Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Hashira Training Arc Episode 5 Review

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Hashira Training Arc Episode 5 Review

Love Hashira’s Training

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Hashira Training Arc Episode 5 sped things up quite a bit. I assumed that each Hashira was going to get their own episode. I mean, Tengen Uzui and Muichirou Tokitou got entire episodes to themselves.

But it looks like that trend stops here. In this episode, we saw Tanjirou train with three Hashira: Mitsuri, Obanai, and Sanemi. And, at the end of the episode, he shows up to train with Gyoumei. If I had to guess, Gyoumei Himejima’s going to get an entire episode dedicated to him.

We already know Shinobu isn’t participating in the training sessions, so there won’t be one with her. And I’m also guessing we won’t get a full episode dedicated to training with Giyu. He already got an episode when Tanjirou was trying to get him to participate in the first place.

Mitsuri Kanroji serving Tanjirou pancakes from the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Hashira Training Arc Episode 5
Mitsuri Kanroji serving Tanjirou pancakes

Alright, so why didn’t Mitsuri get an episode all to herself? My guess is that it came down to the fact that her training isn’t interesting. She’s just training the demon slayers to be more flexible. It’s a lot of stretching, and that’s about it. It was good for a short gag, but I don’t need a full episode of it.

And, just to be clear, I like Mitsuri. She’s a fun character who lightens the mood of the series in a good way. Zenitsu is an example of a character who lightens the mood in a bad way.

Actually, I would have been fine if Mitsuri’s training was a running segment at the start of each episode. Like, before the episode gets into Tanjirou’s training with one of the other Hashira, we saw a short segment of his training with Mitsuri. The contrast between Mitsuri’s and Obanai’s training was good.

Serpent Hashira’s Training

I forgot how down bad Obanai is for Mitsuri. It’s completely understandable, and I probably would be, too. But I forgot that was a thing. You wouldn’t expect it considering how he usually acts. Though, at the same time, he is the edgiest of the Hashira.

There seems to be a pretty high correlation between edgy dorks who think they’re cool and guys who simp for e-girls. If I think of Obanai like that, it all starts to make sense. If only colored contacts existed in this world, and that was why Obanai had different colored eyes.

Okay, so what was Obanai’s training all about? It’s actually kind of unclear. He seems to have had two different kinds of training going on. He was training the regular demon slayers in one thing and training Tanjirou in another.

Obanai Iguro training Tanjirou from the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Hashira Training Arc Episode 5
Obanai Iguro training Tanjirou

For the regular demon slayers, their training was about accuracy and fighting in confined spaces. We didn’t see them doing this since they were all tied to posts. But it’s pretty clear that’s what his training for them was supposed to be. What about Tanjirou, though? How did his training differ from theirs?

Technically, Tanjirou’s training was the same. However, it had an added element. He had to be careful not to harm the demon slayers tied to the posts he was maneuvering around. What this helped him do was to not focus on the others around him and instead only focus on his opponent.

When fighting demons, there are sometimes going to be other people around. There may be civilians captured by the demon(s). Or there might be other demon slayers fighting alongside you. In either scenario, you need to be able to focus on your opponent. Losing your focus in that situation could be fatal.

Wind Hashira’s Training

The final training session of the episode was with Sanemi Shinazugawa, the Wind Hashira. I kind of assumed Tanjirou’s training session with Sanemi wouldn’t go well. But after how his training with Obanai ended, I thought maybe I would be wrong.

I didn’t expect Tanjirou’s training with Obanai to turn out the way it did. Sure, Obanai still doesn’t like Tanjirou. But that’s only because Mitsuri likes Tanjirou. Obanai accepts that Tanjirou is a skilled demon slayer, even if he won’t admit it. That’s not the case with Sanemi.

Sanemi really doesn’t like Tanjirou. But why not? It all started with Nezuko. Of all the Hashira, Sanemi is the one who seems to hate demons the most. So, it’s no wonder that he’s never really accepted that Nezuko is a good demon. And since Tanjirou is Nezuko’s protector, Sanemi doesn’t like Tanjirou.

Sanemi Shinazugawa picking a fight with Tanjirou from the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Hashira Training Arc Episode 5
Sanemi Shinazugawa picking a fight with Tanjirou

This also seems to partially be why Sanemi doesn’t get along with his younger brother, Genya. Okay, so Sanemi already has an issue with Genya that’s unrelated. But when Genya mentions that he’s eaten demons in order to keep fighting, Sanemi loses it. He likely views Genya eating demons as him being tainted by them.

But, as I feel like I’ve explained before, I don’t think Sanemi actually hates Genya. I’m pretty confident in saying that he wants Genya to drop out of the Demon Slayer Corps because he doesn’t want Genya to die. Demons killed the rest of their family, and Sanemi doesn’t want to lose Genya that way, too.

That’s my guess as to why Sanemi is so harsh on Genya. But will we get to see these two brothers reconcile in this season? It seems unlikely after Tanjirou was banned from training with Sanemi.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Hashira Training Arc Episode 5? Which of the three Hashira training sessions in this episode was your favorite? Would you have liked it more if each of these Hashira got an entire episode? And what do you think about Sanemi’s and Genya’s relationship?

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