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Citrus is a yuri drama that just ended yesterday. Similar to some of the degenerate anime we’ve come to know and love such as Eromanga Sensei, it follows two step-siblings; however, this time they’re both girls.

The plot goes like this: Yuzu moves due to her mother getting remarried to some mysterious guy. She then goes to her new school, which happens to be an all-girls school, where she encounters Mei, the girl she will eventually fall in love with. However, as it turns out, Mei is her new step-sister through her mother’s new marriage.

There are a few issues I have with the plot itself, but I’ll just cover the main one. How has nobody other than the new mother and father met each other before this point?

Yuzu’s mother has only ever met Mei’s father and vice versa. So they got married without ever meeting their new partner’s kids. And even after they were married, they never interacted with each other until Yuzu and Mei met at school.

It feels like these two families decided to live together after finding each other on an online forum for roommate postings rather than being married. Both sides are essentially going into this blind. In fact, Yuzu didn’t even know she was going to have a step-sister until she got home from school.

Anyway, Citrus is a romantic drama that is similar to Sakura Trick, but not as wholesome. It was actually way more yuri than I expected going into the series.


Yuzu Aihara is the protagonist of the series. She’s the new girl in school and doesn’t quite fit in with all the strict rules. She tends not to correctly wear her school uniform and has dyed hair which is against school rules. She’s also loud and frequently causes a scene.

Mei Aihara is the opposite of her step-sister. She’s the class president and she plans to take over the school one day since her grandfather is the headmaster of the school. Compared to Yuzu, she has a distinct lack of emotion and is often distant.

The best friends of Yuzu and Mei are Harumi and Himeko respectively. Harumi is essentially a troublemaker like Yuzu, although not as extreme. Himeko is the class vice president who has been Mei’s best friend since childhood. They’re just supporting characters so I’ll leave them at that.

Mei and Yuzu riding the train from the anime series Citrus
Mei and Yuzu riding the train

One of the more important supporting characters is Matsuri, Yuzu’s childhood friend who looks up to her as an older sister. Because of Mei’s new relationship as Yuzu’s younger step-sister, Matsuri doesn’t get along with her.

Another pair of more notable supporting characters are the Tachibana sisters, Sara and Nina, whom Yuzu and Mei meet on a class trip. As with Matsuri, the interactions with these two girls serve as a conflict in the plot.


After thinking about the Citrus anime as a whole, I think it deserves a 6/10. I enjoyed it, but it really didn’t have anything that really stood out to me. It was slightly above average and not quite what I was expecting when I first got into it.

I think that if you’re looking for a yuri romance Sakura Trick would be a better suggestion even though I think I gave that one a 6 as well. At least that one looks cuter and the characters didn’t annoy me as they did at times in Citrus.

My review of the Citrus manga is available now.

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