Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 246

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 246

Kagura Karatachi

Okay, so I’ve made some terrible predictions throughout this arc about Hebiichigo. We don’t need to go over that again. But, none of those predictions were as bad as the one I made about Kagura Karatachi last week.

In my review of Episode 245, I was very confident that they weren’t going to kill off Kagura. There was smugness. There was sarcasm. Now that we know how that turns out, it’s pretty cringe to see what I wrote about it only a week ago. But, I’m going to own my terrible prediction.

Enough tiptoeing around the subject. Kagura died in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 246. The injury he received from Funamushi would be very fatal if it happened to anyone in real life. But, since this is a shounen battle series, characters usually walk it off. I figured that after some basic healing jutsu he’d be fine.

Buntan angry with Funamushi from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 246
Buntan angry with Funamushi

So, if Kagura’s dead, what does this mean for the series? Well, as I pointed out last week, it doesn’t change much. It’s not like Kagura’s a vital character. His death makes the fight against the Funato more personal. But, it’s not like the stakes have increased.

I guess you could argue that Kagura’s death has a decent impact on the distant future. Chōjūrō was grooming him to be the next Mizukage. So with Kagura out of the picture, it’s unclear who will take over after Chōjūrō retires (or dies?).

The Fifth Mizukage, Mei Terumī, is still around. So she could take up the position again like Hiruzen Sarutobi. Chōjūrō’s aid (whose name I don’t know) could also be next in line. Or, and this might be wishful thinking, but what about Buntan?

The Adopted Son

When Tenma Funato was first introduced back in Episode 236, I commented on his appearance. At that point, we didn’t know about Seiren. But, it was still clear to see that Tenma looked nothing like Araumi and Isari Funato.

Since that point, I accepted the fact that Tenma looks different and I moved on. Did his appearance matter? No. And I assumed that we weren’t going to get an explanation for it. There doesn’t need to be an explanation for every little thing.

But, much to my surprise, in this episode, we did get an explanation for why Tenma looks different. He’s adopted. Tenma was an orphan on an island Araumi landed on at one point. And, after witnessing Araumi’s strength, he asked to join Araumi’s crew.

Tenma and Isari on the deck of a Funato ship from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 246
Tenma and Isari on the deck of a Funato ship

Does it matter that Tenma is Araumi’s adopted son rather than a blood relative? Yes, it does. It matters for a few reasons, and it could explain some things about Tenma.

First, the jutsu a person can use are, in part, determined by their bloodline. Kekkei Genkai are an obvious example of this. But, this still applies to regular jutsu, as well. Clans pass down specific jutsu from one generation to the next. And, in some cases, these jutsu rely on qualities specific to that clan.

A lesser concern is also that Tenma could not have the same chakra affinities as his adoptive family. We’ve seen that Tenma can use Water Release, though. And this is pretty standard among people from the Land of Water.

Second, Tenma may not have the Power of the Sea Dragon like the true Funato do. This could mean that Tenma falling overboard while injured is the last we’ll see of him. I hope not, but it’s possible.

Chōjūrō vs. Tenma

Why Tenma charged into battle in an attempt to defeat Chōjūrō is no mystery. As the adopted child, he wants to prove to his father that he’s as worthy as his siblings. He has an inferiority complex.

This inferiority complex may be the result of him not having clan jutsu or abilities, as I mentioned. It also appears that Tenma’s weapon isn’t a special chakra weapon like those of Isari and Seiren. He used jutsu in conjunction with the weapon. But, it doesn’t look like the weapon itself is all that special.

We may be able to chalk this up to Tenma being impatient to prove himself to his father. But, it was a pretty terrible decision for him to attempt to fight Chōjūrō one on one. He should have known he didn’t stand a chance.

Chōjūrō facing off against Tenma from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 246
Chōjūrō facing off against Tenma

Let’s pretend for a moment that Tenma doesn’t know much about Chōjūrō. Even if that’s the case, Isari said that working together, they could still only hope to tie against him in battle. Isari recognizes how strong Chōjūrō is and made that clear to Tenma.

Chōjūrō’s not one of my favorite Kage. But, I have to admit that he’s a very qualified Kage. He’s a former member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist (the real group). And he was also the personal guard and assistant of the previous Mizukage.

I can’t think of anyone still alive from the Land of Water who might be stronger than him other than Mei Terumī. And by this point, he could be stronger than her. Chōjūrō defeated and captured Araumi Funato, so even he doesn’t seem to be on Chōjūrō’s level.


What do you think of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 246? Did you think Kagura was going to die? Did you assume Araumi adopted Tenma into the clan? And is there anyone in the Land of Water you think is stronger than Chōjūrō? Let me know in the comments.

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