Boruto Episode 143

Boruto Episode 143

The Criminal Targeting Kokuri

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 143 went back downhill after what I thought was a pretty good episode 142. The previous episode actually had some twists which I didn’t see coming, but this episode went exactly as expected. There was no twist, and everything was a bit too obvious.

However, we may learn in the future that everything which happened in this episode wasn’t quite what it seemed. There are still a few things which don’t exactly line up. Maybe this episode was actually the biggest twist of all and we just don’t know it yet.

Although I’ll get into the discussion of who attacked Kokuri in the medical ward later on, let’s just get these hints that everything isn’t what it seems out of the way. First of all, we never actually saw anyone admit guilt for attacking Kokuri, it was just stated by Boruto and Mitsuki, and heavily implied.

Second, the person who ends up taking the fall for the attack had an alibi which has yet to be looked into. We may learn that his alibi holds up, which would change everything. And lastly, I still think Kokuri is actually the one who attacked himself.

I’ll go into this final point later on when we get to the discussion of who’s guilty, but I think you’ll find my argument compelling.

And aside from there seemingly being nothing of interest in this episode, it was also extremely plain in every other aspect as well. Since most of the episode took place in a single prison cell, it’s not like there was all that much animation needed. Sure, most episodes utilize minimal amounts of animation, but this one didn’t even need moving backgrounds.

Tsukiyo of the Mujina Gang

The one obvious point of interest from this episode is the fact that Tsukiyo, second in command of the Mujina Gang, knows that Sarada isn’t actually a journalism student. We don’t know how he knows that her being a journalism student is just a front, but he does.

As far as I’m concerned there are two possible explanations: either he used a jutsu to figure it out, or he has an informant who also knows Sarada’s true identity. Additionally, it’s very possible that both of those explanations turn out to be true because they have one thing in common: the warden.

I don’t remember the warden’s name, and I’m not going to go back and find it, but he may be the key to solving everything which is happening at Hozuki Castle. It’s his jutsu which suppresses the jutsu of the inmates, and he’s also the only one in the prison — aside from Boruto and Mitsuki — who knows Sarada’s identity.

Tsukiyo in solitary confinement from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Tsukiyo in solitary confinement

Let’s assume that Tsukiyo used some sort of jutsu to discover who Sarada is. If that’s the case, it would mean he isn’t affected by the warden’s Celestial Prison jutsu. And how would this be possible? Well, the easiest way to not be affected by the jutsu would be if it was never really put in place to begin with.

And if we assume that Tsukiyo has an informant who told him about Sarada’s identity, again the evidence points towards the warden. With this in mind, I don’t think it would be too shocking if we learn that the warden has some connection to the Mujina Gang as well — or at least has been corrupted by Tsukiyo.

Or, you know, Tsukiyo could just have other ways to break free from the Celestial Prison jutsu.

Who Attacked Kokuri?

After the events of the previous episode, we’re led to believe that one of the three other inmates sharing the cell with Boruto and Mitsuki is to blame for the attack on Kokuri in the medical ward. It’s assumed that these three inmates had the opportunity to steal a wooden tag from a medic while the rest of the prisoners did not.

So, which one of them did it? Originally, Arai points the finger at the guy with the mohawk — who’s name I still don’t actually know. However, as I mentioned last week, I don’t think mohawk guy is actually smart enough, or “bad” enough to steal a wooden tag and attempt an assassination.

Then the wooden tag is found hidden in Kedama’s belongings, so the focus shifts to him. We don’t know much about Kedama, but apparently he was once respected by all his fellow inmates until he snitched on one of his friends. I’m sure Kedama’s version of this story is the accurate one, so I hope we hear it next episode.

Kedama from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

But, it’s eventually “revealed” that it was Arai who attacked Kokuri. Again, last week I mentioned that he’s obviously the most suspicious because he’s smart and friendly — those are the ones you have to watch out for.

The only problem with Arai being the culprit is that this is based on the assumption that he’s the culprit because he knew Kokuri was a member of the Mujina Gang. While it’s true that nobody had previously said he was a member of the gang, it’s kind of obvious. How else would he be connected to Tsukiyo?

So, no, I don’t really think Arai is the culprit, but maybe he is and there’s no twist.


Kokuri was the only witness of his attack, he was in a position to steal a wooden tag while in the medical ward, and he was in a position to frame Kadema by being the one who touched his belongings. Add in the fact that his wounds from the attack were superficial, and I still think Kokuri is faking this whole attack for some reason.

Has Kokuri really abandoned the Mujina Gang? If so, who do you think is behind his attack? Was it actually Arai? And, how do you think Tsukiyo figured out Sarada’s true identity? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Also, as final note, I’ve only seen like one Naruto movie, so I didn’t realize one of them took place at the Hozuki Castle prison. Maybe I should actually go back and watch those since they seem to be pseudo-canonical.

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