Blend S

Blend S

Blend S Cover Art featuring the employees of Cafe Stile
Blend S Cover Art


Blend S was one of the best shows from the Fall 2017 season.  This slice of life comedy follows Maika, a high school girl, as she works part-time at Cafe Stile.

However, Café Stile is not your ordinary café.  Instead, each of the servers has a different persona: sadistic, tsundere, little sister, big sister, and idol.


For the characters, I’ll just briefly go through the five main servers and the chef.  There is also the manager and a dog.

The main character, Maika, plays the sadistic character at Café Stile.  She was having trouble finding a job due to her face always scaring people away.  However, she was exactly what the manager was looking for in a new server at Stile.

Even though Maika plays the sadistic character at Stile, she wants to treat the customers nicely.  Unfortunately for her, sadism just seems to come naturally without her even trying.

Kaho plays the tsundere character at Stile.  She is a game-loving otaku who never had much interaction with boys her age before working at Stile.

Kaho’s foil character is Akizuki, the chef.  Like Kaho, he is an otaku who never had much contact with girls his age.  During their interactions, however, Akizuki is the tsundere character in contrast to how Kaho is when in her work persona.

Mafuyu is the little sister character.  She is the smallest of the employees and is often mistaken for an elementary student due to her looks.  Despite this, she is actually a university student and is older than most of the other employees.

Miu plays the big sister at Stile.  Unlike the other employees, she has an ulterior motive for working there.  She is actually there to observe the others so she can come up with ideas for her adult novels.

Hideri, the idol character, is the last of the servers as well as the newest.  Despite his appearance and personality, he is a boy.  He joined the Stile staff as a first step in his goal of becoming a famous idol so he can show the world how cute he is.

Maika, Kaho, Mafuyu, Miu, and Hideri from the anime Blend S
Maika, Kaho, Mafuyu, Miu, and Hideri


While Blend S was a good comedy, I didn’t feel that it had anything that put it above just a good comedy.  So while it was one of the best anime I watched this season, it gets a 7/10.

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