Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 5

Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 5

Shigure x Kobato

I feel like Deep Insanity: The Lost Child had been acceptable for a few weeks there. But Episode 5 reminded me that this is a bad anime, not an average one. I seriously considered whether or not I should drop the series from my weekly review schedule while watching this episode.

But, since I’m writing this, it should be obvious that, for now at least, I’ve decided to push on and continue the reviews. That might change over the next few weeks, though. I do have a lot of other things I’d rather write about, so freeing up another slot in my weekly schedule would be nice.

You’re not here for that, though. For some reason, you’re here to read about Deep Insanity Episode 5. I can’t relate to wanting to put yourself through that.

Larry and Sumire judging Shigure from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
Larry and Sumire judging Shigure

This week’s episode was all about the relationship, or lack thereof, between Shigure and Kobato. Despite being the two rearguard team members, the two of them don’t have a good rapport with each other.

It’s not that they dislike each other. It’s just that they both — mainly Shigure — go out of their way to avoid the other. As we learn later in the episode, Shigure avoids Kobato because she’s a better otaku than he is. And Kobato doesn’t particularly like Shigure because she thinks he’s avoiding her because of her prosthesis.

I can understand where Kobato is coming from. She’s probably pretty self-conscious about her leg and the way Shigure has been acting doesn’t help. But, Shigure, really? You’re afraid to talk to Kobato because she likes anime and manga more than you do?

It’s no wonder Leslie and Sumire think Shigure is a virgin since he acts like that.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

By this point, it should be clear to everyone that Deep Insanity isn’t exactly the most unique anime around. It may be an “original” series, but the themes, tropes, and everything else about it are anything but original.

As soon as it was made clear that this episode was about Shigure’s and Kobato’s relationship, I knew how it was going to play out. The two of them are going to be separated from the other characters and then have to put aside their differences to overcome some obstacle that gets in their way.

This is a classic “filler” episode plot that I’ve seen countless times. I mean, I feel like it’s probably happened at least a handful of times in Boruto alone so far. However, unlike Boruto, Deep Insanity doesn’t have a bunch of episodes that need to be filler to keep the anime behind the source material.

Reika Kobato from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
Reika Kobato

Also, I guess I should point out that the obstacle the characters in these types of episodes need to overcome is rarely all that severe. Sure, Nadia is an assassin who works alongside Hayden. But did she pose any kind of real threat here? I’d argue no.

Nadia’s rabbits were easily distracted with some meat and then taken out with simple kicks. Based on that, it’s clear to me that Hayden is the only real threat out of the two of them. It was even implied that Hayden was the one who summoned the Scarred, not Nadia.

And, as for that Scarred, it was probably the weakest Scarred we’ve seen in the whole series so far. It was literally a teenage girl — school uniform and everything. Usually, Sleepers need specialized weapons to take Scarred down. Shigure and Kobato used some pipes they found lying around to defeat this one.

Kobato is Literally a New Character

There were a lot of things I didn’t like about this episode, as you’ve probably gathered by now. But the thing I disliked the most was that Kobato seems to be an entirely new character. She didn’t get any development. She was literally rewritten to be someone else.

We’re just supposed to accept that she’s now a hardcore otaku who draws bishounen manga and is extremely self-conscious? I don’t think she gave off those vibes in any way previously. To me, it just seemed like she was a kuudere with a bit of dandere mixed in.

She came across as someone who was extremely confident in her own abilities, but who wasn’t good at expressing herself, which is why she didn’t interact much with the others. Maybe I just missed all the signs. But I don’t see how the character in this episode is the same person as before.

Kobato and Shigure from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
Kobato and Shigure

With all of that said, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised by Kobato’s sudden personality transformation. After all, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen it happen in this series. Remember when it was revealed that Sumire used to be an idol and she suddenly started speaking in slang?

To be fair, I think the change in Sumire’s personality was less of a shock because her character design kind of gave it away. But who she is now is still vastly different from the person she was before she had her heart-to-heart with Shigure.

This makes me wonder if something similar will happen with Larry. I don’t feel like it will since Larry’s personality is influenced by his brain injury. It’s not as if he’s trying to hide who he used to be like the other two were. And, we’ve already gotten an episode focusing on him with some development.


What do you think of Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 5? Although I definitely think it’s a bad episode, I did find this one easy to write about. I guess it’s just that I have more opinions about things when they’re bad than when they’re average.

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