Cop Craft Episode 10

Cop Craft Episode 10

Cock Robin, John Doe

Today’s episode of Cop Craft had some really bad animation. However, the story and events which took place within the episode were great. If only a different animation studio was working on this series. Did you know that Millepensee is responsible for the Berserk 2016 adaptation? Explains a lot, right?

But I’m not here today to discuss how bad the animation quality is in this series. Instead, let’s focus on the good aspects, like the fact that the story is really getting interesting and the world is being explored more.

It’s been two weeks since the last episode, so in case you didn’t remember what happened, the third candidate running for the mayor’s office was assassinated. This assassination is pretty important because the candidate was human while the assassin was Semanian.

Obviously this caused anti-Semanian sentiment to break out in the city, and this had a polar opposite effect for each of the two remaining candidates. On one side we have the Semanian candidate, Mozeleemay, who now looks suspicious. On the other is the human candidate, Tourte, who stands to gain a lot of support.

Originally we thought Mozeleemay may have been a bad guy, but then this assassination seems to throw that into question. We then learn that Mozeleemay is actually just a pawn of his wife who actually is bad. Remember, she’s the one who had Zoey murdered.

But then everything gets thrown out the window when Mozeleemay is assassinated himself. It’s highly unlikely that his wife played any part in this. After all, if he won the race then she would have been the one truly in power.

Mozeleemay’s Assassination

Initially you would think that Mozeleemay was assassinated by a human in retaliation for the assassination of the other candidate. However, this isn’t actually the case. I mean, technically he was assassinated by a human, but not for that reason. Also, we don’t know it was a human initially.

From what we know right after the assassination takes place, a Semanian male was the culprit. And, though it was never explicitly stated, this man was alive at the time of the assassination. I think I need to point that out because previously the culprits turned out to be corpses which were controlled.

But even though he’s alive, this man is able to take a lot of bullets before Tilarna finally takes him down with her sword. Because of this, I was originally under the impression that this was yet another corpse being controlled. After all, a tell-tale sign of those corpses is the fact that they don’t go down easily.

Once the criminal was taken down, Tilarna was going to execute him on the spot, but Kei managed to stop her. Although Tilarna has gotten slightly better at seeing the world is more than just black and white, some things never change. Her strong sense of justice tends to blind her judgement.

Transformation Jutsu

Even without Tilarna finishing him off, the man dies in about a minute and it’s revealed that he was actually human. This is the point at which the episode takes a turn and we start to learn some new things about the world.

First of all, he used his final words to thank “Leeze” in Semanian. Tilarna apparently knows who this is or what it means, but she gets cut off before she can tell Kei. My guess is that Leeze is somehow connected to the Semanian royal family. Perhaps that’s the name of the king — and remember, Tilarna is a royal knight.

Then we have the fact that this man is actually human. It’s not all that surprising that a human knows how to speak Semanian, but what is surprising is that he can use Mildey. Again, Mildey is the form of magic used by the Semanians which relies on Latena.

Tilarna and Kei looking at a body from the anime series Cop Craft
Tilarna and Kei looking at a body

It was already hinted that humans could use Mildey, but it’s either extremely rare or extremely difficult. This man was using Mildey both for his physical transformation as well as to boost his physical attributes. He could move at superhuman speeds and, as I already mentioned, take a lot of bullets.

So who exactly was this man? Why did he assassinate Mozeleemay despite seeming to be on the Semanian’s side?

My first thought is that he’s simply another member of the terrorist organization run by Zelada, but I’m not so sure. Tilarna mentions that his use of Mildey was beyond what Zelada could imbue into a corpse. Would someone with that ability really be working under Zelada?

It’s possible, but I think what’s more likely is that a third faction has entered into the ring.

Vaifaht Steel

Also, let’s not forget that Mozeleemay’s assassin was wielding a weapon made from Vaifaht Steel. This is an extremely rare substance which the Semanians typically use to craft weapons (or armor). Tilarna also mentions that even the best smiths wouldn’t normally be able to make a gun out of it.

But what exactly is Vaifaht Steel? It’s actually something we’ve seen a lot in this series. Remember how Tilarna casts a spell before she goes into combat and her clothes change shape? They’re made out of Vaifaht Steel. The ability to transform between two shapes is what makes it so special.

As for how it’s made, the raw material is extracted from a certain tree and has the consistency of cotton. It’s then woven into a cloth-like material, but has the strength of steel (or something harder, probably). The two forms it can transition between are also set when the object is being crafted.

Tilarna showing off how Vaifaht Steel works from the anime series Cop Craft
Tilarna showing off how Vaifaht Steel works

Since a gun was made out of Vaifaht Steel, it seems that someone who’s able to create it has teamed up with humans. Normally it wouldn’t be able to be crafted into an object with so many small, moving parts. However, with the right knowledge it’s not impossible.

But enough about the weapon, let’s talk about Tilarna’s battle uniform for a moment. At the beginning of the series I wondered about this transformation she underwent before battle and now we have answers — sort of.

It’s still not clear what advantages come with the battle version of her outfit. After all, both versions are still made from Vaifaht Steel. At least we now know that the spell she casts to make it transform is specifically used to swap the versions of a Vaifaht Steel object.


I do want to mention one last thing tied to Tilarna’s outfit before I conclude. The spell she chants to swap the versions of Vaifaht steel calls upon the god of the forge. However, we’ve seen her use a different spell before battle calling upon the god of war. I’d love to discuss the Semanian gods in a post if we ever learn more about them.

Actually, perhaps Leeze is the Semanian god of war. I don’t particularly remember if that god was ever named earlier on.

What did you think of this episode of Cop Craft? Did you find the bad animation bearable? Do you think Mozeleemay’s wife is somehow connected to his assassination? And, is the assassin connected to Zelada’s faction? Let me know in the comments.

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