Chainsaw Man Episode 2

Chainsaw Man Episode 2

A Dream Worth Fighting For

Chainsaw Man Episode 2 introduced 2 new characters, Aki and Power. But, before getting to them, let’s talk about Makima and Denji’s dream. Denji doesn’t hide the fact that the reason he agreed to become a Demon Hunter is that he likes Makima.

Though, after his first day on the job, he realized that there’s more to like about his new life than just her. This was the first time in his life that other people have treated him well. I mean, Makima’s treating him well for her own gain. But, that’s fine.

Also, Denji gets to bathe, eat good food, and exist in the same room as girls sometimes. What’s not to love about being a Devil Hunter? Well, there is one thing missing. He doesn’t have a goal, dream, or purpose in life. At least, not at first.

Makima telling me I'm her type from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 2
Makima telling me I’m her type

It didn’t take long for Denji to settle on a dream of his own. He knows that getting with a girl may be a bit too far off of a goal. So, he settles for touching some boobs. A modest goal. I don’t think he’ll succeed any time soon. But, it’s good to have something to work toward.

Now, speaking of boobs, what’s the deal with Makima? I’m almost certain that she isn’t a human. She’s probably not half Devil like Denji. But, my guess is that she’s a Fiend like Power. And yes, I know she doesn’t have horns or anything like that.

The thing is, Makima and Power have the same eyes. Well, similar eyes. They both have yellow eyes with a red pattern on them. Power’s eye pattern looks like a crosshair while Makima’s looks like concentric circles. Also, they both look down on humans, so there’s that.

Denji and Aki

Aki Hayakawa is the first character in the series to have a surname. We also know for a fact that he’s a human. So, is that further evidence pointing toward Makima being a Devil of some kind? The other two Devils don’t have surnames — just saying.

Anyway, Aki has been working under Makima for 3 years so far. He’s also the leader of a special unit Makima assigns Denji to. This unit also includes Power. For now, we don’t know if there are any other members or if it’s only those 3.

It’s a bit strange that Aki would be the one assigned to lead this unit that includes Devils. As he tells Denji, he hates Devils. He watched a Devil kill his family, and would rather torture them to death than kill them humanely. Why would Makima assign Power and Denji to Aki’s unit?

Denji and Aki Hayakawa from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 2
Denji and Aki

Conspiracies aside, I can see one practical reason for putting Aki in charge of Power and Denji. If the need arises, Aki won’t hesitate to kill either of them. He might not want to kill them if ordered to. But, if they went berserk and lost their rationality, I’m sure he’d do it.

I assume that at some point in the series we’ll get more information about when Aki’s family died. And I wonder if the Devil responsible for it is dead. What if he doesn’t know the Devil responsible for it? And what if that Devil turns out to be Makima? That would be a twist.

Also, I want to point out that I know there are other characters who weren’t introduced yet. We see them in the OP. But, we don’t yet know if they’re part of Aki’s unit or if they’re members of another unit.

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Power Was Better in the OP

In my review of Episode 1, I predicted that Power would be the best girl. Why? Because the OP made her seem like the best girl. She looked like the most fun. But, now that we’ve met her, I’m not so sure that’s the case.

The first problem I have with power is that she sounds annoying. I’m not a fan of her voice or her manner of speaking. She sounds like an annoying version of Shinobu Oshino. And, let’s be honest, she looks like a worse version of Zero Two. So what’s unique about her?

Other than how she sounds, I also don’t like how she acts. Based on what we see of her in the OP, I assume this will change. But, for now, she’s pretty bland. And I know that seems to go against how she introduced herself when she appeared.

Power from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 2

When I say that Power seems bland, I mean that her personality is pretty one-dimensional. I feel the same way about Makima. Again, that’s something those two have in common. And that commonality could be because they’re both Fiends. Denji and Aki aren’t like that. Those two are great so far.

Moving on, I want to go over what exactly Power being a Fiend means. As Aki explains, Fiends are what you get when a Devil takes over the corpse of a human. Denji isn’t a Fiend because he wasn’t taken over by Pochita. Pochita revived Denji by becoming his heart.

In Power’s case, she was a Devil who took over the corpse of a human. So, I guess that means her appearance is that of the dead human, not the Devil Power. And, if Power was such a strong Devil, as she claims, why did she become a Fiend?


What do you think about Chainsaw Man Episode 2? Do you think Makima is human? A Devil? A Fiend? Something else? Of the two new characters, who do you like more? Aki or Power? And, if Power’s a Devil residing within a corpse, would it be considered necrophilia if Denji gets with her? Let me know in the comments.

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