Chainsaw Man Episode 6

Chainsaw Man Episode 6

Kobeni-chan Double Peace

As expected, Chainsaw Man Episode 6 was another good episode. I’m not sure I’d call it the best episode of the anime so far, though. It’s definitely up there. But, one thing this episode taught me is that I’m not the biggest Kobeni fan.

Now, to be fair, my feelings about Kobeni may change by the next episode. After all, I didn’t like Power right after her introduction. But now, Power’s probably my favorite character. So, it’s possible that something happens to change my mind about Kobeni, as well.

Why don’t I like Kobeni?

The main reason is that she’s pretty annoying. I thought she was going to be a lot cuter when nervous and scared than she actually is. When Himeno told her to do a double peace sign, that was cute. But, everything involving Kobeni after that wasn’t. She got very annoying very fast.

Kobeni doing a double peace sign from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 6
Kobeni doing a double peace sign

One positive thing we learned about Kobeni is why she became a Devil hunter. Maybe we’ll also learn about why Arai became a Devil hunter soon. But, as for Kobeni, she didn’t have much of a choice. She could either become a Devil hunter or a sex worker, and she chose the former.

But, why were those her only 2 options? Her parents want to send her brother to college but can’t afford to on their own. So, they forced Kobeni to get a job. And since Kobeni didn’t go to college and doesn’t have any skills, her options were limited.

Of course, she could have worked at a restaurant or something. But, my guess is that her parents were pressuring her into jobs that would make a lot of money quickly. I’m kind of surprised she didn’t choose sex work considering how terrified of Devils she is.

Everyone’s Losing Their Minds

When Denji took a nap on the 8th floor, I thought it was going to have something to do with the Devil’s power. You know, like Devil traps people on that floor and then devours their dreams while they sleep.

But, no. Nothing bad happened to Denji while he slept. Instead, the others seem to have been having some issues. According to Himeno, Aki hasn’t stopped searching for a way out. Arai locked himself in a room to have a panic attack. And Himeno knocked Kobeni out because she tried drinking from a toilet.

Oh, and then there’s Power. She started talking about how her new plan is to win a Nobel prize. Then, once she’s earned fame and respect, she’ll run for Prime Minister of Japan. And from there, she’ll rule over humans with fear and taxes.

Power talking about her plan to become Prime Minister of Japan from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 6
Power talking about her plan to become Prime Minister of Japan

As it turns out, the only ones having issues are Himeno’s recruits. Aki trying to find a way out of the 8th floor isn’t really a problem. And as Denji puts it, Power always acts that way, so it’s fine. I guess this wasn’t too shocking for Himeno since Power is a Fiend.

But, this just goes to show how much more relaxed Aki’s side of the unit is. Aki, Denji, and Power act the same way they would under any other circumstances. Meanwhile, Arai and Kobeni are going insane and Himeno doesn’t know what to do about the situation.

Himeno might look like she has everything under control. However, we learned that the reason she smokes is to calm her nerves. After all, being a Devil hunter is a stressful job. But, the fact that she ran out of cigarettes shows us how nervous she is about the situation.

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Eternity Devil

Eventually, we learned that the Devil of the 8th floor is the Eternity Devil. That’s the first Devil of the series associated with an intangible concept. Previously, we’ve had the Chainsaw, Zombie, Blood, Gun, Ghost, Fox, Bat, and Leech Devils.

I get that zombies and ghosts aren’t real. But, they’re still things. The concept of eternity is a bit different. And now that we know there can be devils like this, that opens the door for a lot of others. At the end of the Episode 5 review, I suggested that a Death Devil could be very powerful.

In my Episode 3 review, I also joked about the Commitment Devil. But, the possibility of there actually being a Devil like this is no longer so far-fetched. Okay, I still don’t think there’s actually going to be a Commitment Devil. But, a Taxes Devil?

Himeno with the Eternity Devil behind her from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 6
Himeno with the Eternity Devil behind her

Something I want to comment on is how much the Eternity Devil grew from the previous episode. By the end of Episode 6, it was far larger. And the Devil itself attributed this growth to the fear of the Devil Hunters trapped on the 8th floor. But, does this really make sense?

As Makima explained in the past, the strength of a Devil is determined by how much they’re feared. That checks out. But, what doesn’t make sense to me is how the fear of Kobeni and Arai could have such a big impact on this particular devil.

The Eternity Devil was already powerful enough to trap 6 Devil hunters within itself. So, I don’t get what fear has to do with strengthening it here. Also, we don’t know why the Eternity Devil wants the Chainsaw Devil dead. Did the Gun Devil put the Eternity Devil up to it? Why?


One last thing I want to comment on before wrapping up this review is Aki’s sword. Himeno mentions there’s a contract connected to it that removes years from Aki’s life if he uses it. That seems to confirm that a single Devil hunter can have pacts with multiple Devils at once.

So, what do you think of Chainsaw Man Episode 6? Are you a Kobeni fan? Would you rather join Aki’s or Himeno’s squad? And what are some conceptual Devils you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. This is just conjecture, but maybe the devil being a concept is what makes the eternity devil diferent? Maybe devils like him have more esoteric powers but are weaker fisicaly. He might need to feed on the fear of those he has trapped to be a fisical threat and then has to repeat the process with another group.

    1. It’s possible. But since all Devils grow stronger the more they’re feared, I don’t think that’s the case. There probably wasn’t too much thought put into it.

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