Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 11

Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 11

Spies Are Just Like Idols

As a concept, Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 11 is good. I like how the “return by death” mechanic is used. It’s an ability that can be passed from one person to another and it seems fairly restricted in scope, which prevents it from being too overpowered.

But, I disliked just about everything else that made up this episode. The animation was horrible, there were some cringe moments, and the trope of good guys never killing anyone has been taken way too far.

I don’t have too much to say about the animation, so let’s just get that out of the way first. There were some scenes that jumped between stills in an awkward way instead of panning over the background. And there were some action scenes that simply panned instead of being animated.

Commander Vera's spy from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
Commander Vera’s spy

Now, moving on to one of my favorite terrible moments of the episode, there’s Sumire’s assertion that spies are just like idols. That was probably the most cringe thing I’ve heard in a while.

I think we can all agree that Sumire’s background as an idol really has nothing to do with the rest of the series. It’s only there so that she can be “quirky” with the way she dresses and speaks. It literally adds nothing of value.

But in this episode, the writers decided to thrust Sumire’s background into the spotlight once again by having her claim that she understands what it’s like to be a double-agent spy because she used to be an idol.

That’s like me claiming I know what it’s like to be an award-winning author because my tweet got some likes. Shut up, Sumire.

A Lot of Gun Pointing

It’s hard to top Sumire’s cringe. However, there’s something else in Episode 11 that made me angrier. Vera Platoon caught the bad guys off guard multiple times and instead of shooting them, they just stood there with their guns aimed until the bad guys escaped.

Okay, I can understand why Shigure didn’t want to paint the walls with Nadia’s brains when he held her at gunpoint. He wants to be a “superhero” and Nadia is a child. Of course, Shigure isn’t going to shoot her. But he also doesn’t exactly stop her in any way.

There was also a scene at one point when Nadia unleashed her rabbits on Vera Platoon again and they acted like they were being attacked by bulletproof bears or something. We’ve seen that these rabbits are just angry rabbits. In Episode 5, they were taken out simply by being kicked. Why aren’t the members of Vera Platoon just shooting them?

Shigure pointing a gun at Nadia from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
Shigure pointing a gun at Nadia

Another example is when Larry and Kobato interrupt Hayden when he’s about to shoot Commander Vera. One of them shoots the gun out of Hayden’s hand from like 5 feet away, and then they just stand there waiting for him to run off.

If a terrorist is holding your commander at gunpoint and you were able to sneak up on them, why not just shoot them then and there? Why are we letting Hayden escape? Larry, of all people, should have no problem shooting him in the back. He doesn’t feel emotions.

And, I guess I’ll also comment on the fact that both the good and bad guys have the aim of Storm Troopers when shooting at each other. They can hit a Scarred no problem. But hitting a human-shaped target with an automatic rifle? Impossible.

El-Cee and Vera Rustamova

Back in my review of Episode 8, I made the bold prediction that Vera Rustamova and El-Cee are one and the same. The end of Episode 11 seems to lend credibility to that prediction. Shigure figures out that if El-Cee is killed, Vera will disappear as well.

Why would that be the case unless Vera is just an adult El-Cee? They even have the same hair and eye colors. However, I still don’t know how it’s possible for them to be the same person. The limitations of the return by death ability seem to prevent that from being the case.

As far as we’re still aware, this ability resets time on a universal scale. We’ve never seen it used to transport a single person back in time. Instead, when the ability’s user dies, the entire universe is reset back to a set point. This should prevent any time-travel paradoxes aside from the ability’s user having knowledge of previous timelines.

Vera Rustamova from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
Vera Rustamova

Now that Shigure has the ability to return by death, we’ve also seen that he gets reset to the morning after he was given the ability by Vera. He doesn’t appear to be able to choose how far back he’s reset.

Unfortunately, we don’t know why this is his reset point. Is it because that’s when he formally became in possession of the ability and so that’s his limit? Is there just a maximum limit for how far back the universe can be reset? If he survived for weeks and then died, would it still be reset back to that point?

Such limits could explain why Vera’s hands were somewhat tied and all she could do was continuously throw herself and her team at the problem without success. Maybe she couldn’t reset far enough back to change the outcome at that point?

Also, I guess this means that Leslie won’t be coming back because Shigure resets to a point after Leslie is already dead.


What do you think of Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 11? Do you find the time-resetting ability to be interesting in this series? Did you physically cringe at Sumire’s comment? And what do you think the connection between Vera and El-Cee is? Let me know in the comments.

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