Boruto Episode 93

Boruto Episode 93

Parent and Child Day

This week’s episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations follows Naruto and Himawari as they travel around the Hidden Leaf village during Parent and Child Day. As you might have guessed, this is a filler episode. But, if I’m being honest, it was a pretty good episode overall.

Boruto opts out of the new holiday, which is probably for the better because he would have been annoying the whole time. So, Naruto takes Himawari to buy a brand new toy known as Kuraa-ma. As the name implies, it’s a Kurama (the Nine-Tailed Fox) toy.

Also this Kuraa-ma toy is essentially a Hatchimal, which is a real toy. I wonder if they already have Hatchimals based on the tailed beasts in Japan. If not, this seems like a great time to start.

But, even though Naruto is the Hokage, he still can’t beat the rush of parents trying to buy this new toy for their children. In the end, he accidentally buys a Shukaa-ku toy, a Hidden Sand knock-off of Kuraa-ma.

The rest of the episode then follows Naruto and Himawari as they search around town for any remaining Kuraa-ma toys. During their adventure, they come across some familiar faces who we haven’t seen much of in the Boruto series. These are:

  • Kiba Inuzuka
  • Ino Yamanaka
  • Tenten

If you’re wondering where the other original Naruto characters are, next week’s episode is going to follow Shikadai, Inojin, Chocho, Metal Lee, and their respective parents. Perhaps we’ll get a third one of these episodes following Sarada, Sasuke, and Sakura to complete the collection.

I should also warn that despite this week’s episode actually being pretty good, I have pretty low standards for next week’s. Any episode revolving around Chocho and an eating contest is already off to a bad start as far as I’m concerned.


When Naruto and Himawari first get to the toy store, they’re met by Kiba, who’s there to buy a Kuraa-ma for his girlfriend. We don’t actually get to see his girlfriend in this episode, but we’ve seen her before. Her name is Tamaki and she’s a cat-girl, in the same way Kiba is a dog-boy.

I originally believed Wasabi Izuno of Team 15 to be the daughter of Kiba and Tamaki when she was first introduced in the series. But, as it turns out, this isn’t the case. I still feel like that was a missed opportunity though, especially since Kiba and Hinata were on the same team together, and Hanabi, Hinata’s sister, is the leader of Team 15.

Unfortunately, like Naruto, Kiba fails to acquire a Kuraa-ma for Tamaki. But, after seeing how disappointed Himawari is after not receiving the toy she wanted, Kiba decides to help Naruto find one for her. After all, who could say no to Himawari?

We also get to see Akamaru once again, and it appears he’s actually gotten smaller since the last time we saw him. Kiba used to ride him like a mount, but now he doesn’t look large enough for that to be the case. Though, perhaps he can alter his size when the need arises.

But, Akamaru isn’t alone, he has a son now by the name of Akemaru. Akamaru’s name references the color he turns when he goes berserk, but I’m not quite sure what Akemaru’s name references. More than likely, it’s just a reference to his father, Akamaru.

Skipping ahead, at the end of the episode Kiba finds a Kuraa-ma for Himawari, but it gets stolen from Akamaru, who was carrying it.


Naruto and Himawari’s next stop is Ino’s flower shop. Flower shops clearly aren’t the kinds of stores you would expect to find a children’s toy, but at this point they’re getting desperate.

While I never really cared about Ino during the original series or Shippūden, I like her character a lot more in Boruto. Her interactions with Himawari are especially wholesome, and in this episode she gives her two free sunflowers just for being cute.

I wonder if Ino ever wishes she had a daughter instead of Inojin. She probably dressed him up as a girl when he was younger, which might explain why he drifted more towards using his father’s signature jutsu rather than his mother’s.

Anyway, seeing Ino run her flower shop really made me think about how basically none of the original Naruto cast are shinobi anymore.

  • Naruto – President
  • Sakura – Doctor
  • Sasuke – Ninja
  • Sai – FBI
  • Kiba – Police
  • Hinata – Stay at home mom
  • Shino – Teacher
  • Ino – Shop owner
  • Shikadai – Vice President
  • Choji – Unemployed(?)
  • Tenten – Shop owner
  • Rock Lee – Personal trainer(?)
  • Neji – Deceased

As you can see, only Sasuke is really a shinobi anymore. You could argue that Sai is too, but he’s more of an investigator than an actual shinobi at this point. Also, I have no idea what Lee’s actual job description would be, but personal trainer seemed like a good approximation.

But, I think it’s really interesting to see that all of these characters, except Sasuke, no longer work as ninja of the Hidden Leaf. It’s almost as though they tried to make these characters more relatable to those of us who grew up watching the original series and are now adults.


After visiting Ino’s flower shop, Naruto and Himawari make their way to Tenten’s ninja weapons shop; yet another place that clearly doesn’t have a Kuraa-ma toy. But, as it turns out, Naruto is actually the fourth person to come into Tenten’s shop that day asking about the toy, not the first.

This prompts Tenten to lament the failure of her shop, and say that maybe she’d be better off turning it into a toy store. Well, Tenten, considering that just about nobody is working as a shinobi anymore, and not even your friends come into your shop, that may be for the best.

Is Tenten’s failing shop supposed to represent stores which have been rendered obsolete by the rise of the internet? Maybe, but I like to think it’s actually a metaphor for how Tenten was never a useful character, and she’s only just realizing it now.

Before leaving Tenten’s shop, Naruto is guilted into buying an asymmetric kunai for himself and a shuriken necklace for Himawari. And, this gave me one of my favorite scenes of the episode, when Naruto breaks out his wallet to see how much money he has left (pictured below).

Naruto's wallet from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Naruto’s wallet

That’s right, Naruto still has his Gama-chan wallet. And, yes, the stitched-on tag says, 「なるとさ い ふ」(Naruto’s wallet). While I don’t think Naruto will ever pass Gama-chan down to Boruto, it’s good to see it’s still in use to this day. Also, Boruto probably thinks it’s lame anyway.

And, to wrap up the summary of this week’s episode, the stolen Kuraa-ma toy is recovered by Naruto after leaving Tenten’s shop, but Himawari ends up giving it to the child for whom it was stolen. I guess the real Kuraa-ma toy was the memories we made along the way.


So, while the next part of this filler is going to air next week and follow the other characters who I mentioned at the beginning, I’m not entirely sure if I’ll review it. On one hand, it might have some good references to the original series, but on the other hand, it’s blatant filler and focuses on Chocho, so is there even a point in reviewing it?

If I don’t end up reviewing episode 94 of Boruto, then the other two options would be to move up either my review of FLCL or my Top 5 Anime on Netflix. I’ll tweet out a poll later tonight regarding that, and you’ll have until Saturday to cast your vote.

But, for now I’m interested in knowing what you thought about this week’s episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Did you watch it despite knowing it was going to be filler? If so, did you enjoy it? Personally, I don’t mind an episode like this every once in a while, but one is enough for me at a time.

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My review of episode 95 is available here (episode 94 was skipped due to the poll results on Twitter).

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