Cop Craft Episode 9

Cop Craft Episode 9

A King Maker

This week’s episode of Cop Craft was a bit strange. It concluded the mini arc from the previous episode and began the next mini arc. However, that’s not what was strange. What was strange is how it chose do make this swap between arcs.

If you’ve been watching Cop Craft you may have noticed the little introduction which sometimes plays before the OP. This intro isn’t always present, but I think we’ve only ever seen it right at the start of an episode or right before the OP begins playing.

This time around, the intro came right in the middle of the episode and served to split the two arcs. It really felt like the director didn’t know how to make a natural transition there and chose to add the intro instead. And honestly, I don’t even think there needed to be a real transition in the first place.

Also I just want to say that the Cop Craft intro reminds me of a mix of the Seven Deadly Sins intro and the Pokémon narrator.

Tilarna and Kuroi

In last week’s episode Tilarna was shot with a latena-rich crossbow bolt which caused some strange side effects. She swapped bodied with Kei’s cat, Kuroi. But, while this gave us some pretty good Tilarna’s body content, it wasn’t exactly a very good episode plot.

I’m still not sure if this is a good thing or not, but that plot was wrapped up rather easily in the first half of this episode. Once the crossbow was destroyed in a waste treatment plant, Tilarna and Kuroi’s souls swapped back into their original bodies.

Tilarna beating up a hitman from the anime series Cop Craft
Tilarna beating up a hitman

On one hand, I’m glad this plot point wasn’t dragged out any longer across multiple episodes. But on the other, this resolution made the rest of the mini arc feel pointless. Sure, the original point of the crossbow could come back later in the series, but I really don’t feel like it will.

What I mean by that is I’m sure it plays a bigger role in the light novel and actually ties back into the main plot somehow, but it won’t in the anime. This season is only set to run for 12 episodes, and I doubt it’s going to get a second season. I just don’t feel like it’s popular enough.

Pool Party Tilarna

The best thing about Cop Craft is Tilarna. Sometimes the plot is good, but any time Tilarna is on screen is always good. That’s why the second half of this episode was better than the first. Sure, Tilarna was in both halves, but in the second half she has a new outfit.

The police force has a pool party, and so obviously Tilarna is going to be the star of the show. Her outfit includes a middle school swimsuit, a pink hoodie, a green scabbard for her sword, and two upside down ice cream cones on her head.

Tilarna wearing her pool outfit from the anime series Cop Craft
Tilarna wearing her pool outfit

It was interesting to see that despite some of the things Tilarna gets embarrassed about, this outfit wasn’t one of them. She didn’t even mind when she and Kei had to report in to the morgue while still dressed like this. And I think this ties into how outgoing Tilarna actually is.

Despite how stubborn she can be at times with Kei, she’s able to get along with just about anyone. From watching her interact with Kei you wouldn’t expect her to be one of the people passing a beach ball in the pool at the party, but there she is.

Super Sleuth Tilarna

So, I mentioned that Tilarna and Kei had to go to the morgue while still wearing their pool party outfits. This is because while the party was in full swing, one of the mayoral candidates was assassinated by a Semanian. Well, actually I don’t think we know if the assassination attempt was successful or not.

We’re told that the candidate was unresponsive as he was being put into the ambulance, but not if he actually died due to his injuries. However, the Semanian who attempted to assassinate him did die, though it was before the assassination attempt took place.

Tilarna deduces that the Semanian who actually committed the crime was already dead before it happened, and that his body was being controlled by magic. Zelada is the prime suspect, but we don’t know if he was involved for sure just yet — he totally was.

Then, Tilarna also points out something which the other detectives seem to have overlooked, the motive for the assassination. Who stands to gain the most from it?

The Mayoral Race

There were three candidates running for the position of mayor: the liberal Semanian who was caught up in the prostitution sting, the conservative human who was shot, and the extreme-right conservative human who things Semanians should go back to where they came from.

It’s this third candidate who stands to gain the most from this plot. Since a human candidate was shot by a Semanian, the human masses will be more likely to express anti-Semanian views. Then, they’ll vote for the man who wants the Semanians to all be deported.

Also, I’m pretty sure Zelada is involved because he too wants to cause discord between the humans and Semanians. Their goals are aligned, just as Zelada’s goals aligned with the terrorists from the very first arc of the series. It seems like everything is starting to come together.


What do you think? Is the right-wing candidate involved in the plot? Or is it the left-wing candidate? Sure, the liberal candidate is a criminal in his own right, but this assassination would only hurt his chances of winning. Also let me know in the comments your thoughts on Tilarna’s pool attire.

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