Delicious in Dungeon Review

Delicious in Dungeon Review

Delicious in Dungeon anime series cover art
Delicious in Dungeon

Dungeons & Dinners

Delicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi / ダンジョン飯) is one of the best anime to come out of the first half of 2024. I have it right up there with Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Part 2, Gushing over Magical Girls, and Kaiju No. 8. Technically, the only anime I have rated above it (so far) is KonoSuba 3.

So, yeah, Delicious in Dungeon is a good anime. And, this might come as a surprise, but it’s animated by Trigger. Trigger making a good anime isn’t a surprise. But if didn’t know it was by Trigger, I doubt you’d guess they were the studio behind it.

It doesn’t feel like a Trigger anime. It feels more like Production I.G. or Drive, the studios behind Kaiju No. 8 and KonoSuba 3, rather than Trigger. If you’ve seen other Trigger anime, I think you’ll get what I mean. And one reason for that might be that Delicious in Dungeon isn’t an original anime.

Senshi seasoning a dish from the anime series Delicious in Dungeon
Senshi seasoning a dish

Okay, but what’s this series actually about? It’s about a quartet of adventurers who are living off what they find within a dungeon. Well, technically, only three of the four main characters are adventurers. But, it’s about eating stuff found in the dungeon.

Why are they eating stuff found in the dungeon? A dragon killed one of their party members on a lower floor and they need to go back to revive her. However, they don’t have enough money to stock up on food for the trip. So, they have to make do with what they can find.

Luckily for the three real adventurers, they meet a dwarf who’s been living in and surviving off the dungeon for years. If a weird creature within the dungeon doesn’t seem edible, he’ll find a way to cook it.

The Journey to Save Falin

I mentioned that one of the party members got killed by a dragon. Well, it didn’t only kill her; it ate her. That’s a problem because people who die in this dungeon can be revived if their body is brought back to town.

As you may have figured out, there’s no body left to bring back to town if they’re digested. So, Laios, Marcille, Chilchuck, and Senshi have to recover Falin’s remains before it’s too late. The good news, however, is that since the dragon just ate Falin, it shouldn’t be very active for a while.

If the dragon isn’t active, it’s not digesting its food as fast. But our heroes still need to work their way through the dungeon pretty quickly. There’s no telling when the dragon will start moving around again. And also, once the get to the dragon, they still need to slay it.

Chilchuck, Marcille, and Senshi looking at Laios with suspicion from the anime series Delicious in Dungeon
Chilchuck, Marcille, and Senshi looking at Laios with suspicion

At this point in the review, I guess I should go over who the main characters are.

Laios is a human warrior and the older brother of Falin, the one eaten by the dragon. He’s the leader of the party and has a strange obsession with monsters. He’s like a monster encyclopedia.

Marcille is an elf mage who specializes in forbidden magic. She’s currently the only mage in the party because Falin is the other mage. Falin specializes in healing magic, by the way.

Chilchuck is a half-foot rogue whose job is to identify and disable traps within the dungeon. He particularly hates mimics because of prior bad experiences with them.

Senshi is a dwarf and the chef of the group. Pretty much the only things he cares about are making food and not disrupting the ecosystem within the dungeon.

Beyond the Main Characters

It might not come as a surprise to read that the best characters are the main characters. At least, that’s what I think. And from those I’ve spoken to about this series, that seems to be the consensus.

However, there are quite a lot of supporting characters in Delicious in Dungeon. There’s Kabru, a young adventurer, and his party. There’s Namari, a female dwarf who used to be in Laios’s party. And there’s Shuro, a human samurai who used to be in Laios’s party — and all of Shuro’s retainers.

Then there are also groups of orcs and elves and dwarves we meet throughout the series. And, partway through the season, a fifth member joins Laios’s party: Izutsumi. Izutsumi was a female human, but due to a curse is now a catgirl.

Chilchuck, Senshi, and Laios trying to figure out which is the real Marcille from the anime series Delicious in Dungeon
Chilchuck, Senshi, and Laios trying to figure out which is the real Marcille

So, let’s talk a bit about some of these supporting characters, specifically Kabru, Namari, Shuro, and Izutsumi.

I liked Kabru and his party. It was refreshing to see a less experienced party giving the dungeon a shot. There was a good balance between seeing Kabru’s party fail at things and then seeing Laios’s party succeed.

Namari and Shuro are two characters I don’t care for that much. They were pretty prevalent in the first OP for the series. So, I assumed they’d be rejoining Laios’s party. But, that wasn’t the case. In the end, it felt like their characters weren’t nearly as important as they should have been.

And then there’s Izutsumi. I don’t know if anyone actually likes her. I don’t find her to be a particularly good character, and I’m not looking forward to her staying on as a main character. She should have been a temporary character, not Namari or Shuro.

Final Thoughts

I gave Delicious in Dungeon a 7/10. It was really good toward the beginning and really good toward the end. But in the middle, it definitely got a bit slow. That’s pretty normal, especially for anime with 24 episodes. However, it’s still going to affect my rating.

Also, we got confirmation that there will be a Season 2. So, whenever that airs, maybe I’ll do weekly episode reviews of it. It depends on what else is airing at the same time. But this series seems like a fun one to write about weekly.

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