Cop Craft Episode 2

Cop Craft Episode 2

Dragnet Mirage

This week’s episode of Cop Craft was titled “Dragnet Mirage,” though we were never actually told what that is or what it’s supposed to mean. However, I have two main guesses. Either Dragnet Mirage is another name for the Fairy dust drug, or it’s the name of the underground organization which produces it.

And while we don’t know what this organization’s goals are, we learned that they’re more than a standard drug cartel. I assume they’re the ones making and distributing the drugs, but they also make weapons out of them and sell those weapons to terrorist organizations.

I’ll get into these weapons and the drugs themselves later on, but for now I just want to say that I think the terrorist organization purchasing the weapons will only be a sub-antagonist. The main antagonists of the series are probably going to be the drug synthesizers and traffickers, who coincidentally aren’t human.

Tilarna Exedilica laughing from the anime series Cop Craft
Tilarna Exedilica laughing

And I bring up the fact that the antagonists in this series aren’t human because I think that’s going to be a theme throughout the series. Kei somewhat distrusts Tilarna due to her race, and as the series progresses the two of them will slowly bond as his racist views fade away.

There’s probably going to be some sort of turning point for the pair as well once the learn the other-worlder drug traffickers are working with human terrorists. Something about how there’s good and bad in people of all races is my guess.

But Kei’s transformation isn’t the one I’m interested in. He seems like a pretty standard protagonist. He has optimistic ideals, but at the same time has seen enough to know how reality works. Tilarna isn’t the same. She’s the younger, less experienced of the two and I’m looking forward to her character growth.


The other-worlders, or at least the race Tilarna is a member of (which I think last week I mentioned I would get the name of, but alas here we are), are able to use a form of magic. In the previous episode we saw Tilarna use it to power herself up in some way before charging into battle.

However, there seem to be many more uses for this magic than simply for physical buffs. Tilarna mentions that this magic system, known as mildey, isn’t all powerful as Kei probably believes it to be. But with that said, we don’t yet have a true understanding of how it works or what its limitations are.

When Tilarna used it, it was more of an invocation of the gods. But when one of the antagonists uses it, this isn’t the case. He’s able to control the “dead” with a simple flick of his finger, no incantation needed.

Unfortunately I don’t think the magic system in Cop Craft is ever actually going to be explained. Sure, magic in the form of mildey seems to be a fairly important aspect of the series, but I don’t think an understanding of that system is all that necessary for the story to make sense.

Also, has it been established how long the gate has been open for in this world? The various races seem to be mixed together pretty well, which I assume took some time, but the humans in the series seem to have trouble believing that magic exists.

If the fact that a gate to another world opening up wasn’t enough evidence, Kei even witnesses Tilarna use her magic to fight. And yet, he seems to dismiss the idea that magic is real when she attempts to use it to solve the crimes they’re investigating at first.

“Regular Users”

It seems that the humans and other-worlders have different understandings about the Fairy dust drugs. This is first seen when Kei refers to the deceased as “regular users” while Tilarna refers to them as “dead.” At face value, it would seem they’re referring to two different things, but are they?

We later learn that even those who are still “alive” are referred to as “dead” by the other-worlders once they come in contact with the drug. At this stage, however, it’s unclear whether they’re actually alive or dead. In all likeliness, they’re existing somewhere in between.

It should come as no surprise that the other-worlders have a better understanding of the drugs they create than the humans do. The humans see the Fairy dust almost as any other drug. People get addicted to it, commit crimes while on it, and occasionally die because of it.

Tilarna Exedilica from the anime series Cop Craft
Tilarna Exedilica

It’s also important to note that even those who have only used the drug once are seen as “regular users” by the humans. This isn’t because using something one time makes someone a regular user, but probably more due to the fact that the humans simply can’t tell the difference between someone using it once or hundreds of times.

On the other hand we have the other-worlders who have a similar, yet opposite understanding. To them, using the drug only once is also the same as using it hundreds of times, but they refer to them as “dead.”

Is this because using the drug even once seals their fate? Is it because it turns them into mindless beings who are controllable? Or is it because it actually kills them after a single use and their bodies are simply being controlled after death?


So what did you think of this week’s episode of Cop Craft? Do you think the magic system is ever going to be explained? What do you think Dragnet Mirage is? And what are your thoughts about the “regular users?” Let me know in the comments.

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