Boruto Episode 145

Boruto Episode 145

Breaking out of Hozuki Castle

Boruto, Mitsuki, and Kokuri are planning to break out of Hozuki Castle before Benga transfers Kokuri to Hozuki Castle number two. I don’t know where this second prison is located though, so that transfer could be a bit difficult. Does the second prison just refer to a second part of the same prison?

If not, and there really is a second, separate prison Kokuri is being transferred to, how is this accomplished? Kokuri can’t leave the castle walls without the Celestial Prison jutsu killing him. So either he would die during the transfer, or they would have to remove the jutsu.

And if they remove the jutsu, Lord Mujo isn’t currently around to put it back in place. Does the second Hozuki Castle have another member of his clan who can reapply the jutsu? But even if that’s the case, what’s stopping a prisoner from using jutsu to escape during transit?

Anyway, Sarada is the one in charge of coming up with a breakout plan, and based on what we know about it so far, it seems a bit too complex. It involves controlling the water in the prison so they have access to one of the underground storage tanks. Once the Celestial Prison jutsu is erased with this water, they’ll escape via a food supply ship.

The food supply ship seems pretty logical, but why do they need to go through all the trouble of diverting water into the spare tank? As I’ve mentioned before, Boruto can use water style jutsu. And even if he can’t create enough water to undo the Celestial Prison on his own, he could easily do it on a rainy day.

Also the fact that prisoners can be out in the rain is still suspicious.

Kedama and Doragu

In this episode we learned a bit more about two of the prison’s inmates, Kedama and Doragu. It might seem odd that I’m grouping them together, but the reason is that these two are actually opposites.

Kedama was once a respected inmate for being someone who would defy the guards. However, after a failed breakout attempt claimed the life of his friend, he was hated and shunned by the rest of the prisoners. The rumor is that he snitched on his friend, but this isn’t really the case.

Benga caught them attempting to break out and killed Kiku. He then allowed Kedama to live, but spread the rumor that Kedama had snitched so that he would be exiled by his fellow inmates. This is one of the two ways Benga controls the prison population.

Kedama and Kiku from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Kedama and Kiku

The second way he controls the population is what we see him do with Doragu. Unlike Kedama who has fallen from his position as a respected inmate, Doragu has risen to the rank of most respected inmate in the prison. But he didn’t do it alone.

Benga is actually the one who allows Doragu to hold this position. We don’t know exactly how their relationship is set up, but it seems likely that Benga feeds information to Doragu, which he then sells to inmates. And in return, Doragu works as Benga’s eyes and ears among the prisoners.

Despite the fact that Benga is clearly corrupt, he understands how to control prisoners. If he didn’t ruin everything with his corruption, he could actually be a valuable asset to Lord Mujo — which is probably why he received his position in the first place.

Sarada vs. Benga

There’s not too much to say about the confrontation between Sarada and Benga in regards to their conversation. However, I wasn’t expecting the random increase in animation quality for this encounter. Both the character acting and the movements of the characters were way better than they normally are.

If this isn’t on sakugabooru yet, I’m sure it will be there soon.

Sarada confronting Benga from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Sarada confronting Benga

What’s interesting, or perhaps not interesting if you’re used to how shounen battle series work, is that Benga doesn’t finish Sarada off. He defeats her on accident by causing a gas pipeline to explode with his fire jutsu, but if that hadn’t happened, there’s no way he would have defeated Sarada.

Even so, when Sarada is unconscious in the pit of rubble created by the explosion, Benga retreats. Surprisingly, he doesn’t even go after all the jewels he spilled down in the pit. But, why is this worth mentioning?

My assumption is that once Sarada wakes up, she’ll notice the jewels scattered around her. And upon further inspection, will realize that they’re actually fake. Think about it this way, how would Tsukiyo get real jewels within Hozuki Castle and keep them hidden while in solitary confinement?

And, as much as I would like for it to be the case, I don’t think Tsukiyo is a user of the crystal style.

Once it’s revealed to Benga that the jewels he was given as payment are fake, he’ll probably turn on Tsukiyo, thus getting rid of the two main antagonists of the arc. All that’s left for Boruto and the gang to do then is break Kokuri’s Celestial Prison jutsu and walk out of Hozuki Castle.


How would you escape from Hozuki Castle? Do you think Sarada’s plan is necessary, or could Boruto simply use his water style jutsu to nullify the Celestial Prison? And what did you think of the confrontation between Sarada and Benga? Do you think we’ll get another instance of great animation like that, or was that it for the arc? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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