Boruto Episode 128

Boruto Episode 128

Urashiki’s Target

I’m sure a lot of people are discussing how Boruto and Sasuke traveled back in time this week. I know I’ll be discussing it too towards the end of this review. However, that’s the least important part of the episode as far as I’m concerned. I’ve already seen all of Naruto.

The important part of the episode, to me, is the first half where we get to see Urashiki outsmarting the entire Hidden Leaf Village. But before that happens, there are some other things we need to go over. First of all, Urashiki never actually kills anyone. Have you ever thought about why that is?

It’s because he’s a filler arc villain. Aside from the fact that he was included in the series’ version of the chunin exam arc, he’s only shown up in filler arcs. And because of this, they can’t have him actually kill off any characters despite the fact that stealing their chakra would do just that.

By the way, if you didn’t know, chakra is your life force. Ignore the fact that humans existed on Earth before Kaguya brought chakra to Earth in the form of the God Tree. Sometimes plot holes happen.

Urashiki holding Mirai's chakra from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Urashiki holding Mirai’s chakra

So instead of killing Mirai Sarutobi, Urashiki steals her chakra and uses it to cast a genjutsu on Mirai and another Hidden Leaf shinobi in order to lure the guards away from the village. However, when we see Mirai’s chakra it’s a dirty green color. Why?

Mirai’s affinity is for Wind nature (not Yin), although she also knows Lightning, Fire, and Yin. I think the color we see is just her Wind chakra in the dark, though it still isn’t quite right. It almost looks like Wood chakra, but I’m sure it’s supposed to be Wind.

Karasuki, the Noble Device

After clearing out the Hidden Leaf Village, Urashiki then makes his way towards the Archaeological Research Institute. Even Urashiki is aware that he stands no chance fighting against Naruto and his close supporters, like Shikamaru, head on. Even Naruto alone could probably beat Urashiki.

But that still doesn’t explain why he went to the Archaeological Research Institute. The reason is because there’s an Ōtsutsuki device there known as Karasuki. Karasuki is some sort of mechanized turtle with the ability to travel through time.

Why does this matter? Because Urashiki’s plan was to go back in time and steal the Nine-tails’ chakra before Naruto became as powerful as he is now. But the question then becomes, when was he going to go back to? I think his best chance would have been right after Jiraiya died, but as we learn, he was planning to go back even farther.

Boruto getting sent back in time by Karasuki from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Boruto getting sent back in time by Karasuki

Maybe Urashiki doesn’t know this, but as a general rule Shinobi are stronger the farther back in time you go. I’ve planned to write an entire post about this idea for months now and haven’t gotten around to it yet, so I’ll just give a brief version of it here.

Kaguya brought chakra to Earth via the God Tree. Chakra was then passed down from one generation to the next after that. With each new generation, the God Tree’s chakra becomes more diluted, and is thus weaker. That’s why even though Naruto and Sasuke are extremely strong, they still didn’t stand a chance against Madara.

So the best time for Urashiki to strike would be right after Jiraiya’s death. By that time Naruto isn’t strong enough to defeat him yet, and both Jiraya and Hiruzen are dead. Only Obito or Zetsu would be a problem.

Naruto: Boruto Previous Generations

I touched on this towards the end of last week’s review, but this next arc is in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Naruto. It’s true that we could see Urashiki be defeated once and for all during this arc, but aside from that there shouldn’t be anything that will impact the story greatly.

And I think that’s what a lot of people may not be realizing about this arc. This arc isn’t going to be some crazy arc that sets things up for the future of the series. And even if we do get some crazy stuff, like Boruto, Sasuke, Naruto, and Jiraiya teaming up to fight Urashiki, it’ll have to be revealed that it wasn’t real.

Because think about it, if it was canon that Naruto met his own son as a child or that he previously defeated an Ōtsutsuki before Kaguya, that’s kind of a big deal. That can’t be something just thrown into canon on a whim.

Also the fact that Karasuki is capable of time travel on its own would break the story. I get that they set it up so Karasuki can’t be used again by having Urashiki say only Ōtsutsuki can activate him, but Naruto and Sasuke each have Ōtsutsuki chakra within them. They could use that to go back in time and mess with anything they wanted.

So, yeah. This may be a little, fun arc taking place during the “good old days,” but I wouldn’t expect anything too exciting. It’s a nice way to celebrate Naruto’s 20th anniversary, but that’s really all it is.


What are your thoughts on Boruto and Sasuke heading into the past? Are you looking forward to this special event arc? And what time period do you think Urashiki would have the best chance of capturing the nine-tails chakra? Let me know in the comments.

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