Boruto Episode 179

Boruto Episode 179

Victor’s Scheme

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 179 was a bit of an odd episode due to how it handled the Kara organization. The curtain was pulled back and we got to see a lot of their inner workings as well as multiple member identities. That’s pretty different from how the Akatsuki was handled.

And speaking of the Akatsuki, I have to mention how much more I like that organization compared to Kara. To be fair, we don’t really know the full extent of Kara’s goals or how the organization is structured. But from what we do know, I much prefer the Akatsuki’s “righteous” goal and two-man team structure.

At the very least, we know that Kara’s primary goal involves both the Ōtsutsuki clan’s markings and a vessel. I’ve predicted before that they’re trying to manufacture an artificial Ōtsutsuki clan member, and I still believe that to be the case. However, that doesn’t really explain what their ultimate goal is.

A space-time gate used by Kara from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
A space-time gate used by Kara

What does Kara achieve by artificially creating an Ōtsutsuki member? They would gain a powerful weapon. But would they be able to control it? And what would they use that weapon to accomplish? For now, a big issue with Kara seems to be that they don’t have a truly unified goal. All of the members seem to be after something different.

Deepa was searching for all the “flavors” of the world, which I took to mean that he just wanted to try different things, not necessarily foods. Victor seems to be searching for immortality. And while we don’t know what the other members are searching for yet, I have a feeling they’re going to have different goals as well.

That’s a problem because it leads to the members all working against each other to achieve their own goals, as we see Victor doing now.

Delta and Amado

The more we learn about the internal structure of the Kara organization, the less it actually makes sense to me. With the Akatsuki, it was easy to understand. There were 10 members broken into two-man teams based on both their compatibility and commonalities. But how is Kara structured?

We know that there are two primary parts of Kara. There are the Inners and the Outers. That much is fairly easy to understand. Those who are actually members of the organization are the Inners. Those who work to support the goals of the organization from the outside are the Outers.

But where it gets a bit more confusing is how the Inners are seemingly split up into groups as well. Some Inners, like Deepa and Jigen, have Roman numeral facial tattoos. Originally this is something I thought every Inner would have. But it turns out that Victor, Amado, and Delta are all Inners without these tattoos.

Delta of Kara from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Delta of Kara

Victor and Amado appear to be non-combatant members of Kara. Obviously, Victor is very capable of combat. But their roles within Kara seem to be to perform research, not to fight. So, perhaps that’s why they don’t have numbers. However, Delta seems to go against this somewhat.

Delta is clearly a combatant. And yet, she doesn’t have a number. But her name and motif are references to the delta symbol Δ. While Victor doesn’t have a number tattooed on his face, he does have an upside-down Δ. So does that mean these two are connected?

From what we’ve seen and heard of Delta, I’m guessing that she’s an artificial human. She might be a homunculus, but she definitely has some artificial body parts. So perhaps she’s based on Victor’s DNA in some way or was originally created by his laboratory.

Jigen’s Vessel

Continuing on with the structure of Kara, I was thinking about what Deepa and Jigen could have in common that the other three known Inners don’t. Why would those two specifically have Roman numeral tattoos? What if they both have Ōtsutsuki clan markings just like Boruto?

There wasn’t really any indication that Deepa had one of these markings. However, Deepa was also an anime-only character. It may simply have not been revealed that he had one of these markings because the connection between the markings and certain Inners of Kara is going to be revealed later on by manga material.

Jigen is a bit different. Again, we don’t know if he has one of these markings, but the diamond mark on his chin looks just like the diamond mark on Boruto’s palm. So maybe that’s his Ōtsutsuki mark.

Jigen of Kara from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Jigen of Kara

Moving on a bit, I want to talk about this “vessel” that Jigen has been cultivating. Remember Kawaki all the way back from the opening scene of Boruto episode 1? I think he’s this vessel. And there are a few reasons for why I think this.

First, he uses the same mark ability that Boruto does in their fight. So that’s probably an Ōtsutsuki mark. Second, the airship carrying the vessel has been damaged over the Leaf Village, so that would explain how Boruto and Kawaki first come into contact with each other.

And third, I rewatched that scene and it looks like Kawaki may have a Roman numeral tattoo above his right eye. It looked like “II” to me, but I could be wrong. It could also simply be two eyebrow piercings side-by-side because it looks like that as well. Also, Kawaki being Kara’s secret weapon would explain how he was able to destroy the Leaf Village and “send Naruto somewhere.”

Hopefully, Kawaki shows up soon because it’s been 178 episodes since we first saw him and I’ve been waiting for him this whole time.


What do you think of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 179? Is Kara as good of an antagonist organization as the Akatsuki? What do you think is the significance of the Roman numeral tattoos? And when is Kawaki finally going to show up? He probably won’t next week since it’s a Mugino background episode, but maybe soon.

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