Attack on Titan Episode 69

Attack on Titan Episode 69

Fight, Fight

It began last week, but I hope you’re prepared for all of these reviews from here on out to just be me writing about Eren. Okay, so they won’t all be that, but this week’s review definitely will. I just need everyone to understand how beautiful of a man Eren is — and how good of a protagonist he is, I guess.

So, this episode starts off with Eren in his prison cell looking in the mirror and telling himself to fight. Hange witnesses this and questions him about what he’s doing and who he’s saying to fight.

If you thought this scene felt familiar, that’s because there was actually a very similar scene earlier in the series. During the Grisha Yeager flashback episodes, Hange witnesses Eren talking to himself while in a daze in his prison cell. Back then, those around her, such as Armin, brushed it off. But this time, she’s alone and looking for answers.

Eren looking in the mirror from the anime series Attack on Titan: The Final Season
Eren looking in the mirror

While Eren doesn’t exactly give Hange answers to any of her questions, we can make a few assumptions. Who, or what, is Eren saying he needs to fight against? The obvious answer considering the circumstances would be Marley. But if that was the answer, would Hange have asked?

Hange seems to understand that there’s more going on than Eren is letting on. I don’t believe she thinks of Eren as an enemy of Paradis, so that’s not who he’s referring to fighting either. But who’s left? That’s what Hange is worried about. Is there some other enemy they don’t know about?

I think what Eren is referring to when he tells himself to fight is fighting against fate. He only has a few years left to live, and he wants to free the Eldians from their fate within that time.

A Sound Argument

Now, the problem with me saying that Eren wants to fight against fate and free the Eldians is that not all of his allies believe that’s what he’s really after. In particular, Jean and Connie are starting to have their doubts about where Eren’s loyalties lie.

Again, just to be clear, I don’t think Jean and Connie think that Eren is siding with Marley. But, they’re starting to think that maybe Eren is so fixated on his revenge that he’s not thinking about what’s actually best for everyone else. Destroying Marley doesn’t matter if it turns the rest of the world against Paradis.

We have to keep in mind that war with the rest of the world isn’t the end goal for the Scouts. Yes, they want to defeat Marley. But they hope to do so through diplomacy by gaining allies across the sea. Eren’s attack on Marley while the rest of the world watched and was in attendance didn’t help.

Hange meeting Eren in his jail cell from the anime series Attack on Titan: The Final Season
Hange meeting Eren in his jail cell

It’s not as if Eren doesn’t have allies, though. Armin and Mikasa are still on his side, and he has Zeke as well. Zeka aside, Armin and Mikasa defend Eren’s actions by pointing out that Eren’s friends are what’s most important to him. He wouldn’t do something if he felt it would put them in unnecessary danger.

And if you want proof of this, just look at how Eren protected Historia at the expense of the Eldians. It would arguably be in the Eldians’ best interest to have Historia become the Beast Titan because that way they wouldn’t have to rely on an unknown force like Zeke.

But, Eren doesn’t want any of his friends to become titans (aside from Armin who’s already one). He wants them to be able to lead long, happy lives after he frees the Eldians of their fate.

3 Years to Live

The big downside to gaining the power of the Titans is that it sets a 13-year time limit on your life. In the present timeline, Eren has about 3 years left before he dies. I don’t think it’s ever been explained how Titans die after 13 years though. And I can’t actually remember where that information came from.

It’s entirely possible that it’s false information all of the titans simply believe for some reason. But it’s also possible that it’s something they just understand to be true or that has been passed down via the memories of previous Titans. For now, I’ll assume it’s fact since we have no evidence to the contrary.

What’s really interesting about this is that we’ve never heard of or seen a Titan who seeks to extend their life. It’s not like Eren is attempting to extend his own life beyond the 3 years he has left. He simply wants to use that time to achieve his goal.

Eren intimidating Hange from the anime series Attack on Titan: The Final Season
Eren intimidating Hange

But, this time limit also helps to explain some of Eren’s more extreme actions. As I mentioned earlier he wants to free the Eldians before he dies. He doesn’t have time to wait for the slow, diplomatic route. Assuming diplomacy was successful, he would be long dead by that point. And there’s a good chance diplomacy wouldn’t be successful.

Marley may be the primary enemy of Paradis, but the majority of the world views the Eldians in a similar light. It’s really only Hizuru that views the Eldians as people. Every other country views them as devils just like Marley does. It just so happens that Marley is the only country with the means to take the fight to Paradis.

Oh, and also Marley doesn’t simply want to eradicate the Eldians. They actually want the Eldians around (as slaves, effectively) so that they can use the power of the Titans to crush anyone who stands up against them.


What do you think of Attack on Titan: The Final Season Episode 69? What do you think Eren was referring to when he told himself to fight? Is Eren really doing what’s best for the Eldians? And is there a better way to spend the time he has left? Let me know in the comments.

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