Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 7

Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 7

One Less Pawn

Another week, another bad episode of Deep Insanity: The Lost Child. At least in Episode 7, Commander Vera finally takes an active role in the series. She seems like she could be a cool character. But I’m sure she’s going to have a lame backstory in the end.

Though, with Commander Vera becoming a main, or at least more active, character now, I’m starting to doubt if we’ll ever see the character featured in the cover art for the series. It’s pretty weird that we haven’t seen her yet.

Anyway, right at the start of Episode 7, it was confirmed that Leslie is, in fact, dead. He’s not going to reappear later in the series, even as a scarred. Well, he shouldn’t. If he does, I’ll think even less of this series than I already do.

Larry, Shigure, and Kobato from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
Larry, Shigure, and Kobato

Regarding Leslie’s death, Vera’s only real response was that she now has one less pawn to help her reach her goal — of assassinating a child. I don’t think that’s how she actually feels, though. She might act as if she doesn’t care, but it seems pretty clear to me that she does.

Vera just has to put on a facade in front of everyone else because she’s the commander. If she was to show emotion, that could negatively impact her platoon. There’s no room for emotions in the Asylum. That would just lead to more deaths.

With all that said, I don’t think Vera is a good person. Maybe she thinks assassinating El-Cee will stop the world from being destroyed. But even then, that doesn’t make her a hero. As Shigure could probably tell her, a hero would try to save everyone, El-Cee included.

Mission to Area 306

Leslie has only been submerged in his coffin of green liquid for about a day and Vera already decided to launch another mission to Area 306 of the Asylum. This is the rundown town where the platoon gathered information before their botched assassination.

As Vera states, she knows El-Cee is going to be long gone. So it’s not as if she’s leading this mission to the area in hopes of finishing the job. But, it’s clear that she’s after something. At first, I thought that something might be the ring she obtained from the village chief.

However, based on the end of the episode, I think the something Vera is after is actually revenge. As I mentioned earlier, I do think she cares about her “pawns” despite what she says. And Leslie was someone she knew for years. Vera wanting to avenge him makes perfect sense, especially since she personally knows his killer.

Commander Vera from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
Commander Vera

Now, we know Vera’s revenge mission didn’t succeed since Hayden escaped at the end of the episode. But, now I’m wondering how long Hayden is going to last. He doesn’t really seem like the main antagonist of the series, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets killed off as well.

However, I’m still feeling like this is going to be the kind of series in which a “greater evil” is revealed and the characters from various factions have to come together to stop it. That would mean Hayden would eventually team up with the remaining members of Vera Platoon.

Basically, I see this series going down the same path as Magatsu Wahrheit, which is another anime based on a game. It’s also another anime I thought could have been good but ended up mediocre and forgettable. Though, that’s better than the direction Deep Insanity is heading.

Commander Vera

As you probably know, there’s a lot we don’t know about Commander Vera. We know she was formerly a member of a Sleeper platoon with Leslie and Hayden. And we know she has strong feelings about the fate of El-Cee for some reason. Other than that, she’s a mystery.

Since we knew she was a Sleeper herself at one point, it’s no surprise that Vera is skilled in combat. But I wasn’t expecting her weapon of choice to be a giant scythe. This is just a guess, but that could be a hint toward her past.

No, I don’t think Vera’s use of a scythe means that she’s actually the grim reaper or anything like that. But the only other Sleeper we know of who didn’t use a firearm was Leslie. And if you recall, Leslie mentioned that his skill with a sword had something to do with his life before he was a Sleeper.

Commander Vera using her scythe from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
Commander Vera using her scythe

We still never got a definitive answer for what Leslie’s life was like before he became a Sleeper. But since we never got an answer, that seems to lend itself to my theory that his past and Vera’s past are connected in some way.

We might finally get to learn about Leslie’s past when we learn more about Vera’s past. Or, at least, that’s what I hope will happen. Considering how the anime has been going so far, though, I also wouldn’t be surprised if we just never learned about either of their pasts.

I’m going to be extremely disappointed if the fact that Vera uses a scythe to fight is never actually addressed. That kind of seems like an important detail when you consider everyone else uses high-tech firearms. Also, her scythe works like a boomerang.


What do you think of Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 7? Were you surprised when it was revealed so quickly that Leslie is really dead? Do you think Vera secretly cares about her pawns? And why do you think she uses a scythe? Let me know in the comments.

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