Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 12

Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 12

The Same Problems as Last Week

All of the complaints I made in my Episode 11 review apply to Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 12, as well. Once again, our heroes refuse to use any kind of lethal force against the bad guys despite the bad guys using it on them.

Well, at least Hayden attempts to use lethal force. I can’t really say the same about Nadia considering her weapons of choice are literally just rabbits she’s trained to bite people.

Last week, I pointed out that these rabbits aren’t actually a threat to anyone. And this week, that was proven to be true by Larry “defeating” them by luring them into a cage with some carrots. Truly, only someone who doesn’t feel fear like Larry could have faced off against such menacing beasts.

Hayden about to throw himself into the Asylum from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
Hayden about to throw himself into the Asylum

Also, why does Nadia use her rabbits to fight when she literally has a gun on her? Didn’t she shoot Vera’s double-agent spy with a sidearm just moments before she was captured? Am I supposed to believe she ditched the gun after the shooting to hide the evidence?

Then, we have the whole thing with Hayden killing himself by throwing himself into the Abyss after his plan is foiled. I get the symbolism of him dying in the same way as Leslie. But why were the members of Vera Platoon concerned about him? Let him jump. That’s one less problem to worry about.

Oh, and did you notice that the railing was already broken before Larry crash-landed the plane? I’m pretty sure the nose of the plane was supposed to break the railing. But I guess animating that was too hard.

A Shocking Twist Nobody Could Have Predicted

If we just ignore the fact that I predicted Commander Vera and El-Cee were the same person weeks ago, then the reveal that this is the case was a shocking twist. Honestly, that shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone, even if you hadn’t read any of my previous reviews.

However, how exactly Vera and El-Cee could be the same person was never explained. It’s kind of a massive plot hole in the series. Though, as we’ll see later on in this review, it’s not the only plot hole featured in this episode.

So, let’s go through why exactly Vera and El-Cee being the same person doesn’t make sense based on what we know from the anime. At first, it might seem to make sense since Vera had the ability to turn back time. But, upon further inspection, this doesn’t hold up.

Sumire, Larry, and Kobato from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
Sumire, Larry, and Kobato

You see, Vera couldn’t simply turn back time whenever she wanted. It was confirmed in this episode that she could only go back in time upon dying like Shigure. And, it’s not just that she’s sent back in time. The whole universe gets reset aside from her memories and the Aruka.

This means that there should be no possible situation for there to be two of her present within the same timeline. When she turns back time, that includes time for herself. If she were to turn back time by 20 years, she wouldn’t run into herself from 20 years ago. She would simply be 20 years younger.

Additionally, we know that there’s a set amount of time one can turn back upon dying with the Aruka. We don’t know exactly how that amount of time is determined. But for Vera, it seems to have been a few weeks, or even months, at most. So how did she travel over a decade back in time to exist alongside El-Cee?

What Happened to Shigure?

The other plot hole I mentioned has to do with Shigure’s death at the end of the episode. Now, since Deep Insanity is based on a mobile game, perhaps this is explained in the game. But simply going off what we get from the anime, it really doesn’t make sense.

Why does Shigure disappear after dying as if he’s going to be sent back in time once again? He’s no longer in possession of the Aruka this time around. And as far as we know, time doesn’t get reset after his death.

By that logic, Shigure shouldn’t have disappeared. He should have simply died and his corpse should have been left behind just as was the case for Leslie. I do have a theory that may explain this. But first, I need to mention the other odd thing about the end of the episode.

Shigure disappearing for some reason from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
Shigure disappearing for some reason

The very last scene of the episode shows a new recruit appearing before Commander Vera. This recruit is clearly not the Shigure we know. And yet, Vera refers to him as Shigure Daniel Kai. What’s going on here?

Considering this series is based on a mobile game, I think it’s safe to say that Shigure is a self-insert character. So, what I believe we’re seeing at the end of the episode is a different person self-inserting as Shigure. It illustrates that Shigure could be anyone.

This could also explain why Shigure disappears when he dies instead of leaving a corpse behind. And, Vera’s comment about how they’ll see Shigure again despite him having died makes sense if you consider she’s referring to another Shigure.

For now, I’m still going to consider the way Shigure died to be a plot hole. But, if it was an attempt to show that he’s just a self-insert, I guess that’s pretty meta.


What do you think of the final episode of Deep Insanity: The Lost Child? Did you actually make it to the end of this series, or are you reading this review without watching it? And do you think my theory about Shigure makes sense? Let me know in the comments.

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