Chainsaw Man Episode 10

Chainsaw Man Episode 10

Life Without Himeno

Chainsaw Man Episode 10 starts off by reminding us that Himeno is gone. But, could there still be a way to bring her back? It’s possible. I’ll explain how toward the end of this review. However, I don’t see it being very likely.

Himeno had to die. She was the perfect character to kill off. Why? Because her death made the danger of those aligned with the Gun Devil real. Up until now, we’ve seen the Devil Hunters defeat devils pretty easily. But, they’re now facing a bigger threat than random devils working independently.

Why did it have to be Himeno, in particular, though? Well, let’s consider who the options were. There’s Denji, Power, Aki, Makima, Himeno, Arai, and Kobeni. Those were the established characters who mattered at the time. And since Denji, Power, Aki, and Makima are the main characters, it wasn’t going to be one of them.

Himeno offering to light Aki's cigarette from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 10
Himeno offering to light Aki’s cigarette

That leaves Himeno, Arai, and Kobeni. Now, Arai did also die. And to be fair, his death likely had a big impact on Kobeni since they joined around the same time. They were also similar in a lot of ways.

But, the reason why Arai couldn’t be the only one to die is that he’s too new. Even if Arai and Kobeni both died, that wouldn’t have much of an impact. We’re told that new recruits die all the time. Himeno, however, is a veteran who’s outlived multiple partners already.

Himeno’s death carries weight. Even if Denji and Power aren’t particularly sad about her death, it affects everyone in Division 4. And, her death was important for Aki. It makes him think more about the time he has left. Will he live to see the defeat of the Gun Devil? Maybe not.

Denji and Powy

Something I noticed is that we never got the name of the guy who’s going to be training Denji and Power. We also still haven’t gotten the names of the two who are going to train the human members of Division 4.

But, their names aren’t important right now. What’s important is that Denji and Power now have their very own old guy mentor. That’s all Chainsaw Man was missing from the shounen anime formula. This is their Jiraiya, their Rayleigh, their Master Roshi. And like any good mentor, he’s going to beat his lessons into them.

I have to say, though, that this new mentor’s logic doesn’t exactly add up. He claims to be the strongest Devil hunter. And that may very well be true. But, he also claims that only the strongest Devil would be able to defeat him.

Power and Denji about to be hunted from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 10
Power and Denji about to be hunted

The assumption here is that Devils and Devil hunters are about equal in terms of strength. That doesn’t seem to be the case based on what we’ve seen. Devil hunters are outmatched. Why do you think they need to form contracts with Devils? They wouldn’t stand a chance against strong devils on their own.

With that said, I do need to mention that, so far, we don’t know if this guy has a Devil contract. He might not have any. But, regardless, his plan is to train Denji and Power to the point at which they can defeat him. And if they can defeat him, they can defeat most Devils.

Oh, and how is this guy going to train our 2 idiots? He’s going to hunt them. Denji is immortal and Power is basically immortal. So, he can hunt them over and over again until they learn how to survive.

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Aki’s New Devil

It’s time to talk about Aki. Before this episode, he had contracts with 2 Devils, the Fox and Curse Devils. He definitely still has a contract with the Curse Devil. And as far as I understand it, he still has a contract with the Fox Devil, too.

However, we’re told (and shown) that the Fox Devil is no longer respecting this contract. She didn’t like how Aki used her against the Ghost and Snake Devils. And, we’re told she likely won’t return to him. But, I’m not convinced. With Arai gone, that would mean nobody’s left to use the Fox Devil.

Anyway, Aki needs to get a new Devil. The Fox Devil aside, he can’t exactly use the Curse Devil much anymore, either. He only has 2 years left before he dies. And the Curse Devil takes a portion of his lifespan whenever he uses its power.

Aki going to meet the Future Devil from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 10
Aki going to meet the Future Devil

So, what’s the new Devil Aki’s going to make a contract with? The Future Devil. He didn’t get to choose. His superiors made the choice for him. But, it’s kind of ironic that the guy without much of a future is going to make a contract with the Future Devil.

Now, because the Future Devil is powerful, it requires demanding contracts. 2 other Public Safety members have contracts with it. 1 gave up half their lifespan and the other gave up their eyes and sense of taste and smell.

What’s Aki going to give up? He doesn’t have much life left to give. Will he give up parts of his body? Or, can he give up his soul when he dies? That last one might be the contract.

Also, what can the Future Devil do? Can it change the future? Create a future with Himeno?


What do you think of Chainsaw Man Episode 10? Do you think there’s a chance that Himeno comes back? How long will it take for Denji and Power to “graduate?” And what’s Aki going to give up in his new Devil contract? Let me know in the comments.

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2 Replies to “Chainsaw Man Episode 10”

  1. I think you’re way off with regards to the Fox Devil. That male Devil Hunter whose name I don’t remember said that he even tried to conjure up the Fox Devil, but she is no longer answering her contracts with Devil Hunters at Public Safety, probably because Aki overstepped and put something in her mouth that could actually kill her.

    I don’t think Himeno is coming back. The whole point of her contract with the Ghost Devil is that she would give up parts of herself to use the Ghost Devil’s power. It would be extremely cheap and poor writing to bring her back. Maybe if Denji or Aki were to go to the afterlife or something and see her there, that’d be okay, but bringing back Himeno doesn’t sit well with me.

    1. Aki is really out here ruining Devil contracts for everyone.

      Also, I agree that Himeno isn’t coming back. It wouldn’t make sense for her to. All it would do is cheapen her sacrifice.

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