Cop Craft Episode 12

Cop Craft Episode 12

Two Worlds, Two Justices

The first season of Cop Craft is officially over. I know, I’m sad too. But think of it this way, despite the series having terrible animation and the fact that no studio in their right mind would give it a second season, the studio behind this series is Millepensee.

If they can give Berserk a second season, they can give Cop Craft a second season. And that’s the first thing I really want to talk about here. Will Cop Craft get a second season? If so, what will it cover?

Alright, the first thing I need to mention about this topic is that no, a second season of Cop Craft has not been confirmed (yet). But like I said, there’s not really a reason for there not to be a second season. It’s not like Millepensee is a studio that has a lot of other options, so I’m sure they’d be happy to have a second season greenlit.

On the other hand, I do think that where the season ended is also a good stopping point for the anime. There were a couple loose ends, such as who trained Ethan Dole — probably the same person who trained Tilarna — but overall the main plot was wrapped up neatly.

As for what would happen in the second season, I’d imagine it would be similar to the first season. I do think Tilarna and Kei have to travel beyond the gate to Leto Semani. But, I think the second season may be a bit too soon for that. That’s more like third season stuff.

Also, there are six light novels out at the time of this review being written. I’m not sure exactly how far into those the anime got, but I’d imagine it only went three novels deep at most.

Kei’s Password

Now let’s discuss the biggest question of the entire episode, “what is Kei’s phone password?”

As far as I’m concerned there are two options, and both rely on him telling the truth when he said it was seven characters long. The first option is that Kei was actually telling his interrogator the real password. That password was “F***YOU” and I could definitely see this being Kei’s actual password.

However, there’s another option which I actually considered before Kei began to spell out the first option. As soon as he said the password was 7 characters long, I assumed his password would be “TILARNA.”

Honestly I could see either of these turning out to be the case, and I’m kind of glad we weren’t given an official answer to this question so I can speculate. He’s sarcastic enough for the first one to be true, but I think he cares about Tilarna enough for the second to be true as well.

I still don’t think Kei has any romantic feelings for Tilarna like she seems to have for him. When I say that he cares about her I mean that he’s very attached to her as his partner, sees her as a close friend, and potentially thinks of her as a younger sister or even daughter. After all, he’s in his 30s I think and she’s 18.

I’m not saying they can’t have a romantic relationship, but Kei has never hinted at that being something he wants. He mainly treats Tilarna as either his partner or a child. And no, I don’t want them to change their relationship. I like the dynamic they have now.

Zelada’s Will

So what was the deal with Zelada after all? Well, we’ve known for a long time that his goal was to create mistrust and hatred between the Humans and Semanians, but we never had a reason for why this is the case. Unfortunately, the reason we got in the end wasn’t a very good one.

It turns out that Zelada just doesn’t like Humans because he doesn’t like seeing Semanians embracing Human technology and culture. One of the biggest issues he had with Human culture was the music, and apparently that was enough for him to become a terrorist.

Also, it seems that Marla Mozeleemay was in fact the one behind her husband’s death for whatever reason. Zelada actually wanted Coal Mozeleemay to win the election, not be assassinated. The assassin, Ethan Dole, went against Zelada’s orders after having his meeting with Marla.

Zelada using his Transmutation of Hell spell from the anime series Cop Craft
Zelada using his Transmutation of Hell spell

If we get more Cop Craft anime, I don’t think this is going to be the last we’ll see of Zelada. Yes, he died, but I think we’ll have to see him in flashbacks later on. He was such an integral character and there are still unanswered questions surrounding him.

For example, how exactly was he related to Ethan? We know he didn’t train Ethan, but somehow the two came into contact and joined forces or a time. Also, how is Zelada related to Tilarna? He speaks respectfully to Tilarna, implying that he respects the standing she holds as a Semanian Knight.

He also seems to be a high ranking person in Semanian culture himself based on his clothing, magical skill, and the fact that Tilarna knew who he was from the start. And, let’s not forget he played a role in the initial war between the Humans and Semanians.

Tilarna’s World

Throughout the series we’ve learned a decent amount about the world beyond the gate, Leto Semani. This episode was no different, and actually may have been the first time we heard the name of the world.

Aside from that, though, there were two other pieces of information regarding this world, and specifically Tilarna, featured in the episode. The first is the name of the pantheon of Semanian gods. This pantheon is known as Kizenya.

Tilarna refers to “the gods of Kizenya” so we can assume that includes the various gods associated with Vaifhat steel transformations. Specifically we know there’s a god of war and a god of the forge. There are likely many other gods as well, though it’s unclear if we’ll ever learn of them.

Tilarna and Kei sitting on a fire escape from the anime series Cop Craft
Tilarna and Kei sitting on a fire escape

The information specifically regarding Tilarna has to do with her family. During the end credits we have Tilarna narrating a letter she’s writing to her father. In it she also mentions her mother and someone by the name of Shajinna. My guess is that this person is Tilarna’s sibling, probably sister.

If and when we do make our way to Leto Semani, I’m sure we’ll meet Tilarna’s family and learn the true identity of Shajinna. But what’s the fun of saying that if I don’t also make a crazier prediction to go along with it?

I’m fairly confident that Tilarna isn’t just any Semanian Knight. I think her father is the King, her mother is the Queen, and her sister is probably the crown princess. Tilarna was likely the crown princess, but gave it up to follow her sense of justice. You heard it here first.


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