Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 8

Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 8

Leslie’s Legacy

Toward the beginning of Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 8, Shigure is seeking out people from whom he can learn more about Leslie. He wants to know who Leslie really was and what the message Leslie left for him means.

Naturally, this means Shigure paid a visit to the bar that Leslie “frequented.” Although, as we learn, Leslie wasn’t actually that frequent of a customer. As such the bartender wasn’t able to help Shigure figure out what the message was supposed to mean.

In fact, I’d say she was pretty useless in that regard — she suggested it might be a credit card number. Now, maybe Japanese credit cards are different, but the credit card numbers where I’m from don’t have letters.

Shigure and the bartender reminiscing about Leslie from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
Shigure and the bartender reminiscing about Leslie

However, the bartender does mention that Leslie would sometimes sit at a table alone and write in a journal rather than speak to her. At the time, this seems like it could have been an important lead. But, it turned out to be almost as useless as her credit card comment.

Yes, Shigure did eventually find Leslie’s journal. However, he didn’t find the journal because he knew he was looking for a journal. He just happened to find that the journal was hidden where the clues Leslie left him led to.

I guess this first part of the episode is there to set up the fact that Leslie had a journal he wrote things in. But in all honesty, that didn’t need to be set up. Simply by finding Leslie’s journal where he hid it and the contents found within that journal would have told us all of that.

The fact that Leslie had a journal isn’t some twist that needed to be set up to not feel like it came out of left field.

Following the Clues

In Shigure’s defense, it’s not like I immediately knew what the message left behind by Leslie meant either. I can’t claim that he should have known what he was looking for. But, I did notice that the codes associated with the pictures matched the message before it was pointed out.

To be fair, though, it was made pretty obvious. There was a close-up shot of one of the pictures with a code directly beneath it. What surprised me, however, was how normal the picture Shigure found turned out to be.

I was expecting some picture that was taken in secret of a meeting between two people we’d never expect to be meeting. Or maybe a picture of a secret hideout where El-Cee was going to be.

A picture of Kobato, Leslie, and Larry in the Asylum from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
A picture of Kobato, Leslie, and Larry in the Asylum

But, since the picture of Leslie, Kobato, and Larry was so ordinary, it intrigued me even more. It made me start to think about all the other pictures of Leslie found within the database. After all, it was stated that he was facing the camera in every one despite when or where it was taken.

To me, this implies that Leslie was the one taking all of the photographs. But why was he doing that? Was he taking all of these photographs over the years simply so he could hide the one he wanted Shigure to find among them?

I wouldn’t put that past Leslie to do. However, the other option is that all of the photographs contain something Leslie wanted Shigure (or whoever his successor ended up being) to find. There might not be major secrets in each one. But I think Leslie was using them to document something — like Commander Vera, for example.

The Truth about Commander Vera

We know that Leslie’s journal contains the “truth” about Commander Vera, which is why I think the photographs he took may be meant to document her. I think she was even featured in most of the ones we saw, which checks out.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to learn what Leslie knew about Vera in this episode. His journal probably explains her past and why she’s in the position she currently is. It will probably make clear why Vera has her sights set on assassinating El-Cee.

But, we did learn something major about the commander from another source. The man who El-Cee was handed off to at the end of the episode stated that Vera has the ability to turn back time. So, with that kind of twist, of course, I need to make a bold prediction.

Commander Vera from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
Commander Vera

In my review of Episode 7, I mentioned how I thought Vera actually cared about her subordinates despite how she acted. I still think that’s true. But, I think her ability to turn back time also may explain why she seems emotionless. She’s probably seen her subordinates die countless times by now.

But, anyway, why is she turning back time so that she can kill El-Cee? Is it really because El-Cee has the ability to destroy the world? That may be the case. But I think it’s more personal for Vera than that.

I’m going to predict that Vera is actually an adult El-Cee attempting to assassinate her past self for some reason. And if that’s not it because that has more to do with time travel than turning back time, my next prediction is that Vera is El-Cee’s mother.

Of course, I guess she could theoretically turn back time to before El-Cee was born and stop her birth, which might be easier.


What do you think of Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 8? I thought the developments within the latter two-thirds of the episode were good. The beginning wasn’t, and the animation was bad, but I am interested in whatever Leslie uncovered about Vera.

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