Boruto Episode 146

Boruto Episode 146

Executing the Prison Break!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 146 sets up the final battle of the arc against Tsukiyo. My guess is that this arc will have two or three more episodes so that it either ends on 150 or the next “arc” will begin on 150. I say “arc” because there’s usually a few random filler episodes between each arc.

But basically we’ll have one or two episodes for the battle against Tsukiyo, and then one episode to wrap up this arc. The Tsukiyo battle will probably have two phases, which I’ll explain shortly, and then the wrap up episode will clean up all the loose ends of the arc.

For example, Boruto and friends will learn that Lord Mujo is making good progress with his recovery, they’ll bring Kokuri back to the Leaf Village, and we’ll learn the fates of Benga, Kedama, Kokuri, and various other characters from the arc. You know, standard wrap up episode stuff.

So as I expected, Kedama doesn’t escape with his cellmates. He still has the chance to considering the arc isn’t over, but I do think he’ll opt to serve out the rest of his sentence. Helping Boruto escape and then serving his time is probably his way of taking responsibility for what happened to his friend.

However, that’s not to say that Kedama’s role in the arc is complete just yet.

We know that his Celestial Prison has been released, so he’s probably going to show up and defeat Tsukiyo so Boruto can get away. The first part of the battle against Tsukiyo will be with Boruto, Mitsuki, and Sarada. Then, when they’re getting overpowered, Kedama will arrive to save the day.

I’m not sure why else we would have been shown that his Celestial Prison had been released.

Benga’s Summoning Jutsu

I still don’t think Benga is all that strong, and that if Sarada was more aware of her surroundings in the initial fight, she could have defeated him. However, in this episode we see that Benga has a fairly unique summon, but not one that we haven’t seen before.

Hound summons are fairly common as far as summoning pacts go. They’re right up there with toad summons as far as their frequency in the anime, but we can assume that they’re more common than toads worldwide.

But, contrary to what you might be thinking, the Inuzuka clan of which Kiba is a member does not summon hounds. We have never seen any of them use a summoning jutsu for their hounds, and we know for a fact that they raise them themselves.

Benga's two-headed hound summon from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Benga’s two-headed hound summon

The most notable ninja hound summoner is probably Kakashi Hatake, who can summon a pack of eight dogs. However, there’s one other hound summon who you may recall bears a striking resemblance to the one summoned by Benga: Pain’s Giant Multi-Headed Dog.

Benga and Pain’s hound summons appear to be the same species based on their appearance. However, Pain’s summon is clearly an upgraded version. Not only is it much, much larger, but it has the ability to split and grow more heads when it takes damage.

We can’t say for sure why Pain’s hound summon was so large, because it was depicted to be many varying sizes. But what we can be certain of is that the splitting ability Pain’s hound has isn’t natural to the species. This was accomplished using the Amplification Summoning Technique which is likely exclusive to the Animal Path of the Six Paths.

Releasing the Celestial Prison

From the beginning of this arc we were led to believe that a large amount of water was needed to release the Celestial Prison jutsu. And, we also saw that light rain didn’t count as enough water, because otherwise the prisoners wouldn’t be allowed outside in it.

For this reason, a major part of the prison escape plan was figuring out a way to nullify the Celestial Prison affecting Kokuri. After all, he can’t leave the premises of Hozuki Castle unless the jutsu is released.

I previously suggested that Boruto could simply use his water style jutsu to break Kokuri free, but perhaps this wouldn’t have been enough water. He didn’t end up doing this, which I think would have been the obvious play, so perhaps he knew he couldn’t create as much water as was needed.

Instead, Kokuri’s Celestial Prison is finally released due to Sarada unleashing a torrential flood through the caverns beneath the prison. That’s all find, but afterwards we learn that there was another, much easier way to release the Celestial Prison.

When Benga releases Tsukiyo to go after Boruto and his friends, he simply uses the Release jutsu. Obviously, most of the prisoners can’t use this jutsu because their chakra is sealed by the Celestial Prison, but what was stopping Boruto, Mitsuki, and Sarada from using it?

Sure, Boruto’s chakra control probably isn’t good enough to release a high difficulty seal like the Celestial Prison. But I feel like Sarada and Mitsuki could have done this at any time. Sarada has her Sharingan to help out with the release, and Mitsuki is just skilled at everything.


Tsukiyo is an interesting guy. Not from an actual character perspective, but simply based on the jutsu we see him use in both this episode and the preview for the next episode. So, let’s go through the jutsu he has, or appears to have.

The first jutsu we see Tsukiyo use is some sort of black and red lightning jutsu. We can assume it uses the lighting style, but we haven’t seen anything quite like it before. Up until now, there have generally been three types of lightning style jutsu, falling into the yellow, blue, and purple color categories.

Also simply based on what I’ve observed it appears that the power scale goes something like yellow < blue < purple for lightning jutsu. Yellow is generally used to depict lower-level lightning jutsu, blue is more of your mid to high-level jutsu, and then purple was used by Kakashi (and Boruto with the help of a device).

Tsukiyo from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

The next thing we know about Tsukiyo is that he has moonlight-based jutsu. His name means “moonlit night,” so there’s some evidence pointing towards this. But we also see that he’s able to use some sort of jutsu using the moonlight — maybe a genjutsu based on the Tsukiyomi?

Additionally, he appears to have the Shadow Possession jutsu of the Nara clan. So it could be that he doesn’t actually have a jutsu which uses moonlight, but instead that moonlight helps him use his Shadow Possession at night.

I’m really hoping that his black lightning jutsu is explained, as well as the moonlight jutsu he’s hinted at having. The Shadow Possession jutsu isn’t as much of a surprise to me though. He could be a member of the Nara clan, or he could simply be a member of a similar clan from another region.


What did you think of Boruto episode 146? Did you notice Benga’s summon was the same kind of dog as Pain’s? How would you have planned to disarm the Celestial Prison jutsu? And, do you think Tsukiyo is going to be revealed as a member of the Nara clan? Let me know in the comments.

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