2nd Season is better than the 1st season is the same reason why Saekano‘s 2nd season was better than the first. Once all of the main cast has had their characters and background thoroughly established, they can be used to tell more complex, interpersonal stories.

Yuki Souma from the anime series Fruits Basket 2nd Season
Yuki Souma

While the mystery aspect of this series is still enjoyable, I’m far more interested in the characters now that they’ve received more development. Complex characters are one of the most important pieces of any anime, in my mind — which is part of the reason why I like drama series so much.

And, Fruits Basket has been doing a great job of not only developing the main cast but all of the side characters as well. Every member of the zodiac has received development, Tooru’s non-Souma clan friends have received development, and even some other characters, like the teacher, have received development.


I think a 7/10 is a good rating for this season of Fruits Basket. It was a good season, but at the same time, I don’t think it was anything exceptional. There were still slow episodes and certain parts, like the school festival, that I really wasn’t interested in. But overall, it was good.

The OPs and EDs for this season were also very good, just as they were for the 1st season. In fact, the OPs and EDs for Fruits Basket have all been so good that I’m not sure which is my favorite right now. From this season alone, I may have liked “Prism” as an OP more and “Eden” as an ED more, though.

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Fruits Basket 1st Season

Fruits Basket 1st Season

Fruits Basket 1st Season anime series cover art
Fruits Basket 1st Season


Fruits Basket 1st Season (フルーツバスケット 1st season) is, as you may have guessed, the first season of the Fruits Basket anime. But, did you know that this is actually the second time Fruits Basket has gotten an anime adaptation?

Now, I haven’t seen the original adaptation, and at this point I’m not going to, but I figured I’d let you know it existed in case you’re interested. This isn’t going to be some comparison between the old and new adaptation, rather this is just a review of the 2019 version.

Fruits Basket is a romantic comedy drama. It has romance, it has comedy, but most importantly it’s a drama. And if you know me, you’ll know I like my drama anime. But, Fruits Basket isn’t exactly my kind of drama series. It’s a shoujo drama. I’m more of a seinen drama kind of person.

With that said, I did still like the initial premise of Fruits Basket, and I do think it’s a pretty good anime. The series is based on the Chinese zodiac and focuses on the Souma family — a family whose members are physical embodiments of the zodiac animals.

Not all of the Souma clan are zodiac members, but those who are transform into their respective animals when hugged by the opposite gender. Yes, hugs because this is a shoujo series. Also what exactly counts as a hug differs between situations.

And then we have Tooru, a non-Souma clan member who gets caught up in the mystical world of the zodiac. It’s Tooru who slowly but surely teaches the various zodiac members that what they see as a curse is nothing more than their individuality.


Tooru Honda is our protagonist this time around. She’s an airhead who isn’t all that confident in herself. But she makes up for it by having the largest heart of anyone. It doesn’t matter who they are, if someone is in need of a friend Tooru will be there for them.

And as for some background on Tooru’s situation, we don’t really know anything about her father, but her mother died not all that long ago. She lived with her grandfather for a time before moving out (temporarily at first). She ends up staying with members of the Souma family after being found living on their land.

Tooru Honda from the anime series Fruits Basket 1st Season
Tooru Honda

Yuki Souma is probably the male lead of the series. He’s the first member of the Souma clan we meet, and it’s obvious he has a thing for Tooru so I think it’s a pretty safe bet. But as we’ll see, even saying there’s a definitive male lead isn’t a straightforward process.

Yuki is a member of the zodiac, but I won’t be telling you which one because finding out which animal everyone is is half the fun. What I will say is that Yuki is the pretty boy at school who all the girls love. This means he constantly has to dodge hugs from random girls.

Kyo Souma is the other potential male lead of the series. And although I said Yuki is probably the male lead, Kyo is just as much of a viable option. In many cases Kyo is more the male lead than Yuki, but it constantly shifts back and forth.

Kyo is also a member of the zodiac and doesn’t get along with Yuki at all specifically because of it. While Yuki is the pretty boy, Kyo is the cool, delinquent type.

Slow and Steady

So now we come to my main issue with Fruits Basket, the pacing. This series is incredibly slow for the most part. Like I said, I enjoyed it, but I think it could have cut out some of the fluff to keep the story moving a bit faster.

For example we got a few side character arcs which really didn’t feel necessary.

Uo, one of Tooru’s friends, is a former gang member. That’s something we knew in the series for a long time, and even before we knew, it was pretty obvious that was the case. But we still got a multi-episode background arc for her explaining how she came to be Tooru’s friend.

The same thing could have been accomplished in a single episode since it doesn’t directly relate to the story. It also could have been accomplished even without a dedicated episode. Just keep sprinkling pieces of information about Uo’s past into the main story.

Tooru and the Bull Zodiac of the Souma clan from the anime series Fruits Basket 1st Season
Tooru and the Bull Zodiac of the Souma clan

Saki, Tooru and Uo’s other friend, got a similar treatment. I don’t remember if her backstory arc was more than one episode, but if it was it didn’t need to be. It was more interesting than Uo’s arc, but still didn’t really relate to the story. They could have worked well as OVAs.

There was also what amounted to a filler episode all about Saki using her psychic power to scare some other girls from her class. Not exactly sure what that had to do with anything, but it happened. It’s episodes like these that really make the series drag on.

In the end Fruits Basket is going to be four cours long, but honestly I think it could be done in three without really sacrificing anything.


Fruits Basket 1st season was a 6/10 for me from start to finish. The later part of the second cour was a bit better than the rest of the series, but not enough to bump the score up. And yes, I will be watching the 2nd season when it airs. I’m looking forward to how the story continues.

I guess I usually mention the OPs/EDs in the ends of these series/season reviews, so if I had to pick one I’d say ED 2 is the best from Fruits Basket 1st season. ED 1 definitely has a good song by Vickeblanka, but the second ED by INTERSECTION comes with better visuals.

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My review of the next season is available here.

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Fruits Basket Episode 10

Fruits Basket Episode 10

It’s Valentine’s, After All

It’s Valentine’s Day in the world of Fruits Basket, and for those of you who don’t know, that’s February 14th. However, even if you did know that, what you may not know is that Valentine’s Day works a bit differently in Japan than it does over here in the U.S.

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is a day for girls to give chocolate to the boys they like, not the other way around. Then, a month later on March 14th, is a day known as White Day on which boys give chocolate to the girls they like. I don’t know why it’s called White Day, but I’m sure Google could tell you if you’re interested.

So what would we expect to happen in a Valentine’s Day episode of Fruits Basket? Well, we would expect the pretty boy, Yuki, to receive a lot of chocolate from his many adoring fans. And indeed that’s exactly what happens. Although instead of his locker being overflowing with chocolate, each girl threw out the chocolate of the girl before her so only one remained.

Tooru, Hana, and Uo from the anime series Fruits Basket
Tooru, Hana, and Uo

Even Kyo received chocolate from a single girl despite his bad attitude. But, he doesn’t have time to be happy about this gift for two reasons. The first is that Valentine’s Day is a dangerous time for male members of the zodiac because they never know who’s going to attempt to hug them.

However, the second and more important reason is because Kyo knows that Kagura is bound to appear at some point. And appear she does. But before I get into discussing how Kagura is the best girl in the series and how I liked her pink outfit, let’s talk about something more serious.

Yuki and Kyo

We know that Yuki and Kyo don’t get along. We’ve known this since the first or second episode, whichever one introduced Kyo. However, up until now it seemed like their feud was purely due to the zodiac legend in which the rat tricks the cat into being late for the banquet.

In this week’s episode some new information is revealed, which seems to hint that there may be more to their relationship. Sure, the zodiac legend still likely plays a role in their feud, but as we’ve learned from the likes of Hatsuharu, the zodiac legend doesn’t dictate who you are.

The reality is that Yuki likely doesn’t hate Kyo because he’s the cat zodiac. As we’ve seen in the past, Yuki doesn’t actually want anything to do with the zodiac. Instead, it’s likely that his hatred of Kyo stems from Kyo constantly trying to start fights with him and generally being annoying.

So why does Kyo do that? Is it really because he thinks he can take Yuki’s place as a true member of the zodiac if he defeats him? Unlikely. Instead it seems to be more about proving his own self-worth and strength.

In this episode we were shown a very short flashback in regards to Yuki and Kyo’s past, and in it I’m pretty sure we were shown a fight of some sort with someone getting injured. This could mean a lot of things, but my guess is that this wasn’t a fight between Yuki and Kyo.

Instead, I’m predicting that when they were children, Yuki stood up for Kyo and fought someone in his place. This likely mad Kyo feel inferior to Yuki, and now he always challenges Yuki to fights because he wants to prove that he’s not someone who needs to be saved.

Double Date

Alright, let’s be honest, as fun as it is to theorize about characters’ backstories, the real reason you’re here is to read about the double date involving Yuki, Tooru, Kyo, and Kagura. However, there are two unfortunate things about this double date.

The first is that Kagura was no longer wearing her pink outfit, and the second is that we didn’t really get to see all that much of their date. Sure, Kagura is cute no matter what she wears, but I liked the pink, okay?

As for their date, we know the group went to see some children’s movie and then went to a family style restaurant after that. But we didn’t exactly follow them around on their date, so there isn’t all that much to discuss. I was really hoping for a lot of Kagura content this week, but sadly that just wasn’t the case.

Though I do think this double date confirms the idea that if Tooru is going to end up with anyone, it’s going to be Yuki. Kyo and Kagura are already a package, despite what Kyo wants, so even if he seems to be flirting with Tooru at times I don’t think those two really have a chance.

Shigure Souma

And now back to some more serious content. While Tooru is out on her double date, Shigure volunteers to deliver Tooru’s Valentine’s Day chocolates to the main Souma estate. Specifically, Tooru made chocolate for Hatori, Momiji, and Hatsuharu.

It’s during this visit that it’s revealed Shigure has some sort of plot which involves Tooru.

Apparently when they were younger, Shigure, Hatori, and “A-ya” all had a similar dream which ended in tragedy for the latter two. However, Shigure’s dream has still yet to be crushed and he’s determined to do whatever it takes to fulfill it. That said, we currently have no idea what his dream is.

What we do know is that he needs to use Tooru to accomplish it, and he makes some sinister comments such as saying that he doesn’t care if a few people need to get hurt along the way. Even so, it doesn’t seem like he actually wants Tooru to get hurt, and I suspect this scene is actually intended to bait us into thinking Shigure is evil.

Shigure Souma from the anime series Fruits Basket
Shigure Souma

There are also some other interesting things we learn during this reveal. While it’s implied that Shigure’s plot is sinister, we’re also told that it’s somewhat opposite to Akito’s plot involving Tooru. But why is Tooru necessary for both of their plots? Only time will tell.

It also seems like perhaps there’s some romantic tension between Shigure and Akito. Earlier on in the series it seemed like Shigure really hated Akito when he would mention that she’s getting what she deserves, but now it seems like perhaps they have a more intimate relationship.

And, last but not least, we have this “A-ya” person. I don’t actually know what the -ya honorific implies as the only time I’ve ever heard it used before is by Trafalgar Law from One Piece (and I’m too lazy to look it up right now), but that’s not really what’s important here.

What’s important is what the “A” stands for. You would think it stands for Akito, but Shigure tends to refer to Akito by her actual name, so this seems unlikely. My guess is that once this mysterious “A-ya” is revealed we’ll also get a better understanding of the dream they, Shigure, and Hatori all had.


So what did you think of this week’s episode of Fruits Basket? Are you like me and wish there was more Kagura content? Or did you prefer that the episode focused on setting up more mysteries surrounding the various Souma clan members? Let me know in the comments.

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I stopped my episodic reviews of Fruits Basket here, so instead of episode 11, check out my review of the first season.

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Fruits Basket Episode 9

Fruits Basket Episode 9

Yuki Was My First Love

This week’s episode of Fruits Basket starts off exactly how you would expect it to, with Yuki and Kyo once again fighting over something completely unimportant. I think this time they were fighting over having to go shopping with Tooru, but it doesn’t really matter because it has nothing to do with the rest of the episode.

But, one important development does come out of this shopping trip, and that’s the fact that Yuki gets a cold. Normally in anime getting a cold essentially means that you turn into a vegetable, unable to get out of bed and with severely limited mental capabilities.

Luckily this isn’t how it goes this time around, because I find that trope to be extremely stupid. If a cold puts you in a near vegetative state with the cognitive ability of a two-year-old, it probably means natural selection is trying to weed you out.

Instead, what’s bad about Yuki having a cold is that the Soumas are prone to transforming into their zodiac animals when they’re weakened due to illness. Because of this, Tooru believes Yuki should stay home from school in order to get better.

However, Kyo learns that there’s going to be a race in gym class the next day and demands that Yuki show up so the two of them can compete. In the end Yuki opts to go to school so he doesn’t have to listen to Kyo’s complaining for the next week.

Cat and Mouse

Despite having a cold, Yuki is able to keep up with Kyo during their race. I typically think of Kyo as the more athletic of the two, despite Yuki being the stronger fighter, but this seems to prove that Yuki is just as fit, if not more so. If he can keep up with Kyo under these circumstances, imagine if he was running at peak performance.

But we never get to learn which one of them wins the race because it’s abruptly cut short by the intervention of another Souma clan member. Hatsuharu, the Souma who was introduced as Haa-kun in the previous episode, lays a trip wire across the path on which Yuki and Kyo are racing.

Tooru Honda from the anime series Fruits Basket
Tooru Honda

Before I get into discussing Hatsuharu for the remainder of the episode, I do want to take a moment to mention the girls’ side of the gym class race. There’s nothing too exciting about Tooru here, but her friends are more interesting.

For starters, Uo is nowhere to be found. Perhaps the reason for her disappearance was mentioned and I just happened to miss it, but I figured that of all the female characters, she would be the one most interested in this competition. Sure, she probably thinks school competitions are lame, but at the same time it’s still a competition and she seems pretty fit.

On the other side of the spectrum we have Hana, who gives up as soon as the race commences with a dramatic performance about how she can’t go on. She then proceeds to start up a poker game with the rest of the race dropouts (and eventually the coach and Shigure).

Hatsuharu Souma

So who exactly is Hatsuharu Souma? He’s one year younger than Yuki and Kyo, making him a third year middle school student (I’m not sure if I realized Tooru, Yuki, and Kyo were first year high schoolers). He’s also one of the Soumas afflicted with the zodiac curse, with his particular animal being the ox.

However, when he transforms later on in the episode it’s revealed that he’s actually just a standard cow, much like how Hatori is just a seahorse, not a dragon. And if I’m being honest, he’s not even a very attractive cow either.

Hatsuharu Soma (Ox) from the anime series Fruits Basket
Hatsuharu Soma (Ox)

He showed up to interrupt Yuki and Kyo’s race because he wants to have a fight against Kyo. He originally planned to have their fight during the New Years celebration, but Yuki and Kyo bailed at the last second so it wasn’t possible.

I think it’s also fair to say that Hatsuharu is to Kyo as Kyo is to Yuki. Kyo always wants to fight Yuki to prove his strength, and Hatsuharu wants to fight Kyo for the same reason. However, his relationship with these two is a bit different from their relationships with each other.

As far as we can tell, Hatsuharu is bisexual, and he claims to be in love with both Yuki and Kyo. In fact, the title of the episode, “Yuki was my first love” is something Hatsuharu says. This is why when Yuki suffers from an Akito-related panic attack, he stops his fight with Kyo in order to take care of him.

Dark Haru

But Hatsuharu isn’t just some bisexual guy who loves Yuki and wants to fight against Kyo. There’s more to him than that. Much like with Kagura, there are two sides to Hatsuharu, and they’re just as extreme, if not more so.

Typically Hatsuharu is a calm and laid back person, but when he doesn’t get his way he turns into Dark Haru. Dark Haru is essentially the polar opposite of Hatsuharu’s regular personality. Instead of being laid back, he’s extremely aggressive in just about every way, including romance.

The reason for Dark Haru’s initial appearance goes back to Hatsuharu’s childhood, during which he would get picked on by the other Souma zodiac members. In the zodiac story, the rat uses the ox to get a free ride to the banquet, and so everyone says that the ox was used because it was stupid.

This caused Hatsuharu to develop anger issues which resulted in his Dark Haru persona. He also initially hated Yuki before he ever met him because he viewed the rat as the reason why everyone made fun of him. But one day he met Yuki and realized that he had been mistaken.

Just as everyone who made fun of him were judging him based on the story and not who he really was, he had judged Yuki without ever getting to know him too. Yuki ended up being the first person to help Hatsuharu put the frustration he was feeling into words, which is why he now claims to love him.


Starting with this episode, the ox has now been added to the ED along with the monkey. Does this mean we’ll be introduced to the monkey next? The goat and tiger have been in the ED the entire time and we still haven’t met them either.

So what are your thoughts on this week’s episode of Fruits Basket? I thought it was a decent episode and it introduced Hatsuharu’s background well, but I’m beginning to get a bit tired of the series. I think once more is revealed about Akito it’ll start to pique my interest again.

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My review of the next episode is available here.

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Fruits Basket Episode 8

Fruits Basket Episode 8

See You When You Get Back

As some of you may know, I’m not a fan of English dubbed anime, or the whole English dub community in general (I’m sorry if that includes you). And, much of my dislike for the dub community comes from Twitter due to it constantly showing me tweets from English voice actors, who I don’t care about in the slightest.

Last week one of these English voice actors also tweeted out a spoiler for this week’s Fruits Basket episode, so that didn’t help either. In fact, it wasn’t even a spoiler that was revealed in this episode, so it’s not as if I would have known it had I watched the episode as soon as it aired.

I think half the fun of this series comes from trying to figure out which animal each of the Soumas are before it’s revealed. So for something like that to be spoiled by someone who “works on” the series pretty inexcusable.

Now, they only spoiled the zodiac animal tied to one character, but that’s still a pretty big deal when only six out of the 13 animals have been confirmed up to this point. But, don’t worry. I won’t spoil you. At least not yet.

In the final section of this review (before the conclusion) I’ll go over the spoiled character as well as some of my new predictions regarding the other Souma clan members. I really wish I could go through my new predictions completely blind, but I think at this point it’s just best to say that if you don’t want a minor spoiler, skip that final section.

New Year’s

It’s new years in the world of Fruits Basket, and as you might have guessed, that’s the most important holiday for the Souma clan. In fact, new years is a pretty big event in Japan for everyone. Why else do you think there’s a new years episode in just about every single slice of life anime?

But today I’m not here to write about the Japanese new years traditions, though we certainly see at least a few in this episode. No, instead I want to discuss how the celebration of new years effects the different characters in this series.

That said, since the new year is such an important event for the Souma clan, I’ll be going over how they celebrate it in a separate section.

Tooru Honda from the anime series Fruits Basket
Tooru Honda

This will be Tooru’s first new year without her mother, and her grandfather and his family decided to go on a trip to Hawaii without her. Sure, she might not have wanted to go with them anyway because they’re jerks, but she wasn’t really even given the option.

At least her friends, Uo and Hana, invited her to spend the new year with them and their families. And, after Tooru declines their invitations, they even offer to spend the new year with her by going on a camping trip together. Even still, Tooru declines and tells them to spend time with their respective families, something she can no longer do.

She even tells this to Yuki and Kyo, who initially don’t want to go to the main Souma household for the new year. However, after they realize that she wants them to spend time with their family before it’s too late, they accept defeat. Well, that is until they remember that she’s all alone and go back to Shigure’s house to spend time with her instead.

Souma Clan Banquet

So what do the Soumas do to celebrate the new year? Their celebration is actually two-fold: they have both a celebration with the entire family, and another celebration which only includes the 12 official zodiac members (so not Kyo).

We aren’t told exactly what goes on during the celebration for the entire family, but I think it’s safe to assume that it’s your standard new years stuff considering the majority of the family doesn’t know about the zodiac curse. Who knows, maybe they even have their own shrine they go to.

The important celebration is the one reserved solely for the zodiac members. Again, we don’t really know what they do during this event, but at the very least we know that there’s a banquet and at least one member performs some sort of dance (this year it’s Momiji).

Since 2019 is the year of the pig, you would expect Kagura to be the one performing this dance. But 1999 was the first new year of the original manga’s serialization, which was the year of the rabbit. I assume this is why Momiji is the one performing the dance.

Kagura, Akito, Hatori, Hatsuharu, and Shigure Souma from the anime series Fruits Basket
Kagura, Akito, Hatori, Hatsuharu, and Shigure Souma

This is also our first introduction to Hatsuharu Souma, though he’s not really introduced just yet. In fact, I had to look up what his actual name was because he’s only referred to as Haa-kun by Shigure, who likes to call Hatori Haa-san as well in order to confuse people. This is the character whose animal was spoiled for me.

We also learn that due to Yuki and Kyo’s decision to skip this year’s celebration in order to spend it with Tooru instead, there will be two Soumas who aren’t too happy. Obviously Kagura will be enraged because Kyo isn’t making an appearance, but we also learn that Akito will be mad due to Yuki no-showing.

It would make sense for Akito to be mad about Yuki simply because she seems to be a control freak and would want the entire zodiac gathered, but I don’t think that’s the main reason. It’s hinted that Yuki and Akito have some sort of more intimate relationship, so I think she might be his mother.

The Zodiac

Alright, now it’s time for some spoilers and some theorizing. I know some of you might want to read my theories without spoiling yourselves, but if you continue reading beyond this point after knowing that I’m going to include a spoiler, I can’t be held responsible.

So to get it out of the way, Hatsuharu is the ox of the zodiac. I honestly wouldn’t have guessed that from any content shown in the series or the OP/ED so far, but that’s just how it is. So now that we know that he’s the ox, that leaves six more animals unconfirmed.

These are the tiger, snake, horse, goat, monkey, and rooster. So, who do I think is who?

Let’s start with Akito. Originally I predicted that she would be the dragon, but that turned out to be Hatori instead. I then predicted that she would be the tiger due to the decorations in her room, but upon further inspection I believe this to be incorrect.

First of all, in the ED we’re shown the tiger and the goat together as two younger children, so I assume one of them must actually be the tiger, not Akito. But then what animal is Akito? My new guess is that she’s the snake, for a variety of reasons.

The main reason is that in the ED we see the boar chasing the cat, referencing Kagura chasing Kyo, and the snake chasing the rat. In this week’s episode we learned that there’s some sort of intimate relationship between Akito and Yuki, so if Yuki’s the rat then Akito must be the snake. Also, Akito seems to be the villain, and snakes are often seen as deceitful creatures.

So I’m guessing Akito is the snake, the girl depicted with the goat and tiger in the ED is the goat, and the boy depicted with the goat and tiger in the ED is the tiger. That just leaves the horse, monkey, and rooster, but we haven’t yet seen anything that hints towards which characters those might correspond to.


So what do you think of this week’s episode of Fruits Basket? Honestly I don’t think it was that exciting of an episode. We learned some new information regarding relationships within the Souma clan, but nothing else really happened. Also, have you already been spoiled on this series?

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