Boruto Episode 193

Boruto Episode 193

What to do with Kawaki

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 193 wasn’t exactly the most interesting episode. And I wouldn’t suggest getting your hopes up for any of the upcoming episodes to be any better. It seems like we’re going to have quite a few “filler” episodes coming.

Anyway, since Kawaki is kind of a big deal — being an important asset of the Kara terrorist organization — Naruto can’t just decide what to do with Kawaki on his own. In the past, that’s how things would have worked. But ever since the Fourth Great Shinobi War, things are more open between the great nations.

And so, Naruto calls for a Five Kage Summit to determine what should be done about Kawaki. Now, it may be easy to think that Five Kage Summits don’t really matter anymore because the other Kage will just agree with Naruto anyway. But, that’s not the case.

Naruto watching Kawaki in the hospital from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Naruto watching Kawaki in the hospital

What you have to keep in mind is that while all of the Kage want there to be peace between their nations, they do still have individual interests. Something that’s good for the Land of Fire isn’t necessarily going to be good for the Land of Earth, for example.

But, when it comes to Kawaki, the other Kage do differ to Naruto because of his experience.

As a Jinchūriki, Naruto knows what it’s like to be alone due to a power that was forced upon you. And so, he wants to ensure that Kawaki doesn’t have to experience what he did.

The argument could be made that Gaara would be a better caretaker for Kawaki, though. He already has an adopted son and he too was a Jinchūriki. But, Naruto is in a better position to watch over him and Boruto also has a Karma.

Mugino’s Belongings

I’m a bit conflicted in the middle portion of the episode that focused on Boruto and Konohamaru taking care of Mugino’s belongings. On one hand, it was kind of necessary to close out Mugino’s story. But on the other, I don’t really care.

There needed to be closure for both Boruto and Konohamaru after Mugino’s death. It would have been weird if he was just never mentioned again considering how influential he was to both of them. And, of course, we needed to know what became of his pet turtle.

However, Mugino’s character also didn’t matter all that much. I’m not even sure if he was in the manga. A manga reader can confirm or deny this in the comments, but he felt like an anime original character to me.

Konohamaru and Boruto reminiscing about Mugino from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Konohamaru and Boruto reminiscing about Mugino

I’m not saying that anime original content doesn’t matter, though. As I’ve mentioned many times before, the anime original content of Boruto is treated, for the most part, as canon material. It’s just that, at the end of the day, what did Mugino’s character add to the series?

Beyond this point, is Mugino ever going to be mentioned again? It’s possible, but I find it unlikely. This scene with Konohamaru and Boruto closes out his story. And without any lasting impact on the greater narrative, it’s now as if Mugino never existed.

What did you think of this conclusion to Mugino’s story? Did you want Boruto to tell Konohamaru about Mugino’s past? Is it better that he decided to keep that a secret as Mugino did? I don’t really have a strong opinion on it either way. But if I had to pick, I guess I would have preferred if it was implied that Boruto told Konohamaru about it later.

Slice of Life

Do you know what I like more than action in my action anime? Slice of life content. I can’t wait to see how Boruto and Kawaki get along while living under the same roof. It’s going to be wild. Hilarity is definitely going to ensue.

Okay, but actually, I really couldn’t care less about Kawaki and Boruto living together. This entire situation feels so out of place. I’m not really sure what Kodachi was thinking when he wrote this. I get that Boruto is supposed to appeal to a younger audience, but this seems to be appealing to an entirely different audience.

Yes, Boruto does still have some cool fights just as the Naruto series did. But it’s no wonder so many Naruto fans aren’t interested in Boruto at all when you consider how much of this series is really just random slice of life content.

Naruto and his two sons from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Naruto and his two sons

I’m fairly certain that Kishimoto is the one writing the Boruto manga now, so hopefully, that means the story will go back to how it was in Naruto. Unfortunately, I have no idea how far away the anime is from the point at which the author swap happens.

I think I heard that Episode 197 is the next “big” one from an animation perspective. I wasn’t really impressed with Episode 192, the previous “big” episode, content-wise. But here’s to hoping that 197 is better.

The downside to 197 being the next “big” episode is that it probably means the next two or three episodes aren’t going to be all that important. The next episode definitely looks like it’s just slice of life content. And I’d imagine Episode 195 will be the same. Episode 196 could have some content leading into 197, though.


What do you think of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 193? Do you think Naruto is the best of the five Kage for the job of watching over Kawaki? Did you like the scene of Boruto and Konohamaru in Mugino’s apartment? And how do you feel about Boruto’s slice of life content? Let me know in the comments.

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