Cop Craft Episode 11

Cop Craft Episode 11

Transitional Crisis

In this week’s episode of Cop Craft things are all starting to come together. Just last week I mentioned that I didn’t think we’d really get a resolution within this season of the anime, but that may have been premature. It also seems I was wrong about a new faction getting involved, but I’ll discuss that more in a bit.

First, let’s take a look at the episode as a whole. In the previous two episodes two of the three mayoral candidates were assassinated. This left the sole candidate as the hard right Domingo Tourte. However, the wife of Coal Mozeleemay decided to throw her hat into the ring after the death of her husband.

So once again we have two very different political organizations battling it out in the city. Domingo Tourte represents the anti-Semanian faction. While Marla Mozeleemay represents the pro-Semanian faction — or at least that’s what she wants the voters to think.

Domingo Tourte

Domingo Tourte is racist against Semanians. There’s no way around it. However, aside from his obviously racist views, he has a fairly straightforward message which resonates with the human masses. He doesn’t necessarily have a problem with Semanians — so he says — as long as they obey the laws.

That checks out on the surface, but then we also have to remember that he thinks Semanians are inherently bad and therefore are prone to breaking the laws. He also pretends that he’s being fair to the Semanians and claims it’s their fault for not being able to acquire high paying jobs.

Domingo Tourte from the anime series Cop Craft
Domingo Tourte

But, Mr. Tourte’s political views aren’t what I really want to discuss. Instead, there are two, very important pieces of information we get from Kei and Tilarna’s talk with him.

The first comes from Tilarna who claims that their current location once belonged to the Semanians. I’m not sure if she’s trying to say that Earth was once ruled by the Semanians, or that the city was originally founded by Semanian settlers. Either way, that’s a pretty interesting proposition.

However, Mr. Tourte does fight back against this claim which causes Tilarna to back down. So it’s unclear exactly how much credibility we should be placing on Tilarna’s statement.

The second interesting piece of information comes when Kei asks Mr. Tourte if he sees himself as an Earthling or politician first. He answered politician because even if he had been born a Semanian he would have gone into politics. This may be hinting to the fact that he doesn’t actually think Humans and Semanians are all that different after all.

Marla Mozeleemay

The “left-wing” candidate going up against Mr. Tourte is Marla Mozeleemay. I don’t actually think she’s as liberal as her late husband was. And, I actually think that she’s fairly right-wing considering some of the people she seems to be connected to.

However, there’s still a difference between Mr. Tourte and Mrs. Mozeleemay. Mr. Tourte is a right-wing politician, but what I’m suggesting is that Mrs. Mozeleemay is a right-wing extremist. She appears to have relationships with people connected to Zelada’s cause — which of course is to separate Humans and Semanians through terror.

It’s already been heavily implied that Mrs. Mozeleemay was the one who hired Zoey’s assassin, so we know she has some connections to the criminal underworld. And in this episode, she’s seen meeting up with her husband’s assassin.

Last week I assumed that Mrs. Mozeleemay had nothing to do with her husband’s death. After all, if he became the mayor then she was set up to run the city from behind the scenes. But, what if we assume that she only viewed her husband as a stepping stone?

What if she knew he would have a better shot of becoming a serious candidate than she did? Then, once he’s established himself, she has him killed so that she can run in his place. This would turn all of his former supporters into her current supporters.

Honestly it was a pretty good plan other than the fact that she’s going to get caught.

From Marine to Assassin

The next person I want to bring up is Ethan Dole, the man who assassinated Mr. Mozeleemay. There are some things about him that don’t quite add up with what I’ve just asserted about Mrs. Mozeleemay. In fact, everything I just mentioned may be completely wrong, and that’s what I want to touch on now.

After his death we learned that Ethan wasn’t actually a Semanian, but instead was a human. Specifically a human who knew how to use magic and wield a sword, which is extremely uncommon. It then turns out that he was a former Marine who went missing six years earlier.

The big question here is what happened to him? Did he meet Zelada during his time missing? Did he leave the Marines after meeting Zelada? Either way, it seems clear that the two are connected somehow, which I didn’t originally think last week.

Now, here’s where Mrs. Mozeleemay comes in to the picture. She and her husband are both Semanian. And as I mentioned, Ethan is not. However, in the picture Randall takes of Mrs. Mozeleemay meeting with Ethan we can see that Ethan is using his magic to disguise himself as a Semanian.

It’s entirely possible that Mrs. Mozeleemay actually didn’t hire him to kill her husband. Instead, Ethan may have taken on the appearance of a Semanian, gotten close to Mrs. Mozeleemay to learn information about her husband, and then proceeded to assassinate him for Zelada’s cause.

And if this is truly the case, we may have to rethink Zoey’s assassination. It may turn out that Mrs. Mozeleemay is a law abiding citizen through and through. Sure, she acted extremely suspiciously, but we don’t have proof she’s done anything illegal just yet.

Zelada Returns

And finally, at the end of the episode we get the return of Zelada. I haven’t yet explained why I think Ethan is actually a member of Zelada’s faction yet, so let’s get right into that.

After Ethan’s death the “FBI” quickly swoop in to take control of the crime scene away from Kei and Tilarna. At the time, I felt like something wasn’t quite right, as I’m sure many of you did as well. It turns out that our feelings were well-placed, because these FBI agents happen to be working for Zelada.

At the end of this episode they surround Kei, Tilarna, and Randall and take them all into custody. During this arrest, Tilarna realizes that all of the agents other than the one in charge are actually already dead and being controlled. And of course, Zelada is nearby.

Zelada from the anime series Cop Craft

Also, let’s not forget that Kei and Tilarna have had strange encounters with the FBI before. Back in episode 8, the one in which Tilarna gets turned into a cat, the pair were harassed by an agent who wanted to retrieve all the evidence they collected from the plane crash.

The piece of evidence he was looking for was the crossbow which shot Tilarna. So with this in mind, I think it’s safe to say that even back then Zelada had at least some of the FBI under his control.


Is anyone even watching Cop Craft? Let me know in the comments if you are, because I only know of one other person actually watching this series. Sure, the animation sucks and the plot is a bit strange, but the story and characters are pretty good.

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