Attack on Titan Episode 63

Attack on Titan Episode 63

The Tybur Family

Attack on Titan: The Final Season episode 63 covers chapters 97 and 98 of the manga. Last week, I mentioned that I forgot about the Reiner backstory falling just before the events. So the events of this episode were what I expected to get in the previous episode.

My confusion about the chronology of events aside, this week I want to explain some of what we saw in the episode with a bit more context. And the first thing I think may need a bit of explaining is the role of the Tybur family and Willy Tybur in particular.

The Tybur family is going to be explained a bit more next week when Willy gives his performance. But for now, something some of you may have been confused about is why this Eldian family holds so much power in the country of Marley. After all, Eldians are non-citizens in Marley.

Willy Tybur from the anime series Attack on Titan: The Final Season
Willy Tybur

The reason for the Tybur Family’s power is actually quite simple. First, they have a lot of money. And as is always the case, money creates power. Second, their family controls the Warhammer Titan. By maintaining control over one of the Nine Titans, the Tybur family ensures that it always has a bargaining chip.

And third, as you may have picked up on, the Tybur Family are regarded as heroes to the people of many other countries. This is in part because of their alliance with Marley rather than with Paradis. Remember, as was stated in this episode, the rest of the world actually hates the Paradis Eldians even more than Marley does.

The Tybur family is basically the archetype of the “good Eldian.” Yes, they’re Eldians, but they’re viewed as civilized, not as demons or dogs.

Eren’s Character Development

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Eren’s character development throughout this final part of Attack on Titan is great. A lot of that development actually occurred during the four-year time-skip between the previous arc and this one, but we get to experience the results in satisfying ways.

One way in which Eren has developed as a character is that he’s much more methodical in his approach to literally everything. As you know, younger Eren wasn’t much of a thinker. He let his emotions get the best of him and was prone to charging in without any kind of plan or consideration of the results of his actions.

Current Eren is a very different person as we’ve already seen over the course of the past few episodes. First, he managed to infiltrate Marley undetected. Second, he scouted out Falco, a member of the Warrior program. Third, he was able to send correspondence from within enemy territory. And fourth, he used Falco to get a private audience with Reiner.

Eren talking to his grandfather at the hospital from the anime series Attack on Titan: The Final Season
Eren talking to his grandfather at the hospital

All of that planning and meticulous carrying out of the plan is very unlike the old Eren. But, the levels of his planning actually go further beyond what I’ve just laid out. In the image above, we see Eren talking to his grandfather. In just this scene alone, there are levels of complexity.

This wasn’t really depicted that well in the anime, but Eren’s run-in with his grandfather wasn’t entirely random. In the manga, he seems to recognize who Dr. Yeager is before he introduces himself. Keep in mind, Eren has his father’s memories, so he knows who his grandfather is.

But what was shown in the anime are the items Eren has with him. It’s no coincidence that he has a baseball and glove. He knows that his grandfather is interested in baseball, and so those items were used to lure him over. He did this specifically to ask him if he had any regrets about his family. That’s the kind of person Eren has become.

Eren and Reiner Reunited

Eren and Reiner’s reunion at the very end of the episode (after the credits in case you missed it) is a simple, yet effective scene. On one hand, we have Eren casually greeting Reiner after four years apart. On the other, we have Reiner who’s clearly shocked to see Eren in the heart of Marley.

So, why does Eren set up this meeting? Isn’t alerting Reiner the last thing Eren should be doing? Well, consider what I just finished explaining about Eren’s newfound knack for detailed planning. He spent years alongside Reiner, so he knows what kind of person he is and how to handle him.

For example, as was just showcased in the previous episode, Reiner isn’t the most mentally strong person. You could even call him a weak link. With this in mind, there are many reasons why Eren might want to contact him. If anyone’s going to change sides and work against Marley at this point, it would probably be Reiner.

Eren greeting Reiner from the anime series Attack on Titan: The Final Season
Eren greeting Reiner

However, gaining a new ally isn’t the only reason Eren may have for contacting Reiner. The fact that Eren was able to infiltrate Marley and then use Falco to get to Reiner is effectively a giant flex. He’s saying, “No matter where you are, you’re still within my reach.”

It’s psychological warfare at its finest. And considering that Reiner is weak-willed and has lost to Eren in one-on-one combat multiple times by now, it’s probably extremely effective. I mean, what’s Reiner supposed to do in this situation? Does he fight? Does he attempt to flee? Or does he stay and hear Eren out?

Every option Reiner has comes with downsides. Reiner could lose the fight. Eren could rampage through the city. Or, possibly scariest to Reiner, Eren could be successful in planting a seed of doubt in Reiner’s mind regarding his allegiance to Marley.


What do you think of Attack on Titan: The Final Season episode 63? Should Willy Tybur go by Willy T? Did you pick up on the meticulous nature of Eren’s actions so far? And what do you think Reiner should do in his situation? Let me know in the comments.

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