Boruto Episode 151

Boruto Episode 151

Boruto and Tento

The first thing we need to discuss in regards to Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 151 is the fact that there’s a new OP. The Naruto franchise gets a new OP roughly every 25 episodes, so this one is right on time. However, the contents of this OP aren’t what I expected they were going to be.

I thought it was strange that the final version of the previous OP included the battle between Boruto and Shojoji. After all, the next OP was right around the corner, so why wouldn’t they wait for that to show Shojoji in the OP? Well, it turns out that the reason for this is because we’re done with Shojoji as of this episode.

I’ll discuss that in more detail in the next section of this review, so for now let’s go back to the OP.

This new OP prominently features members of the Kara organization, which we learn about towards the end of the episode. Kara is basically Boruto’s version of the Akatsuki, AKA the big bad organization of the series. I don’t think mentioning that is a spoiler in any way.

We also see Kawaki multiple times throughout the OP. If you don’t remember, he’s the one Boruto is fighting against in the flash forward all the way back in episode 1. I’m interested to see what exactly Kawaki’s role is going to be in the series because the OP paints a slightly different picture of him than that first episode did.

Throughout this OP, Kawaki is almost depicted to be Boruto’s version of Sasuke to Naruto, or Obito to Kakashi. So it will be interesting to see if Kawaki goes through the same character arc that those two did.

Also, it was interesting how the OP focused on Kawaki’s red eyes and also featured crows whenever he was shown. Is this trying to compare him to Itachi?

Versus Shojoji

Just last week I said that I thought this Mujina Gang arc would go on for around another 10 episodes. Oh, how wrong I was. Shojoji was defeated by Boruto and Tento in this episode, and then captured by Sai, so there’s no way he’s coming back. And without Shojoji, the Mujina Gang is nothing.

However, I was basing that prediction on the chapters of the manga which cover this arc. And before saying that I thought it would last for 10 more episodes, I did mention that it was strange for Boruto to be facing the final boss of the arc so soon.

I figured the two of them would spar, one would end up fleeing, and then their real final battle would happen later on. But, no, we just got the final battle now instead.

Boruto using a Rasengan from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Boruto using a Rasengan

Parts of the Boruto vs. Shojoji fight were cool. And I guess it’s good that this arc was wrapped up quickly, because that means we’re getting closer to the most important content of the Boruto series: the Kara. But at the same time this felt like such a waste of an arc.

The Hozuki Castle Prison arc set up the Mujina Gang arc. But then the Mujina Gang arc ended up being shorter than the Hozuki Castle Prison Arc. It was almost like as soon as we were properly introduced to Shojoji, he was already defeated. And keep in mind that he’s not just an anime-only antagonist — he’s from the source material.

Everything with the Mujina Gang has probably been the darkest material of Boruto so far, especially with the corpse clone jutsu. And this arc definitely could have been expanded upon more in a lot of interesting ways. This conclusion simply wasn’t satisfying.

Momoshiki’s Mark

After Boruto defeated Momoshiki (with the help of Sasuke and all five Kage), a black, diamond-shaped mark appeared on his right palm. This mark was given to him by Momoshiki, and it’s basically said that this mark, along with his Jougan eye, will eventually lead to his ruin.

It’s been about 90 episodes since that happened, and the mark given to Boruto by Momoshiki is finally beginning to serve a purpose. In the manga, the Mujina Gang arc comes right after the Versus Momoshiki arc, though, so it’s just the anime which has this long gap.

When Boruto is running out of chakra during his fight against Shojoji, the mark on his palm expands to cover more of his palm and part of his wrist. It’s also fairly painful, so from what we see here, I’m not entirely sure how Boruto is going to “use” this mark as we see him do back in episode 1.

Boruto's palm mark glowing from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Boruto’s palm mark glowing

Perhaps this mark works something like Sakura’s healing mark on her forehead. Sakura transfers chakra into that mark, the chakra is stored there, and she can tap into that store whenever she needs to heal herself rapidly during a fight.

Maybe the reason Boruto’s mark expanded when he was running low on chakra is for this same reason. It might have (Momoshiki’s) chakra stored inside it, and that chakra only becomes unlocked once Boruto’s own chakra has been depleted.

However, since this was his first time using that power, maybe it’s not compatible with his body yet. Or maybe it’s just something he’ll have to train with to be able to tap into effectively.


The final thing I want to discuss this week is the introduction to the Kara organization. We first hear about them from Shojoji when he sees the expanded mark on Boruto’s palm, but at this point he doesn’t actually name the Kara. Instead, we only learn that this mark is somehow connected to their organization.

After he’s captured, however, Shojoji tells Sasuke everything he knows about the Kara and their connection to the mark on Boruto’s palm, which isn’t all that much.

I also want to point out that I think it’s funny that Shojoji is more afraid of Sasuke than he is of Ibiki and Sai. Ibiki has literally been the chief interrogator for the Hidden Leaf for over 20 years and specializes in torture. And Sai is a former member of Root, the underground organization which carried out assassinations for the Leaf. Sasuke is stronger, but not scarier.

Shojoji being interrogated by Sasuke, Ibiki, and Sai from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Shojoji being interrogated by Sasuke, Ibiki, and Sai

So, what do we know about the Kara so far? Well, we know they’re apparently scary, because Shojoji ran away from them as fast as he could after stumbling upon one of their meetings. He didn’t even say that they noticed or attacked him — he could just feel that they were dangerous.

We also know that they’re interested in marks such as the one Boruto has on his palm. But, we don’t know if the members of the Kara also wield similar marks, or if they’re just interested in them for a different reason.

It’s also interesting that we’re shown a scene of the Kara looking at a set of these marks on a wall, and we can see up to seven of them. Does this mean there are only seven, or are there more? And, the mark in the center appears to be Boruto’s, while the mark above it and to the right appears to be Kawaki’s from episode 1.

This implies that the Kara already know what all the different mark patterns look like, even if they don’t wield them themselves. My guess is they got this information from one of Kaguya’s hideouts and are searching for the people who now hold these marks.


While I like that the Boruto anime is finally getting to the Kara, I also felt like the end of the Mujina Gang arc was way too rushed. And for that reason I don’t think this episode was as good as I’m sure a lot of other people do. I get that Kara is more exciting than the Mujina Gang, but that’s no excuse to just toss the Mujina Gang arc aside like that.

Next episode is going to be about Sarada learning how to use medical ninjutsu, and I’m not sure what that’s going to be like. Obviously that’s an important episode because medical ninjutsu could be a valuable skill for Sarada to have. But at the same time I’m worried this will lead into a filler arc before the Kara content begins.

What did you think of Boruto episode 151? Do you agree that the Mujina Gang arc was wrapped up in an unsatisfying way? Or are you just glad that the anime is finally getting to the Kara? Let me know in the comments.

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