Boruto Episode 200

Boruto Episode 200

Becoming a Student

Can you believe that Boruto is already at 200 episodes? It doesn’t feel like it’s been going on for four years already. And based on what’s going on in the story right now, I’d bet that there will be at least another 150 episodes. It’s going to end — just not soon.

Despite the fact that Episode 200 was a training episode, I thought it was really good. We got good character development, we learned a bit more about Kara and the Karma, and I feel like we’re now shifting into a new part of the series.

The character development in this episode came in two forms. First, there’s the usual type of character development, by which Kawaki developed into a better person. Second, there’s the technical type of character development, by which characters learn new skills and techniques.

Kawaki attempting to infuse chakra from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Kawaki attempting to infuse chakra

We’ve been seeing Kawaki develop as a character ever since he was introduced into the series. That’s nothing new. But, I do still like to point it out each week. This time around, he accepted Naruto’s help with the prosthetic arm, asked Naruto to teach him to use ninjutsu, and nearly completed fixing Himawari’s vase.

On the technical side, Kawaki and Sarada were the ones who got development this week. Kawaki has started chakra training directly under Naruto. He can’t use any ninjutsu yet, but he’s learning the basics of infusing chakra.

Sarada’s training is a bit more exciting. She’s finally being taught how to use Chidori by her father. I don’t exactly want Sarada to be a copy of Sasuke, but this is an iconic jutsu. And, while Sasuke did say Kakashi passed it down to him, I’m a bit disappointed he didn’t say Kakashi invented it.

Karma Vessels

I was pretty sure I mentioned that Boruto might be Momoshiki’s vessel before, but I can’t find it — so I guess I didn’t. Basically, just as it’s now pretty clear that Kawaki is Jigen’s vessel, Boruto is Momoshiki’s vessel since Momoshiki was the one who gave Boruto his Karma.

What does this mean? At some point in the future, Kawaki’s body is probably going to be controlled by Jigen, and Boruto’s might be controlled by Momoshiki. I wouldn’t be surprised if they discovered a way to sever the Karma connection before it affects Boruto completely, though.

I do know that I mentioned Jigen possibly being a member of the Ōtsutsuki clan back in the review of Episode 194. This would explain how he has and knows about Karma, as well as how he knows about Momoshiki in the first place.

Boruto being held by Momoshiki from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Boruto being held by Momoshiki

As I’ve pointed out in the past, Jigen eventually controlling Kawaki’s body is a great explanation for why Kawaki would attack the Hidden Leaf Village. Kawaki’s character has been developing in the opposite direction, so that would be a complete 180 for him.

And as for why Jigen would attack after taking control of Kawaki’s body, perhaps it would be to defeat Momoshiki’s vessel, Boruto. The way Jigen referred to Momoshiki, it didn’t really seem like the two of them were allies.

Also, I obviously don’t know how Boruto being Momoshiki’s vessel is going to work considering Momoshiki is dead. Will he effectively reincarnate in Boruto’s body? Or does Boruto just get all the perks of being his vessel without the drawback of Momoshiki stealing his body?

There must be something in it for Momoshiki. That something could even simply be that he gave Boruto the power to defeat his rival, Jigen.

Beast Within

At the end of the episode, Kawaki finally meets one of the most important characters of the series, Kurama. Up until this point, Kawaki was unaware that Boruto has the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed inside him. He also has pieces of the other Tailed Beasts, but that’s not important right now.

At first, I was thinking that Kurama revealing himself could be the thing that begins to push Kawaki away. However, that doesn’t really make much sense. Kurama doesn’t reveal himself to scare or threaten Kawaki into staying in the Leaf Village. He does so to convince Kawaki that he can trust Naruto.

We haven’t gotten the conversation between Kurama and Kawaki yet, but I can guess as to how it’s going to go. Kurama will tell Kawaki about how Naruto was an orphan with no friends (conveniently leaving out that Kurama was the one who killed Naruto’s parents).

Kurama revealing himself to Kawaki from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Kurama revealing himself to Kawaki

The point of all this is clearly to make Kawaki realize that Naruto does actually understand how he feels. Just as Kawaki was forced into being a vessel for Jigen, Naruto was forced into being a vessel for Kurama and he suffered as a result.

Earlier in the episode, Kawaki made a comment about how Naruto was lucky enough to be born into a situation in which he could become the Hokage. Kurama is going to show him that’s not the case. Naruto became the Hokage in spite of the situation he was born into.

I think this will make Kawaki respect Naruto more (which he already does to an extent). And, it will probably help with Kawaki’s assimilation into Team 7. Because, remember, Konohamaru was asked to watch over him. Kawaki is basically the Sai of Boruto — the new member thrown into an existing team.


What do you think of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 200? Did you like this episode? Did you think Sarada would ever learn Chidori? Do you think Momoshiki will eventually control Boruto as his vessel? And how many more episodes do you think there will be of the series? Let me know in the comments.

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