Chainsaw Man Episode 11

Chainsaw Man Episode 11

Future Devil or Forest Spirit?

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 might be the most exciting episode of the season. And I don’t mean because of the action. Although, Aki fighting the Ghost Devil was definitely cool. No, this is the most exciting episode because of all the new Fiends and Devils it introduced.

To start, we’re just going to be looking at one of these new Devils, the Future Devil. I have some mixed feelings about this Devil. So, let’s begin with what I don’t like about him: his personality. I get that not every Devil is serious — look at Power — but the Future Devil is a bit too goofy.

Also, I’m not a fan of the “trade” he makes with Aki. Rather than taking something from Aki, the Future Devil chooses to live inside Aki’s right eye. He does this because he wants to witness Aki’s death, which he thinks will be entertaining.

The Future Devil from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 11
The Future Devil

So, why don’t I like this “trade” the Future Devil made? It’s a cliché. It’s a common trope for some overwhelmingly powerful being to help a nobody on a whim like this. We see this a lot in shounen battle anime, such as with the Tailed Beasts in Naruto.

And, as the trope usually goes, I expect the Future Devil will come to like and respect Aki. But, that’s enough about what I don’t like. What do I like about the Future Devil? Well, he has an interesting design. Is he supposed to be tree-like because nature will take over again in the future?

There’s also the Future Devil’s ability. Aki can now see slightly into the future. And, with time and training, he may be able to extend that. It’s not a unique ability by any means. But, it’s one that can make fights more fun.

The Makima Devil

I’ve been saying that Makima isn’t human since literally the first episode of the series. She doesn’t have human eyes and she doesn’t have a very human personality. And when we first met Power, I brought up Makima’s eyes again by commenting on how they had similar eyes.

Well, now we have (probable) confirmation that Makima isn’t human. Denji and Power’s teacher says he’s only allowing Makima to do as she pleases since she’s helping mankind. The implication here is that Makima isn’t part of “mankind.” She’s an outsider who’s lending her help — for now.

Of course, this whole scene could be there to throw us off. It’s possible that Makima is completely human. Denji and Power’s teacher can still not trust her even if that’s the case. She may be a human who’s playing both sides for her own gain. But, I still think she’s a Devil.

Makima from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 11

Now, you may notice that I say I think Makima is a Devil, not a Fiend. That’s because of some other information we got later in the episode. We met a lot more Devils and Fiends, and through that, we learned a bit more about them.

We already knew that you can tell someone’s a Fiend by looking at their Head. Division 4 has 3 Fiends: Power, the Shark Fiend, and the Violence Fiend. Power has horns, the Shark Fiend has a shark head, and the Violence Fiend probably looks strange, too. Makima, however, does not have a noticeable physical trait.

So, wouldn’t this mean she’s a human? Not quite. There are also multiple Devils in Division 4. And we’re told that some Devils can take on human forms. We see this with the Spider Devil. So, Makima could be a Devil in human form. What Devil? We don’t know.

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Humans & Fiends & Devils, Oh My!

We can break the members of Division 4 into 4 groups. There are humans, Fiends, and Devils. So, where do all the known members of Division 4 fall? Well, let’s start with the deceased. Himeno and Arai were both humans.

The living humans are Aki, Kobeni, the Captain, and Denji. Why am I putting Denji in this category? Because his relationship with Pochita is kind of a Devil contract. Pochita lives off Denji’s blood and, in return, Denji can use the Chainsaw Devil’s power. It’s not that different from other Devil Contracts.

Fiends are more interesting than humans, though. The first Fiend of Division 4 we knew of was Power. But, in Episode 7, we learned there was another Fiend in the Division. Apparently, there’s not only 1 other Fiend; there are 2. These are the Shark and Violence Fiends.

The Angel Devil from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 11
The Angel Devil

The Shark Fiend can swim through walls and the ground. And, he can also turn into the Shark Devil for brief periods of time. The Violence Fiend is very strong despite Fiends generally being weaker than Devils. To keep his power in check, he has to wear a gas mask filled with toxic gas 24/7.

Now, the most interesting members of Division 4 are the Devils. The fact that there are Devil members at all is strange. But, there appear to be 3 of them. The first, although technically unconfirmed, is Makima. The other 2 are the Spider Devil and the Angel Devil.

Under normal circumstances, the Spider Devil takes the form of a human woman. But, when fighting, she takes on her Devil form. The Angel Devil looks like an Angel. He’s an ally of humans, not only on good terms with them. And he can drain the life force of those who touch him.


What do you think of Chainsaw Man Episode 11? How do you feel about Aki’s “trade” with the Future Devil? Do you think Makima is a Devil herself? And, which of the new Fiends and Devils is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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2 Replies to “Chainsaw Man Episode 11”

  1. I feel the Future Devil’s contract with Aki is very convenient for the Future Devil as it gets to see Aki die and probably be free after Aki has died.

    I think after watching this episode, I believe you’re right that Makima is a devil. They wouldn’t have had Denji and Power’s teacher say mankind as if she were not included in that if she were human.

    I wouldn’t say that among the new Devils and Fiends that I have a favourite, but I think the Violence Fiend possessed Arai’s body. In the ED of the show, it shows the core cast that was present during the battle with the Eternity Devil except with Arai replaced by the Violence Fiend, so I suspect that Arai’s corpse was possessed by the Violence Fiend as there’s no other reason for Arai to be excluded from the ED. It just doesn’t make any sense for the animators to have done that unless there is something more going on.

    1. I like your theory about the Violence Fiend. I also noticed that back in Episode 7, we were told there was 1 other Fiend in division 4. That could have been referring to the Shark Fiend, which would mean the Violence Fiend is relatively new.

      It also serves as another reason for the Violence Fiend’s face being hidden from us.

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