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Re:ZERO Episode 40

Re:ZERO Episode 40

Otto Suwen

I don’t think that Re:ZERO Season 2 Part 2 episode 40 was all that amazing of an episode. But I will say that I’m glad we finally got some backstory on Otto. Otto isn’t one of my favorite characters in the series. However, his backstory makes him much more interesting.

Obviously, the biggest piece of Otto’s background information that we got is that the name of his ground dragon is Fulfew. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t previously known. But at the same time, I could very well be wrong about that. It’s possible that he mentioned Fulfew’s name even back in Season 1.

But actually, it was interesting to learn more about how his divine protection works. Back in Season 1, he had mentioned that he was able to communicate with animals. Specifically, I believe this line came when he and Subaru were fleeing from Betelgeuse in his monster form.

Young Otto talking to Fulfew the ground dragon from the anime series Re:ZERO Season 2 Part 2
Young Otto talking to Fulfew the ground dragon

Not only can Otto understand what animals are saying, but he can even talk back to them as well. Originally I thought that he could simply understand them. But as it turns out, he can have full conversations with them. And when he was younger, all of his friends were animals.

Unfortunately, at the start of his life, Otto’s divine protection was more like a curse than a blessing. He could hear so many voices all at once that everything sounded like a jumbled mess. It wasn’t until he was older that he learned to seal and selectively use his divine protection.

It also seems that while he could always hear the voices of animals, he has to use magic (or maybe just extra brainpower) to actually understand them. This is why he was fine hearing hundreds of voices at once as a child, but his nose started bleeding when he was using his divine protection while fleeing from Garfiel.

Buying Time for Subaru

Considering the fact that Garfiel has beaten Otto twice in previous timelines, killing him in one of them, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Otto didn’t stand a chance this time around. And even though he had some traps and plans laid out, it’s not like he put up that much of a fight.

But he got the job done, mostly thanks to some help from Ram. Ram siding with Otto and Subaru is potentially very telling. As she states, she would never go against Roswaal. So you could take this to mean that Roswaal actually told her to help Subaru.

I don’t believe that’s the case, though. While I do still think that Roswaal is laying plans for just in case Subaru succeeds, I don’t think he would actively help Subaru win their bet. As Ram also says, she’s still helping Roswaal, just in her own way. So it’s safe to assume that Ram thinks Subaru’s success at this moment will help Roswaal in the long run.

Garfiel vs. Otto and Ram from the anime series Re:ZERO Season 2 Part 2
Garfiel vs. Otto and Ram

Something else we have to consider here is that there’s more going on than just Subaru needing time to talk to Emilia alone. Remember, Garfiel is going into a rage because Emilia was missing and then he was unable to find Ryuzu Shima. This means that it’s the disappearance of Ryuzu that Otto and Ram planned for, not necessarily Subaru’s talk with Emilia.

So what’s really going on here? I think Subaru left Emilia’s side in the middle of the night to speak to Ryuzu. He probably tasked Ryuzu with protecting those at the mansion, which is why she’s gone. Since Ryuzu is a clone, she may not actually be bound to the Sanctuary by the barrier.

And if this is the case, he knew that Ryuzu’s disappearance would antagonize Garfiel. I don’t believe Subaru was counting on Emilia suddenly disappearing as well. He just wanted Otto and Ram to keep Garfiel occupied until he could return to Emilia’s side.

A Reason to Believe

Alright, let’s get it out of the way. Subaru and Emilia finally kissed. Technically Emilia actually kissed Subaru in an earlier timeline, but he was already dead at that point. So this is the first real kiss. Good for Subaru. He’s accomplished the first step of his dream.

The kiss aside, I liked what they did with Subaru’s and Emilia’s eyes in this scene. Throughout their whole conversation, we saw Emilia reflected in Subaru’s eyes. But we didn’t see Subaru reflected back in Emilia’s eyes until the very end when she finally trusts him again.

To be honest, it was predictable, and even a little cheesy. But I still liked it nonetheless. And, something I’m remembering now is that the last time eyes were focused on in this series was actually just before Emilia kissed Subaru’s corpse in Season 2 Part 1.

Subaru kissing Emilia from the anime series Re:ZERO Season 2 Part 2
Subaru kissing Emilia

Now more than ever, I’m certain that Subaru is on the right track to escape the loop he’s been in. Resetting now would make this whole scene between him and Emilia a lot less compelling because we would know that he has to do it all over. But, that also means Emilia needs to complete the trials within 2 days or they need to figure out another way to defeat the Great Rabbit.

I’ve also seen some concern over whether or not Otto and Ram survived their fight with Garfiel. If they didn’t, it would likely mean that this isn’t the final timeline for this loop. But, while Garfiel has killed Otto in the past, I don’t think he did this time. He wouldn’t kill Ram. And since Ram was defending Otto, he probably wouldn’t kill Otto either.


What do you think of Re:ZERO Season 2 Part 2 episode 40? Did you like Otto’s backstory? Where do you think Subaru disappeared to in the middle of the night? And do you think he’s finally on the path out of this loop? Let me know in the comments.

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Re:ZERO Episode 39

Re:ZERO Episode 39

Straight Bet

Re:ZERO Season 2 is back with episode 39 (the first episode of Part 2). There’s a lot that I could discuss regarding this episode, but I don’t want the review to go on for too long. So some topics I’ll be skipping over are everything involving the four Ryuzu and Otto. I’ll most likely go over that stuff in a later review once we have more information.

The first topic I do want to go over is Subaru’s bet against Roswaal. This bet marks an extremely important milestone in Season 2 because it sets up Subaru’s next checkpoint. Throughout the majority of Part 1, Subaru has been resetting to the same checkpoint within the Sanctuary. But now, he seems to finally be on the right path.

There are other reasons for me believing that which I’ll get to in a later section. For now, the fact that Subaru has confronted Roswaal and that Roswaal accepted the conditions of his bet in order to set things up for the next version of himself, shows that progress is being made.

Subaru and Otto from the anime series Re:ZERO Season 2 Part 2
Subaru and Otto

Of course, Subaru’s bet is that he’ll be able to free everyone from the sanctuary and save everyone at the mansion at the same time. If Subaru’s successful, then Roswaal has to throw away his copy of the Tome of Wisdom ally with him.

What’s most interesting to me about all of this is that Roswaal agreed rather quickly. Perhaps it’s because he realized that Subaru can literally reset as many times as it takes so eventually he’ll win. But agreeing to throw away his copy of the Tome seems like a big deal considering how Roswaal is a devout follower of Echidna.

Can he still achieve his goals by following Subaru?

Emilia’s Trial

For anyone who hasn’t already watched The Frozen Bond, I highly recommend you go do that before the next episode comes out. Most of Emilia’s backstory in this episode came directly from that movie. If you want to fully understand what’s going on, you’ll need to watch it (and should have watched it before this).

Now, the trial we know Emilia has been stuck on was the trial of her past. What we know about her past is that she, and all the other elves of the forest, were frozen and that only Emilia woke up. When she did, she was found by Puck, who formed a pact with her, and then she was eventually taken in by Roswaal.

I’m assuming that Roswaal found Emilia thanks to his copy of the Tome, but this hasn’t been explained yet. However, the fact that we know Roswaal can use some crazy powerful ice magic makes him a bit suspicious. Was he the one who originally froze everyone in the forest? Probably not.

Emilia being hugged by Mother Fortuna from the anime series Re:ZERO Season 2 Part 2
Emilia being hugged by Mother Fortuna

You wouldn’t know this if you haven’t watched The Frozen Bond, but Emilia can also use extremely powerful ice magic — potentially stronger than what Roswaal can use. And when she was younger, her ice magic often went out of control, and even killed people, if she was threatened.

With this in mind, we have to look at what Mother Fortuna said to her in the flashback. She tells Emilia that the people who claimed to want to protect her were lying, but that Emilia shouldn’t hate them for it. I think the people Mother Fortuna is referring to here are the other elves of the forest.

Someone probably threatened them so that they would hand over Emilia. They probably pretended to be protecting her while actually handing her over. And when she learned of this, her magic went out of control and froze them all — including herself. Her memories of this event were also sealed.

This seems like the perfect past event for Emilia’s trial to be based around. First of all, the Great Fire Spirit Melaquera tells Emilia that what happened to the elves of the forest was her fault in The Frozen Bond. Second, Emilia probably blamed herself for what happened. And third, to pass her trial, she probably needs to accept that it wasn’t her fault.

Puck and Emilia

Where was Puck all throughout Season 2 Part 1? He was just hiding inside of the spirit crystal Emilia wears around her neck. He wasn’t missing at all. As for why he was doing this, it was to void his pact with Emilia.

Your next question is probably, “why was Puck trying to void his pact with Emilia?” And that’s a pretty good question. But if you were paying attention, he actually gives a reason before disappearing. He says “Once I’m gone, the seal on your memories will be lifted.”

I’m not going to go back through all of The Frozen Bond to find this, but I’m fairly sure that when Puck made his pact with Emilia, he mentioned something about sealing her memories. So by voiding their pact, her memories will be unsealed and she’ll be able to properly take on the trial.

Puck disappearing as Emilia holds him from the anime series Re:ZERO Season 2 Part 2
Puck disappearing as Emilia holds him

I’ve seen some people questioning whether that was the last we’re going to see of Puck in the series. I don’t believe that’s the case. Puck voided his contract with Emilia, but it’s not as if he died. He’s a great spirit with the ability to destroy the world. I don’t think he would die so easily.

Also, it was brought to my attention that Echidna was the one voicing the lines in The Frozen Bond telling Puck to watch over Emilia, but not interfere with her too much. So maybe she created Puck just as she created Betty. It’s unclear why she tasked Puck with protecting Emilia though.

But with all this in mind, I think we’ll see Puck return. He’s not dead, he’s apparently connected to Echidna, and he left so that Emilia could complete her trial. I think he’ll either return to Emilia or maybe even form a pact with Subaru in the future. And I think it’s possible that Puck is going to intervene at the mansion on Subaru’s behalf.


What do you think of Re:ZERO episode 39? Do you think we’re finally in the correct timeline to escape from the current loop? What do you think Emilia’s trial is going to entail? And what role, if any, do you think Puck is going to play going forward? Let me know in the comments.

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Some of the information and ideas presented in this review came from or were developed with the help of Discord members Rain. and PenguinFTW.

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My review of the next episode is available here.

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Re:ZERO Season 2

Re:ZERO Season 2

Re:ZERO Season 2 anime series cover art
Re:ZERO Season 2

Season (Part 1) Overview

Re:ZERO Season 2 (Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season / Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 2nd season) is actually only the first half of the second season. Season 2 part 2 should begin airing as part of the winter 2021 season if everything remains on schedule.

While the events of this season are very different from the events of the first season, the actual structure is somewhat similar. The first half of the first season focused mainly on setting up the world and the challenges within it which Subaru would have to face in the second half.

That’s basically exactly what’s happened in this first half of season 2. Season 1 set up the general area of the country of Lugnica as its setting. The second season sets up a specific region within Lugnica known as the Sanctuary as its setting.

Once the setting has been established, the challenges which Subaru will need to overcome begin to roll in. The primary difference between the first and second seasons comes in this aspect of the series. Season 1 generally had Subaru confront one challenge after another. But that’s not how season 2 is shaping up.

In this season, many of the challenges that have been set up for Subaru look like they’re going to have to be completed all at once. Rather than Subaru completing one challenge and then moving onto the next with a new restart point, everything is happening all at once this time around.

That leads to two effects. First, it means that this first part of the season is much more about setting up than it is about action and direct plot progression. Second, it means that the next part should be very exciting as all the dominos begin to fall.

New Characters

13 episodes of setup might not sound very exciting, but it’s not as if there’s no action in this part of the season. There’s plenty of action, but that action is often overshadowed by other aspects of the season, including world building, lore, and character introductions and development.

Many of these characters are tied to spoilers, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, skip to the end of the review.

Right at the beginning of the season, we’re introduced to two, new Archbishop Sins. Batenkaitos is the Archbishop Sin of Gluttony and Regulus is the Archbishop Sin of Greed. Unfortunately, these are also the new characters who we know the least amount because they haven’t shown up since.

More prominent to the immediate plot are Frederica, Garfiel, and Ryuzu. Frederica and Garfiel are demi-human siblings who are able to transform into beasts. Frederica works as a maid in Roswaal’s mansion, while Garfiel is trapped within the Sanctuary.

Garfiel and Subaru from the anime series Re:ZERO Season 2
Garfiel and Subaru

I added Ryuzu to that character grouping because she’s also tied to the Sanctuary. We don’t know how Frederica managed to escape from the Sanctuary, but Garfiel and Ryuzu are still trapped there.

And, finally, we have all of the witches. I wasn’t expecting all seven witches to be introduced in this season, but that’s what happened. I was expecting them to be revealed over the course of the series, not all at once. In order of appearance, these witches are Echidna, Typhon, Minerva, Daphne, Camilla, Sekhmet, and Satella.

The introduction of all of the witches is a pretty big deal for a number of reasons. First, we learned that the witches themselves aren’t inherently evil. Some of them seem to be good, while others are neutral. However, it’s their inhuman way of thinking that causes them to be feared and hated.

Theory Time

If you’re interested in reading about my theories in more detail, I suggest checking out my weekly episode reviews for the season. But, I’ll go over a few of the larger theories that still may be possible by the end of this half of the season.

So, one of my main theories over the course of the season has been that Emilia and Satella are actually one and the same. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the one time Satella showed up in the Sanctuary, Emilia was nowhere to be found.

However, I don’t think that Emilia (and perhaps even Satella) knows that they’re the same physical person. We know that Satella was sealed, but that her body was unable to be destroyed. And, Emilia’s background is almost entirely unknown. Before Puck found her in the forest, she has no background.

Echidna from the anime series Re:ZERO Season 2

Emilia also has a massive amount of magical energy. This lack of a known background combined with her magic potential leads me to believe that Satella had her memories sealed, and thus became Emilia. Emilia is just Satella without her memories of being a witch and with much of her magic being sealed.

Going along with this, I also believe that Roswaal plans to unseal Satella from within Emilia and potentially use her power to revive the other witches. But why do I think this is the case?

There are a few things we now know about Roswaal. His current goal is to kill the dragon who, along with the hero and sage, sealed Satella. If we assume the dragon is the last of the three alive, killing it might break the seal. We also know that he personally knew at least one of the witches, Echidna, so he has a connection there.

And, if Emilia is Satella, that would explain why he’s backing her to become the next ruler of Lugnica. Once she’s the ruler, he may have the resources needed to kill the dragon, unseal her memories, and revive the other witches, specifically Echidna.


Re:ZERO Season 2 is an 8/10 for me. I didn’t find it to be quite as good as the first season, but to be fair, this is only the first half. I probably wouldn’t have rated the first half of season 1 as high as the whole season either. So, I do expect the second half of season 2 to be even better than this half.

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Re:ZERO Episode 38

Re:ZERO Episode 38

The Sounds That Make You Want to Cry

Re:ZERO episode 38 gave us a decent amount of new information on the witches, most notably, Satella. But, before I get into that, allow me to update my witch tier list from last week. I think I’m going to move Minerva down a tier and Typhon and Sekhmet each up a tier.

I wasn’t all that impressed with what I saw of Minerva this week. But on the other hand, I did like what I saw from Typhon and Sekhmet. Sekhmet is still far from top-tier for me, though.

Anyway, carrying on with Sekhmet as the topic of discussion, it would seem that we now know what her authority is. In order to stop Minerva from reviving Subaru against his wishes, Sekhmet appears to have increased the gravity on her body. And with that, I think we know all of the witches’ authorities except for one.

Typhon yelling at Minerva from the anime series Re:ZERO season 2
Typhon yelling at Minerva

Satella has the unseen hand. Daphne has the ability to erase people and memories. Minerva has the power to heal others. Typhon has the power to shatter people. Carmilla has the power to alter her appearance. And Sekhmet can increase gravity or something. The only authority we don’t actually know is Echidna’s.

Now, we have seen Regulus, the Archbishop Sin of Greed, use some sort of force-field ability to protect himself. It’s possible that this is the authority of greed, as Echidna is able to create a barrier to keep people out of the tomb within the Sanctuary.

The only thing about all of this that doesn’t really make sense, though, is why Betelgeuse had the unseen hand. We know that to be Satella’s authority, but he was the Archbishop sin of Sloth, not Envy.

Is Satella Good?

Moving on to what’s probably more important to a lot of people, it turns out Satella is actually good(?). I had previously stated that I thought all of the witches were either good or neutral with the exception of Satella. Based on the information we had back then, I figured that was a pretty safe prediction to make.

After all, none of the witches we had met at the time seemed evil. And, multiple sources (Betty and Echidna) said Satella killed the other witches. I could see why Echidna would lie to Subaru about that considering he’s connected to Satella, but why would Betty?

So, I actually have a theory about the whole “Satella killed the other witches” thing that I came up with after the previous episode. Even back then, we got to see how the other witches reacted to Satella arriving, and things didn’t add up. Echidna seemed worried, Sekhmet called her troublesome, and Typhon greeted her cheerfully.

Satella asking Subaru to kill her from the anime series Re:ZERO season 2
Satella asking Subaru to kill her

What I took from this, and what seems to make more sense now that we actually know more about Satella’s personality, is that she didn’t kill them. If she had, the witches would have had far more negative reactions towards her. Instead, I think Satella did something that caused the deaths of the other witches.

She didn’t kill them directly, but perhaps she did something that inadvertently got them all killed. Maybe she got on the bad side of the wrong person, such as a former hero or king, and that caused the witches to be hunted down and slaughtered.

Perhaps she’s prone to causing “trouble.” She didn’t seem to care about Betelgeuse at all, leading me to suspect that the Witch’s Cult isn’t something she created. In fact, she may want Subaru to kill her so that it will be disbanded and her existence won’t cause any more trouble for anyone.

When Satella mentioned how much Subaru had done for her, that seemed to lend credibility to my theory that Satella and Emilia are one and the same. But, maybe Satella was referring to all the work Subaru has done to destroy the Witch’s Cult.

Roswaal’s Insanity

Was it last week that we discussed Roswaal’s inhumanity, or was that two weeks ago? I don’t even know at this point, but once again, there’s some crazy new information about him. The biggest reveal is that Roswaal is actually the one who hired Elsa and Maylie. I did not see that coming.

However, this may explain some things from the first season. When I questioned whether Roswaal also hired Elsa to steal Emilia’s insignia in episode 1, Envyus over on Discord pointed out that he may have done so in order to get Subaru involved with Emilia as foretold by his copy of the Tome.

However, I’m not sure how Maylie fits in here. I’d have to rewatch that whole saga with Maylie in season one to really make some predictions. But, based on what I remember, Roswaal ended up saving Subaru from Maylie’s mabeast. That leads me to think that he wasn’t involved with Maylie at that point in time.

Roswaal revealing he's the one who hired Elsa and Maylie from the anime series Re:ZERO season 2
Roswaal revealing he’s the one who hired Elsa and Maylie

Another potentially huge piece of information came when Roswaal stated that Subaru and Ram are the only two he trusts and that he views them as special. We don’t really know what’s up between Ram and Roswaal at this point, but it appears safe to assume that the copy of the Tome led him to her.

And the final thing I want to mention here is my take on how Subaru could solve this whole situation with Roswaal’s meddling. Roswaal is trying to force Subaru to either save the mansion or Sanctuary, but not both. However, Echidna did give Subaru a hint: Garfiel.

Subaru may be blocked from facing the third trial, but we already know that Garfiel is qualified. So, if Subaru can get Garfiel to overcome his past, he can leave the protection of the Sanctuary to him. And if Garfiel saves the sanctuary, Subaru (and probably Otto) can try to save the mansion again.

Oh, and Garfiel overcoming his past and completing the trials would be perfect for his character arc. We know he has some unfinished business or trauma in his past that has to do with Frederica. This would be the perfect path toward solving all of that.


What do you think of Re:ZERO episode 38? Have we seen all of the witches’ authorities? If so, which one is your favorite? Also, do you think that Satella is actually good? And how do you see Subaru overcoming the situation Roswaal placed him in? Let me know in the comments.

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My review of the next episode is available here.

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Re:ZERO Episode 37

Re:ZERO Episode 37

Failed Timelines

Most people, myself included, probably never considered what became of those failed timelines after Subaru died and reset until Roswaal brought up the idea of “other versions” of himself last episode. Once he said that, the question was posed of whether or not those failed timelines continue on after Subaru dies, or if there’s just one timeline being reset.

Roswaal’s words seemed to imply that there were multiple timelines. But at the same time, he could also have been referring to the fact that the version of him in a reset timeline may be slightly different due to how things play out that time around. Well, this week we got an answer: There are multiple timelines — maybe.

While within the witches’ tomb, Subaru is shown scenes of the aftermath of his death every time he died. The way Subaru’s been viewing his return by death ability up until this point was as if he was the sole victim. As far as he was concerned, nobody else had to suffer because everything was reset for them without their knowledge.

Obligatory Betty picture of the week from the anime series Re:ZERO season 2
Obligatory Betty picture of the week

But, for the first time, Subaru is being shown that what he thought may not actually be the case. He’s shown the possibility that those timelines he abandoned actually continued on without him. And by being shown this, he’s forced to confront the pain that his own death(s) have caused to those around him.

I really like how this topic was covered and how it altered Subaru’s perspective on his ability. He probably won’t be as willing to use it going forward — not that he was all that willing anyway.

However, the one thing I do want to point out is that even Echidna mentions that she’s not sure if those visions Subaru saw were real. Because they’re tied to his Witch of Envy authority, only Satella knows if what Subaru saw in those timelines actually came to pass. Maybe she’ll tell us next week.

What if Subaru is in the Wrong Timeline?

Something I was thinking about when we were shown the failed timelines is, what if not every one of those timelines is a “failure?” Sure, Subaru is dead in all of them and some other bad things probably happened. But that doesn’t mean that the timeline is a total bust.

For example, in the one timeline in which Puck attempts to destroy the world, Reinhardt shows up to defeat him and save the world. What if this led to Reinhardt going down a path that ended with him defeating Satella?

Or, maybe in a different timeline in which Emilia didn’t die along with Subaru, she ends up winning the royal selection? Isn’t that the goal Subaru is working towards? He wants Emilia to become the leader of the country, and maybe that’s something she can only achieve after losing Subaru.

My point is, up until this point Subaru has almost been viewing himself as the protagonist of this world. However, while he is the protagonist of the series, he was given a glimpse at how even without him, the world carries on. Maybe he’s not necessary for the salvation of the world.

The Witches’ Tea Party

Re:ZERO episode 37 also introduced us to the rest of the witches, and by the rest, I mean Carmilla and Sekhmet. We had already previously met Echidna, Typhon, Minerva, Daphne, and Satella (not really, but close enough). This is kind of a big deal considering how important the witches are to the story of the series.

I was surprised when we met Echidna, I was surprised when we met the next three witches, and I was surprised when we met the final witches as well. I really didn’t expect to meet all of the witches within the first half of this season. Just meeting Echidna would have been a big deal on its own this season.

Carmilla, the Witch of Lust from the anime series Re:ZERO season 2
Carmilla, the Witch of Lust

But, I bring up the witches here because it’s revealed that they all want something from Subaru. Or at least we can infer that they all want something from him. Satella is the obvious one — she wants his love. Echidna states in this episode that she wants to know everything he experiences. And it was revealed that Minerva wants an unidentified contract with him as well.

Based on all of that, we can assume that each of the seven witches wants to form a contract with Subaru to fulfill some goal of theirs. However, rather than speculating on the goals of each witch, let’s just focus on Satella for a moment.

Why did Satella choose Subaru?

I can kind of understand why the other witches are interested in him. Satella chose him first, she granted him a unique ability, and they’ve seen that he’s an interesting person. But if we assume Satella is the one who summoned Subaru to this world, why? How did she pick him, of all people?

I don’t have a good answer to that question because I don’t see what quality Satella would have seen in the NEET version of Subaru. But, what I will say is that I think his summoning required the catalyst of him having “given up” on his own world.

Ranking the Witches

Moving on to something a bit more fun, as some of you may know, objectifying female characters by ranking them is one of my specialties. And since we’ve now met all seven witches, it seems like a good time to rank them based solely on what we know right now.

Also, I’d like to thank eban over on Discord for making this tier list for me to use.

Re:ZERO season 2 anime witch tier list
Witch tier list

As you can see, Echidna and Minerva are both S-tier witches. I don’t really think I need to explain why Echidna is S-tier because that should be abundantly obvious to everyone who’s seen the series. Minerva made it to S-tier because I really like her whole character. She’s a tsundere, magical girl hero who punches people back to full health. What more do you need?

Typhon and Carmilla are both A-tier for me right now. I really like them, and I think a lot of people would have expected me to put them in S-tier. They’re probably the cutest of the witches, and I do really like their quirks, but there’s just something that they’re missing that Echidna and Minerva have.

I will say, though, that Typhon’s way of shortening everyone’s name is very cute — Chidna, Baru, Tella. And, something I love about Carmilla is that people die just by being in her presence. That reminded me a lot of Zoku Owarimonogatari when it was stated that anyone who’s in the presence of Shinobu in her human form has an overwhelming urge to kill themself.

Satella is B-tier. We don’t know much about her other than that she’s supposedly evil, she looks and sounds like Emilia, and she’s completely obsessed with Subaru.

And finally, Sekhmet and Daphne are C- and D-tier respectively. I don’t really like these two very much. The only reason Sekhmet is C-tier rather than D-tier is that she’s had so little screen time so far, so I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt. But Daphne I just don’t like. I wouldn’t have expected a BDSM loli witch to be the worst one, but that’s how it is.

Contract with a Witch

As is often the case, my Discord server doesn’t agree with me. I thought they were supposed to be on my side, but that’s rarely, if ever, the case. So, what don’t they agree with this week? I think Subaru made the wrong decision by turning down Echidna’s contract offer.

I’m not going to go through all of their points but these seemed to be the main two. First, Subaru can’t trust Echidna because she’s lied/withheld information from him in the past. And second, Echidna tricked Betty into a contract that’s so insufferable that Betty wants to die, so Subaru should reject Echidna because of that.

I’ll respond to the Betty issue first because that’s more of the opinion-based one. I don’t think Echidna is in the wrong with regards to Betty. Yes, she made a contract with Betty that forces her to protect the library, but the contract is so flimsy that Betty can void it at any time.

It’s not Echidna’s fault that Betty doesn’t understand that — and it’s especially not Echidna’s fault that Betty has never even tried to break the contract. I mention that second part because the contract is so flimsy, that the mere attempt to break it would break it. Betty literally just has to pick someone. It’s not like Betty was tricked into some strictly binding contract.

Echidna, the Witch of Greed from the anime series Re:ZERO season 2
Echidna, the Witch of Greed

As for the other issue, while Echidna hasn’t always been upfront with Subaru about things, Subaru should have understood that to be the case. Echidna is the Witch of Greed. Her entire personality is built around her desire for knowledge. Obviously, she’s going to be using him to further her pursuit of knowledge.

But, despite that Echidna wants to use Subaru, there’s literally no downside for Subaru. Echidna states that she’ll grant him access to her knowledge and that she won’t control him to do things against his will (such as use his return by death ability). There’s no drawback there.

And for anyone who says that she’s lying to him or hiding something major from him, I don’t think that’s the case. Initially, the other witches called her out for leaving out details but also stated that she hadn’t lied. After Echidna gives her speech, none of the witches speak up to say that Echidna is still hiding anything.

They all want Subaru to form a pact with them. So this would have been the perfect opportunity to point out a downside to contracting with Echidna. And yet, none of them did.


What do you think of Re:ZERO episode 37? Do you think the failed timelines Subaru saw were real? Regardless of if they’re real or not, do you think Emilia’s second trial is going to involve showing those timelines to her as well? Also, which witch is your favorite? And do you think Subaru should have agreed to Echidna’s contract? Let me know in the comments.

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