Assault Lily: Bouquet Episode 4

Assault Lily: Bouquet Episode 4

Yuri, the Ultimate Team Name

Just in case you weren’t sure if Assault Lily: Bouquet was a yuri series by this point, episode 4 lays it out pretty openly. Apparently, just as couples who are dating may receive “couple names” (please never do this), Lilies who have paired up are given pairing names by their peers.

In the case of Yuyu and Riri, their pairing name is pretty obvious: Yuri. It makes me wonder if their individual names were specifically chosen by the creators solely for the purpose of this joke.

It’s clear that they were. But what I mean is that their names are literally just Yu(yu) and Ri(ri). The same joke could have been made by combining so many other names, and yet they settled for the most basic two possible. Well, it could have been more basic; they could have been Yuu and Ri.

Yujia Wang from the anime series Assault Lily: Bouquet
Yujia Wang

As Red pointed out in the comments of the previous episode review, one of my main predictions for this series after episode 1 was that Riri is going to end up as the strongest Lily with an overpowered CHARM. This episode does have a part that I’ll discuss next that appears to contradict this.

However, I think that this pet name for the combination of Yuyu and Riri actually supports my prediction. Yes, larger groups of Lilies exist in this world, and Yuyu and Riri are forming one such group. This would imply that the series is going to be more focused on the team than just Riri.

But, because we’re focusing on the relationship between Yuyu and Riri, I’d argue that they’re still far more important than the rest. And, there’s been a hint at Riri’s extreme potential as she was able to calm Yuyu down in her berserker mode.

Yuyu’s Legion

Was the fact that Yuyu and Riri are forming a legion a surprise? Not really. There are a lot of characters in this series, and when the concept of legions was introduced last week, that seemed like a plausible direction for the series to go in.

However, even if a legion is made up of nine Lilies, I still don’t think that means every Lily in the legion needs to be super important to the series. For example, multiple Lilies who joined the legion were either introduced only in this episode or have been background characters up to this point.

Yujia and Shenlin are prime examples of this. These two were just introduced into the series in this episode specifically to be placed in the legion. Are we going to see more of them as the series progresses? Yes. But do I think they’re going to be all that important? Not really.

Shenlin Kuo from the anime series Assault Lily: Bouquet
Shenlin Kuo

Looking at the rest of the legion members, I think we can say the same thing about most of them. Yuyu and Riri are the main two. We then have Kaede, Fumi, and probably Miliam one tier below the main two. Beneath them is where I would place Yujia and Shenlin as they’ve only just been introduced.

These are all the girls Riri knows are currently part of the legion, which means they need two more. However, although Riri doesn’t know this, we know that the green-haired girl who Yuyu was talking to also joined the legion. That just leaves one, final member to be found.

And, although the green-haired girl has been around (her name was probably revealed, but I forget it), I view her as more of a background character than anything else so far.

Yujia and Shenlin

Although I’ve said that I don’t think Yujia and Shenlin are going to be that important (compared to the other Lilies I mentioned before them on the legion member list), they’re still pretty neat characters. I like the dynamic the two of them have going on, with Shenlin forcing Yujia to show everyone her true worth.

This battle between Yujia and Shenlin was also possibly my favorite part of the series so far. Fights against the Huge? I don’t really care about those. Yujia showing off her abilities by sniping Shenlin from over a kilometer away only for Shenlin to deflect the bullets with a sword?

That’s what I’m talking about.

That scene already looked nice in this version of the episode, but I’m expecting it to look even better for the Bluray release of the series. Shaft usually makes significant upgrades to animation between TV and Bluray releases.

Shenlin deflecting Yujia's attack from the anime series Assault Lily: Bouquet
Shenlin deflecting Yujia’s attack

I don’t think Shenlin’s special skill was revealed yet, but Yujia’s was (if you can even call it a special skill). Yujia’s skill allows her to see and aim at things that are extremely far away. The main problem with this skill is that it’s literally just called using a scope since she’s a sniper.

However, there is one more issue I see with Yujia’s skill, and that’s that another member of the legion already has the same thing. Riri’s roommate mentioned to her that Fumi is highly desired by other legions because her skill allows her to see things that are far away — something we saw her do in a previous episode.

So with this said, are Yujia and Fumi really all that special? They both have the same ability and they’re both members of the same legion. You’d think that with only nine slots, every member of the legion would have a unique skill.


What do you think of Assault Lily: Bouquet episode 4? Do you think Yujia and Shenlin are going to be more important than I’m predicting? And which member of the legion is your favorite? Let me know in the comments. Miliam might be my favorite right now.

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2 Replies to “Assault Lily: Bouquet Episode 4”

  1. >Do you think Yujia and Shenlin are going to be more important

    I don’t have a scale to measure level of importance, my point is that I don’t think they will use this trope with overpowered MC here.
    Because it is not a MC-centered shounen with MC created for self-insert, it is an action dolls(and some other stuff) advertisement. And action dolls are not a figures to have on your shelf, they are created for play, recreating scenarios, your own sequels and so on. And they probably wants to sell all the dolls not just MC one. So if they understand what they are doing(and I think bushiroad and shaft are quite competent), they will try to form a decent base for it with this anime. And if it’s the case after introducing main characters they’re probably going to present not even plot but lore in general.

    Overall good episode and I pretty enjoy the show so far. Still don’t have favorite character, usually it would be Yuyu-type girl but all girls are cute and I especially like Kaede.

    1. My main argument against the action dolls thing is that the same argument could be made for anime based on gacha games, but they still tend to focus on a very small number of characters. Take the Azur Lane anime, for example. They want you to spend money rolling for all of the girls. But the anime only focuses on like 6 of them, and even then, there were only 2 or 3 who were the main focus. So, I think focusing primarily on Riri and Yuyu still can make sense.

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