Boruto Episode 135

Boruto Episode 135

The Last Battle, Urashiki

Boruto episode 135 was the big climax of the 20th anniversary arc, with the next episode seeming to be the finale. And somewhat surprisingly, we did get a decent fight against Urashiki in it. However, let’s not pretend that this fight was anywhere near the level of some previous fights in Boruto.

While there was some fight choreography, it was mostly just Urashiki, Naruto, and Boruto firing off chakra blasts at each other. Boruto with his Rasengan, Naruto with his Tailed-Beast Ball (Rasengan), and Urashiki with whatever his Ameno Subaruboshinomikoto: Ryugu is.

But I think the one thing that really made me question this fight was Urashiki’s appearance. He was a bird-moth-man.

And as stupid as I though he looked, I actually think I know why he looked like that. My theory is that all of the members of the Ōtsutsuki clan are based on animals of the zodiac. That’s right, the Ōtsutsuki clan is just an alien version of the Souma clan.

Seriously though, look at the Ōtsutsuki clan members and compare them to the zodiac animals. Kaguya is obviously the rabbit — her epithet is the Rabbit Goddess. Kinshiki is probably supposed to be the ox. I’m not quite sure watch Momoshiki is — either the dog or goat most likely. And by this logic Urashiki is the rooster.

The only real problem with this theory is that I have no idea what Toneri is supposed to be. But I’m also pretty sure Toneri is a member of the branch family, not the main family of the clan, so maybe this doesn’t apply to him.

The White-Maned Toad Charmer

While I’m glad that Jiraiya got some time to shine, including announcing himself as the White-Maned Toad Charmer, he still didn’t fight all out. The one time he really showed off some of his true strength was with his standard Rasengan that blew Urashiki away.

And yes, I’m still extremely confused by the fact that Jiraiya doesn’t mention anything about Urashiki having the Rinnegan.

The White-Maned Toad Charmer, Jiraiya from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
The White-Maned Toad Charmer, Jiraiya

But why didn’t Jiraiya go all out once Urashiki turned into his “god” form? Once he saw that Urashiki basically shrugged off his Rinnegan it should have been go-time for Jiraiya. I mean, he didn’t even summon Gamabunta which is like his go-to for battles in which he still doesn’t think he needs to go all out.

You can’t have Jiraiya announce himself as the White-Maned Toad Charmer and then not have him summon a single toad for the entire battle. And I’m not sure if Boruto has met Gamabunta before. That would have been a good way to introduce him to Gamakichi’s father.

At the very least, the White-Maned part of Jiraiya’s title was showcased. He doesn’t actually use these jutsu very often, but his hair jutsu are actually Jiraiya’s signature jutsu. I’m certain he uses them more than this, but the only other time I can think of him using them off the top of my head is in his fight against Pain.

We probably saw him use these jutsu during the Third Great Shinobi War arc though, when fighting against Hanzo’s forces.

But still, Jiraiya should have gone all out, and that’s the position I’m sticking to. I get that Pain was an extreme threat, but Urashiki should be too. There’s no reason for Jiriaya not to see him as just as much of a threat.

Sasuke Returns

I’m not sure how he does it, but with barely any chakra remaining, Sasuke pulls out some of his higher-level jutsu in this fight. I mean, he’s not using his Susanoo or anything, but Amaterasu and Kirin are no joke. Where he got the chakra to use those jutsu is anyone’s guess.

But as with Jiraiya, this brings up an important question: why didn’t Sasuke go all out when he had the chance?

Sasuke using Kirin from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Sasuke using Kirin

Well, I actually have two reasons for why he didn’t go all out, despite the fact Urashiki probably would have been easily defeated. The first is that Urashiki could teleport before he went into his “god” mode, and so could have evaded all of Sasuke’s large-scale attacks.

This means Sasuke would have had to save all his chakra until a point at which Urashiki could no longer rely on his teleportation.

The second reason is that performing a perfect Susanoo and using Amaterasu on a large scale would surely bring about both destruction and suspicion. There’s no way the Hidden Leaf Village, or any neighboring villages who heard about the event, would be able to simply let it slide.

If only Sasuke brought adult Sakura back in time with him instead of Boruto. The two of them would have easily been able to defeat Urashiki without Sasuke needing to result to large-scale jutsu like Susanoo.

And for all those who are going to say Sakura wouldn’t stand a chance against Urashiki, yes she would. She’s almost invincible herself and just one of her punches packs more force than Jiraiya’s Rasengan. Alone she wouldn’t win, but paired with Sasuke they would have no problem.

Idiot Disciples

Possibly my favorite part of this episode was the ending, where we got Jiraiya and Sasuke talking about their disciples. Sasuke has already been Boruto’s mentor for a while like Jiraiya was for Naruto, but I like how the series really went out of it’s way to illustrate that here.

Maybe Sasuke needed to meet Jiraiya like this to really understand what it means to be a mentor. After all, Sasuke isn’t exactly the fatherly/mentor type. Perhaps seeing how Jiraiya treats Naruto as a son is what he needed and he’ll now take Boruto’s training more seriously.

Jiraiya and Sasuke from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Jiraiya and Sasuke

And lastly, look at how much Sasuke looks like Orochimaru in the picture above. Maybe Sasuke wasn’t the only one who got something from his meeting with Jiraiya. Perhaps Jiraiya got something out of it as well.

Since he already knows Sasuke’s identity, perhaps that gives him a little insight into how his old friend Orochimaru is faring in the future. Perhaps he sees that although Orochimaru lost his way, his disciple turned out good after all.


What are your thoughts on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 135? Do you think Jiraiya and Sasuke should have gone all out in their fight against Urashiki? Do you think the Ōtsutsuki clan are based on the zodiac animals? And if so, what animals would you attribute to each one? Let me know in the comments.

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