Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 289

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 289

Kawaki’s Own Karma

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 289 confirmed a lot of my predictions. The first of these predictions I want to go over is how Kawaki regains his Karma. In my review of Episode 288, I said that it seemed like Kawaki was going to have Amado reactivate his Karma.

Well, it turns out that’s exactly what’s going to happen. It hasn’t happened yet, of course. But, we’re on track for it to happen. Amado explained that Kawaki is still technically Isshiki’s vessel. and as such, still has access to Isshiki’s power within him.

At first, the fact that Kawaki is still Isshiki’s vessel may sound bad. After all, what if Isshiki revives himself using Kawaki? Well, that’s not actually a problem. Even though Kawaki is Isshiki’s vessel, Isshiki’s soul is gone. He can no longer take over Kawaki’s body.

Amado at his computer from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 289
Amado at his computer

Now, we also know that Kawaki can still use some of his Ōtsutsuki powers — notably, the ability to alter his body. However, more of Isshiki’s power lies dormant inside Kawaki. To access it, he’ll need to reactivate his Karma. And this is exactly what Amado suggests Kawaki does.

By implanting an artificial Karma into Kawaki, Amado can help Kawaki unlock his power. And since this will be Kawaki’s Karma, there’s no threat of another Ōtsutsuki taking over his body. Rather than being a Karma used for revival, it will be a Karma used for combat. But, what’s the catch? What does Amado get out of this?

Naturally, Sumire has concerns about Amado’s plan. And the fact that he doesn’t want to tell her more is suspicious. But, we already know what he stands to gain from unlocking Kawaki’s power. I’m betting that Amado wants Kawaki to destroy his creations — Code, Eida, and Daemon.

Eida’s Senrigan

Something else we learned from Episode 289 is the name of Eida’s dōjutsu. Eida has the Senrigan. And, before I explain anything else about it, I need to point out that we don’t know if it’s natural. It’s unclear if this is something Amado gave her like her charm ability.

I already explained how the Senrigan works last week. So, I’m not going to go over that again. Instead, I want to look at the name of this dōjutsu. Senrigan (千里眼 / せんりがん) is a pretty good name for this ability.

Let’s start with the final part of the word, “-gan” (眼 / がん). You’ll recognize this from literally every other dōjutsu — Sharingan, Rinnegan, Byakugan. It means eye.

What about the rest of the word, though? Well, you may also recognize “senri” (千里 / せんり) because Sasuke’s hawk is a Senri Hawk.

Code explaining his ability from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 289
Code explaining his ability

“Senri” contains 2 kanji, “sen” and “ri.” “Sen” (千 / せん) is the number 1,000. And “ri” (里 / り) is a measure of distance. So, “senri” means 1,000 ri, which is approximately 2,440 miles. Altogether, Senrigan literally means 1,000 ri eye. But, we need to go a bit deeper than the literal translation.

Although “senri” means 1,000 ri, it’s not used to mean the literal distance of 1,000 ri. What it actually means is a long distance in general. For example, Senri Hawks can fly a long distance, not exactly 1,000 ri. And this same logic applies to Eida’s dōjutsu.

Eida’s vision isn’t limited to 1,000 ri; she can see anything anywhere.

Eida also may have other abilities we don’t yet know about. At least, she hints at this being the case. And if she does, they may or may not be related to her Senrigan.

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Daemon the Cyborg

My other main prediction from last week was that the kid seen with Eida and Code in the OP is related to Eida. That turned out to be correct, as we now know his name is Daemon and he’s Eida’s younger brother.

But, how did I know this was going to be the case? It’s pretty simple. First, we saw Daemon in the OP, so we knew he existed. And second, Eida said the only people her charm doesn’t work on are blood relatives and Ōtsutsuki. Why would she mention blood relatives unless one of them was going to appear?

She wouldn’t.

So, from that, it was pretty obvious that the kid in the OP was going to be a relative of Eida. But, why is it important that Eida’s charm ability doesn’t work on blood relatives? Daemon seems to love his sister anyway. They could have just said it works in a familial, not romantic way with relatives.

Daemon from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 289

Anyway, enough about Eida. Daemon is the new character this week (even if I don’t like him). Look, I’m sure some people like Daemon. But, I think he has a bad design and an annoying personality. Also, I don’t like this whole dynamic he, Eida, and Code have going on.

But, what about Daemon’s abilities? So far, we know he has one ability that reflects attacks. Specifically, it works when someone has the intent to kill Daemon. If they have the intent to kill him, the attack they would direct at him in the future gets turned around on them.

We don’t yet know how this works, as Eida told Daemon not to reveal all his secrets to Code. But, it looks like Daemon also has a dōjutsu of his own. So, it likely has to do with that.


What do you think of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 289? What other abilities do you think Kawaki will get by unlocking his Karma? Do you like the name Senrigan for Eida’s dōjutsu? And, how do you think Daemon’s ability works? Let me know in the comments.

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