Blue Archive the Animation Review

Blue Archive the Animation Review

Blue Archive the Animation anime series cover art
Blue Archive the Animation

I Don’t Play Blue Archive

Blue Archive the Animation (ブルーアーカイブ The Animation) is based on the Blue Archive mobile game. I don’t play Blue Archive. So, keep that in mind while reading the rest of this review. This is a review of the anime, not the series as a whole.

Why did I need to make that disclaimer? Because I know a lot of people really like Blue Archive. It’s one of the most popular mobile games right now (it could be the most popular). And I don’t think this anime is good. It’s bad. But that doesn’t mean I think Blue Archive is bad.

Okay, so why is Blue Archive the Animation bad? There are many reasons. However, the main one is that it’s an adaptation of a gacha game. Most of the time, that’s a bad sign because gacha games simply don’t tend to work as anime.

Shiroko, Hoshino, Nonomi, and Ayane from the anime series Blue Archive the Animation
Shiroko, Hoshino, Nonomi, and Ayane

I’ve watched the Azur Lane anime, one of the Fate/Grand Order anime, and the Princess Connect anime. Of those, the only one that was really good was Princess Connect. And this is coming from someone who played FGO for over six years.

Something gacha series anime tend to have in common is that they pander to the existing fans. This means there’s a lot of fan service (not necessarily lewd fan service). And it means there’s not as much of a focus on minor things like the plot. Who cares about the plot? The fans have already played the game; they know the plot.

Interestingly, I felt that Blue Archive the Animation was better than it could have been in some regards. Like, they didn’t give every possible character a cameo. But it was also worse than it could have been because nothing was explained for the average viewer.

I Don’t Understand the World of Blue Archive

After watching the entire series, I’m still not really sure what’s going on with the world of Blue Archive. Why are there all these schools that function as autonomous military outposts? Why are they schools? And why are the schools fighting?

I don’t think we got answers to any of these questions. And these questions are kind of important because they’re what the series is all about. Why do the students all carry around guns and get into battles with each other in the streets? I have no idea.

Why does Abydos have five students and no teachers? Like, I get it if the sandstorm that turned the area into a desert caused the students and teachers to leave. But that doesn’t explain why there are still five students remaining. Why is it still a school? Does it even count as a school if there are no teachers?

Haruka, Aru, Mutsuki, and Kayoko from the anime series Blue Archive the Animation
Haruka, Aru, Mutsuki, and Kayoko

As I said, basically nothing about this world was explained. We’re thrown in, and I guess if you played the game, you understand. But as someone who only watched the anime, it was hard to get invested in something I knew nothing about.

Okay, sure, I’m obviously not the target audience. A lot of these gacha series anime are for existing players; they’re not trying to bring in new players. However, not a single person I know who plays Blue Archive watched this anime.

The people I know who watched it don’t play Blue Archive. And the general consensus appears to be that this anime didn’t make them want to start playing it. In fact, one person picked up Azur Lane instead. That’s how uninterested they were in the world, story, and characters of this series. They picked up a competing game.

Is The Foreclosure Task Force Stupid?

What made this series make even less sense is that the Foreclosure Task Force seemed to abide by arbitrary rules. I don’t know if there are actual laws they have to follow or if they’re just stupid. My assumption is the latter.

Surely, their actions aren’t actually governed by laws. It doesn’t seem like the other schools or companies in the region are following laws. It’s like the Wild West out there. So, I don’t see why the students of Abydos would be any different. They just made up rules for themselves.

But what rules do I mean? Well, for starters, there’s the fact that they don’t have a student council president. Since they don’t have a student council president, they’re under the impression that they can’t fight back against Kaiser Corp. legally. However, that doesn’t make sense.

Shiroko holding a blue mask from the anime series Blue Archive the Animation
Shiroko holding a blue mask

If you don’t have a student council president, just appoint someone to that role. There are only five of you in the school. You can do whatever you want. And it doesn’t seem like the president went missing. From my understanding, she graduated. So why would they not replace her with Hoshino, the only third-year student?

We never get an explanation for this. And I have to assume it’s because there isn’t one that would make any sense. But this isn’t the only thing leading me to believe these girls are just dumb. There’s also their whole relationship with Kaiser Corp.

There’s a business called the Kaiser Corporation that’s obviously bad. Under this corporation, there’s also Kaiser PMC, Kaiser Construction, Kaiser Loans, and probably more. And for some reason, the girls don’t realize they’re connected. Like, they’re surprised that Kaiser Loans and Kaiser Construction are colluding against Abydos. Obviously, they are. How do you not realize that?

Final Thoughts

I had to give Blue Archive the Animation a 4/10. It’s a bad anime. That’s fine if you like the mobile game. And I’m sure this anime made more sense to you if you do. But as a standalone anime, it’s not good. The best part about it is the OP.

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2 Replies to “Blue Archive the Animation Review”

  1. Your review leaves a lot to be desired, but it doesn’t surprise me, since you think that the bibury studio fanfic based on Azur Lane is a good series, but the reality is that it is not a good series, it is a fanfic in bad taste.

    1. I know nothing about the story of the Azur Lane game, so I can’t comment on how faithful the anime adaptation is. However, the Azur Lane anime has a better plot and better animation than this Blue Archive anime does. I’m not a fan of either series, so I’m just reviewing their anime from an outsider’s perspective.

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