Akko Kagari Nendoroid

Akko Kagari Nendoroid


There’s no episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind today, and so #FigureFriday is back! I’ve actually had today’s figure since March, and I got another figure in April, so there’s a bit of a #FigureFriday backlog.

Sure, I could have just done this post on another day of the week, but then it wouldn’t be #FigureFriday, so why even bother? I also could have moved one of my JoJo’s Part 5 episode reviews, but I like to keep to my schedule as much as possible.

So, the next #FigureFriday should come after JoJo’s Part 5 concludes. If you want to see a sneak peek of the figure which will be featured in that post, you can check it out over on Instagram, but only if you promise to follow me while you’re there.

For now, let’s jump into this look at the Akko Kagari Nendoroid from the Little Witch Academia anime series.


Akko, like many of the more recent Nendoroids I’ve acquired, has a fairly standard package design. The base color is the same purple as her outfit, and it has pink and yellow highlights to reflect the colors of her belt and buckle. There’s also some white, but I think this is mainly for balance and not specifically to reflect her bunny ears.

The sides of the box each have a circular window, again, like many of the more recent figures. Inside the box, the “background” is simply a bright yellow with no designs featured on it other than her product number, 747. However, this color really makes the rest of her outfit pop out as we’ll see later.

Akko Kagari Nendoroid front packaging (from the anime series Little Witch Academia)
Akko Kagari Nendoroid front packaging

I also found it interesting that her full name, Atsuko Kagari, was listed on the box rather than her nickname, Akko Kagari. From what I remember she isn’t actually called Atsuko all that often, so it feels a bit strange to have that as the name on her box.

This is somewhat similar to how Mordred’s packaging referred to her as Saber of “Red” rather than by her actual name. Sure, in her case that is what she’s often referred to in Fate/Apocrypha, but it still felt a bit strange considering her actual name is much more unique than her title.

Akko Kagari Nendoroid back packaging (from the anime series Little Witch Academia)
Akko Kagari Nendoroid back packaging

On the back of the box we’re shown three possible ways to assemble the Akko Nendoroid, with additional options pictured on either side. Again, this particular figure doesn’t really have anything that sets its packaging apart from the other Nendoroids I have.


The pieces that come with the Akko Nendoroid are what really make her stand out from the competition. She has a lot of optional pieces, and that means there are a lot of different ways she can be customized, which is something to consider when looking at the price of a particular Nendoroid.

On the other hand there’s the Sakura Haruno Nendoroid I have, which came with a very limited selection of optional pieces. Compared to her, Akko is a much better deal, especially since they’re both roughly the same price.

Akko Kagari Nendoroid pieces (from the anime series Little Witch Academia)
Akko Kagari Nendoroid pieces

So, what are all these pieces Akko comes with? The additional pieces include two faces, two legs, five arms, bunny ears, a hat, a broomstick, a wand, and the Shiny Rod. That’s a lot of pieces, especially since there are two different pieces of headgear and three different handheld props.


Despite all of the assembly possibilities, I knew exactly how I wanted to set up my Akko Nendoroid as soon as I got it. For the truly iconic look, I needed Akko to be wearing her hat, riding her broom, and holding the Shiny Rod. Luckily, this is all possible at once, as pictured below.

I id also do a more standard pose with her holding her regular wand (a picture of which can be found over on Instagram), but I basically just did that for the picture. I mean, just look at how nice the dynamic pose I chose instead is; it’s clearly the superior choice.

Akko Kagari Nendoroid assembled (from the anime series Little Witch Academia)
Akko Kagari Nendoroid assembled

Interestingly, even in this dynamic pose Akko fits pretty nicely in my display case. The reason this matters is because Megumin doesn’t exactly fit due to the size of her hat, so I figured I was going to have the same issue with Akko.

So, here’s a piece of advice for anyone looking to get a display case for their figures: I recommend getting one that’s at least 4in. deep if you you’re using it for Nendoroids and plan to close the glass.  Mine is 3.5in. deep, and it’s a tight fit for a few of my figures.


Overall, I’m really happy with my Akko Kagari Nendoroid. There’s a wide variety of pieces which all look great, and she can be put into some pretty dynamic poses.

It’s also important to mention that her pieces fit together pretty well. I can’t say that this will always be the case, since each individual figure may have minor differences, but she was much easier to put together than some of the others I have for which the pieces are either stuck together too well or are too loose.

If you’re looking for a new Nendoroid to add to your collection, I highly recommend Akko. She may not be my favorite character ever, but her Nendoroid is definitely my favorite one that I own.

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