Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 262

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 262

The Princess’s Tea Party

Before I get into the new content from Boruto Episode 262, I have a correction for last week’s review. In the Episode 261 review, I said we didn’t have the kanji for Hana-sensei’s surname. Apparently, that’s not true. Her full name is 華々ハナ (Kaka Hana).

Why does this matter? This spelling of Kaka (華々) doesn’t have to do with laughter as I theorized. It’s more of a play on words with her first name, Hana (ハナ). Both her first and last name can mean “flower.” So, it seems likely that when we see her jutsu (next week?) it will have to do with flowers.

Now, in Episode 262, we got the name of yet another one of Kawaki’s classmates. This time, it’s Neon Asakusa (浅草ネオン, Asakusa Neon). We don’t know anyone else from the Asakusa family. But, we learn that her parents work for the Kaminarimon Company, which Denki’s father runs.

Kae Yukiwari and her mother from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 262
Kae Yukiwari and her mother

As for what I intended to write about in this section, Kae decides to throw a tea party for her classmates. Her intention with this party is to make friends. But, as we saw, this party only served to make her classmates view her as someone separate from the rest of them.

I should also mention that it seems like Kae’s mother may be dead. Part of why this tea party is so important to Kae is that it’s something her mother would do. That doesn’t mean her mother is dead. But, the way she remembered her mother made it seem that way.

Osuka was planning to have a tea party as well as a way to show off her high-society status. But, before she had the chance to announce her party, Kae already invited everyone to her own. Osuka won’t let this stand.

Tea Party Etiquette

Obviously, Kawaki isn’t cut out for attending a fancy tea party thrown by a princess. But, because his mission is to protect Kae, he doesn’t have much of a choice. So, Himawari takes it upon herself to teach Kawaki how to behave at a tea party.

I know there’s a part of the Boruto community that’s going to love this episode for this content. But, I don’t care about Kawaki attempting to fit in at a children’s tea party in a filler episode. If you’re into that, great. I’m not sure why you like Boruto, though, if that’s the case.

Anyway, Kawaki’s lack of tea party etiquette may have actually helped out. Because he was acting so awkward, the others at the tea party were able to relax a bit. Still, they weren’t able to completely relax until Kae got mad and stopped acting like a princess.

Kawaki drinking tea from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 262
Kawaki drinking tea

Something I did like about this part of the episode was seeing Eiki still trying to pick a fight with Kawaki. I’m sure Eiki doesn’t know anything about tea party etiquette. But, he knows that whatever weird thing Kawaki’s doing probably isn’t correct. And so, he attempts to call out Kawaki for not fitting in.

Also, Eiki believes that the summoning scroll he used in Episode 261 failed in some way. Kawaki knows it didn’t fail — Eiki attempted a summoning without a pact. But, Eiki is sure that he would have been able to defeat Kawaki had that not happened.

It’s pretty interesting that Kawaki knows more about summoning jutsu than Eiki does. I know Kawaki actually has experience fighting alongside shinobi. But, Kawaki seemed to know what would happen based on the lesson of that day. So, I guess he pays attention in class more than Eiki.

Osuka the Assassin

So far, there have been no attempted assassinations of Kae. But, you shouldn’t think there won’t ever be one just because this is a filler arc. By the end of this arc, I predict there will be a real assassination attempt that Kawaki will have to stop.

It doesn’t make much sense to me for Kawaki’s mission to be to protect Kae if nothing ends up happening. Of course, that’s coming from a writing perspective. Why set up the premise if you’re not going to follow through? I can’t imagine that what happened in this episode is going to be the biggest event of the arc.

So, what happened in this episode? For her tea party, Kae baked a delicious-looking cake (I’m not much of a cake person). But, because Osuka was mad that Kae stole her thunder, she decided to sabotage the cake. This is why Osuka has no friends.

Osuka Kamakura from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 262
Osuka Kamakura

Now, as the daughter of rich and famous parents, Osuka would never get her own hands dirty. That’s where Neon comes in. Osuka got Neon to use her drone to taint the cake with spicy mustard. And when it came time to eat the cake, Kawaki smelled the mustard and assumed it was poison.

You might be thinking that Kawaki overreacted. Even after finding out about the sabotaged cake, Kae may still think that too. After all, it was a dumb prank, not dangerous. But, I think Kawaki made the right decision based on the information he had at the time.

He knows someone is out to assassinate Kae. And he noticed that there was something in the cake that shouldn’t be there. He’d be a pretty bad bodyguard if he did nothing even with those pieces of information. Maybe Kae’s attendant should be more like Kawaki.


What do you think of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 262? Do you think Osuka and Neon will end up on the same three-man squad? Do you like the random slice of life parts of Boruto filler episodes? And do you think there will be a real assassination attempt on Kae? Let me know in the comments.

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