Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 255

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 255

Buntan and Kyohou are Free

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 255 is the wrap-up episode at the end of the Funato Clan arc. It serves to tie up all the loose ends left over from the actual ending of the arc last week.

Two characters whose storylines needed to come to an end were Buntan and Kyohou. Earlier in the arc, there was some foreshadowing of their futures. But, while Kyohou’s foreshadowed future turned out to be correct, Buntan’s didn’t. And Buntan may now be on a path that leads her back into the story at a later date.

As expected, Kyohou is going to remain in the village where Kagura grew up. The villagers invited him to stay before the Funato attacked. And since Kyohou doesn’t have anywhere else to go, this always seemed like a good fit. He’d rather fight to protect than kill.

Buntan Kurosuki at Kagura's and Hebiichigo's graves from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 255
Buntan Kurosuki at Kagura’s and Hebiichigo’s graves

Before Hebiichigo’s death, Buntan had told Hebiichigo of her plan to kill Shizuma. Kyohou knew of Buntan’s plan as well, so it doesn’t seem to have been much of a secret. But, now that the war is over, Buntan has decided to return to the Hidden Mist.

She still wants Shizuma to pay for what he did to her. The difference is that rather than killing him, she hopes to capture him and bring him back to the village.

Now, I’m not sure how I feel about Buntan’s change of heart here. I get that the whole arc was about revenge being bad and that we should break the cycle. But, not every character needs to come out of the arc feeling that way. Buntan can still want her revenge.

Either way, I hope we get to see her again. She’s one of the better Hidden Mist characters.

Dismantling the Funato Clan

Despite winning the war, the Hidden Mist Village has put its Shinonome Project on hold. Going forward, the plan is to get popular support before starting projects like this. That didn’t happen before because developing the nation was the highest priority.

Of all the nations we’ve seen in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the Land of Water was the most advanced. Now we know what they had to sacrifice to achieve that. And, this whole situation ties back into one of the main themes of the series. That theme is that while technology is great, you shouldn’t rely on it for everything.

So, what happened to Ikada Funato? Well, despite what the Feudal Lord wanted, Chōjūrō decided to show leniency. Rather than imprisoning Ikada, Chōjūrō releases him to Boss Kajiki. This is Chōjūrō’s way of breaking the cycle of revenge.

Ikada Funato crying from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 255
Ikada Funato crying

Something I didn’t like about this episode was the confirmation of Araumi’s fate. To me, it looked like Kawaki slashed Araumi’s throat, killing him. But, it turns out that Kawaki didn’t actually kill him. Araumi survived and was then recaptured by the Hidden Mist Village. He’s back in his old prison cell now.

It’s hard to explain how disappointed I am with Araumi Funato. He’s considered the most dangerous criminal currently in the Land of Water. And yet, we didn’t see him fight at all throughout the entire arc. Not when he was first escaping from the prison, and not when Kawaki took him down at the end.

Other than Ikada and Araumi, it looks like the Hidden Mist captured Isari’s assistant, as well. I don’t remember if we ever got his name. But, he’s the guy who had an anchor at the end of his braid.

Talking with Fists

At the end of Episode 255, we see Boruto and Kawaki discuss their differences with their fists. I liked this part of the episode for a few reasons. But, the biggest reason is that I like the noises Sarada makes in response to everything that’s going on.

The fight between Boruto and Kawaki wasn’t that good. But, it wasn’t meant to be a real fight. These two weren’t trying to defeat each other. And, that’s why I found it entertaining that Naruto seemed to relate to their fight. His fights with Sasuke weren’t anything like this.

Yes, the fights between these two pairs were over ideological differences. But, the fights between Naruto and Sasuke were far more brutal than what we see here. Boruto and Kawaki aren’t even using jutsu against each other. Naruto and Sasuke nearly fought to the death each time.

Naruto, Mitsuki, and Sarada watching Boruto and Kawaki fight from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 255
Naruto, Mitsuki, and Sarada watching Boruto and Kawaki fight

I guess since everything worked out in the end with Sasuke, Naruto thinks these fights are fine. But, he and Sasuke got pretty lucky. In their first fight on the rooftop of the hospital, it was only thanks to Kakashi that they didn’t kill each other.

Then, during their first fight at the Valley of the End, Sasuke could have killed Naruto. He only didn’t out of a weird combination of pity and honor. And let’s not forget that their final fight resulted in them each losing an arm. These weren’t simple “boys will be boys” fights.

I’m not saying that Naruto should be too concerned that Boruto and Kawaki will hurt each other. We know their relationship sours at some point. But, for now, it’s fine. My point is that it’s funny how Naruto doesn’t seem to grasp the severity of his fights with Sasuke.


What do you think of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 255? I thought it was pretty good for an arc wrap-up episode. They’re usually boring, but I didn’t mind this one. The bad news, though, is that because the arc is over, next week we get a Team 10 filler episode.

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