Fall 2019 Seasonal Anime Ranked

Fall 2019 Seasonal Anime Ranked


I sat here for a while thinking about what to write about today. I have a whole list of topics that I keep for days like today, when I have no series, seasons, or episodes to review. But the problem is that right now, they’re all topics related to Naruto/Boruto, and I didn’t exactly want to write about that three days in a row.

So even though the fall 2019 season isn’t over just yet, and my ratings of these series are subject to change, I felt like this was a good topic for today. I haven’t really done this sort of post before, other than as part of my 2018 end of the year roundup post.

Aside from One Piece (because I’m not actually caught up with it), there are 21 currently airing anime I’m watching. There are also a couple not currently airing anime, but those don’t matter for the purpose of this post. So we’ll be going through them each from best to worst, with a brief description of why I have them ranked as I do.

And of course, whether you agree with my list or not, I’d love to know your thoughts down in the comments after you’ve read through. Do you think my ranking is correct? Am I completely wrong? Are there anime from this season you think I’m missing out on? Let me know.

Ranking the Fall 2019 Anime

Vinland Saga anime series cover art
Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is my #1 anime of the season, and yes, I’m counting anime which didn’t start this season. While it’s true that I only have it rated as an 8/10, I don’t think there’s any contest about this being the best. Sure, the story isn’t the greatest as far as I’m concerned, but Askeladd as a character more than makes up for it.

Babylon is the next best anime of the season, also sitting at an 8/10. Although I like Vinland Saga more, Babylon is probably the anime I’m most interested in. The plot is strange, but every episode introduces a new dynamic and I can’t wait to see where the series ends up.

We Never Learn season 2 anime series cover art
We Never Learn season 2

We Never Learn season 2 may be a strange pick for the #3 position, but looking at the 7/10s on my list I think this one is the most enjoyable. While the OP and ED aren’t as good as the first season, I think the content in between is even better. We get a lot more one-on-one time with the various girls, which is good for their character development.

Fire Force is my fourth pick, apparently. I was debating whether it was fourth or fifth, but I’ll just say it’s fourth. I didn’t like this series as much as a lot of other people did during the first cour, but I do think it’s gotten better now. Also, the use of Mayday by Coldrain as the OP definitely gives it bonus points.

Azur Lane anime series cover art
Azur Lane

Azur Lane is somehow the fifth best thing I’ve watched this season. I didn’t expect this anime to be good when I started watching it — I don’t even play the mobile game. And while I still have no idea what’s going on most of the time, it looks extremely good and it’s somehow one of the most entertaining anime of the season.

Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia is the anime from a mobile game I do play, but I don’t think the anime is quite as good as Azur Lane. Azur Lane is pretty out there, but speaking as someone who has played through the Babylonia singularity, I can say FGO: Babylonia is even more strange.

Blade of the Immortal is my final 7/10 anime for the season, and it’s pretty close to the 6/10 range. If you’ve been following along with my weekly episode reviews then you’ll already have a pretty good understanding of how I feel about this series. It’s good, but I’d definitely like to see it do more, if that makes sense.

No Guns Life is the only anime I have rated as a 6/10 at this point in the season. I know I shouldn’t have expected more from this anime, but I kind of did. It’s gritty, which I wanted it to be, but it’s not exactly the best gritty anime around. And while it’s not for kids, I’d prefer if it was a bit more adult.

My Hero Academia season 4, at a 5/10, is shockingly low on my list, I’m sure. And I will say that I expect my rating of it to increase by the time the season ends (not the fall season, but the 4th season of MHA). I just think that at this point in time the only thing I really care about in this season is Suneater. I don’t really care about Sir Nighteye or Overhaul even though I probably should.

Cautious Hero anime series cover art
Cautious Hero

Cautious Hero has to be next, because it’s another 5/10 that I enjoy, but don’t really care about. If you like this anime, I highly recommend watching KonoSuba if you haven’t already. It’s basically a better version of Cautious Hero.

Boruto will be next, because I like it more than the other 5/10s on my list. I think we all know that Boruto isn’t great, but it’s passable, and that’s all we should really expect it to be. So it gets a 5/10 for doing it’s job.

Dr. Stone is the last of the upper 5/10s for me. Again, as with Blade of the Immortal and Boruto, there’s not much to say here other than that you should go read my weekly episode reviews if you want more information on why I have it rated as I do.

Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! anime series cover art
Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!

Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! is where we hit the lower half of the 5/10s. This series is good enough — it’s an isekai following an all-girl adventurers party. But that’s also why it’s not the best — it’s an isekai following an all-girl adventurers party. I’d rather watch Endro~! if I was going to watch something like this.

Assassins Pride gets a lot of hate, but I don’t think it’s quite as bad as people like to say it is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely not good, but I think everything else on this list is worse. Also Assassins Pride has a really good OP considering the quality of the rest of the series.

Afterschool Dice Club (which I think is a poor translation or simply a bad title) is another 5/10. I have never once looked forward to watching a new episode of this series, and whenever I do I think about how completely average it is in every aspect.

Rifle Is Beautiful anime series cover art
Rifle Is Beautiful

Rifle Is Beautiful is the final 5/10, and let me just say that that’s actually the Japanese title, not the English title. The English title is Chidori RSC, short for Chidori Rifle Shooting Club (Chidori is the school). I affectionately refer to this anime as the NRA girls anime. Unfortunately, it’s not that good and uses awkward CGI.

SAO: Alicization – War of Underworld is the first 4/10. The reason being while the plot and characters are absolutely terrible — perhaps the worst of any Sword Art Online season, it’s actually visually stunning a lot of the time. It’s bad, but it looks nice, so it’s the best of the bad anime as far as I’m concerned.

Ascendance of a Bookworm has been slowly growing on me over the course of this season. Originally I had it at a 3/10, but it’s climbed its way up to a 4/10. I don’t really see it going much higher than that though. It’s sort of like Dr. Stone, but with writing instead of science and a less unique art style.

Oresuki is the last of the 4/10s and I’m actually considering dropping it to a 3/10. The more I watch this anime the more it infuriates me. Everything about it is done so purposefully over-the-top and I hate it. Especially the fact that every character has a nickname based on a flower and made from portions of their name. Literally, why?

The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods is almost at the bottom of the list, coming in with a hot 2/10. After the previous season of The Seven Deadly Sins I actually wasn’t going to watch this one. But once I saw how much of a train wreck the first episode was with all its censoring and incoherent plot, I knew I had to pick it up.

Kandagawa Jet Girls is the worst anime I’m watching this season, at a 1/10. And for those wondering, yes, I’m watching the uncensored version. If there’s a censored version and an uncensored version, I always go with uncensored to get the full effect. But even being uncensored can’t save this anime.


So there you have it. That’s my ranking of the 21 anime I’m watching from the fall 2019 season. As I mentioned at the start, I’d love to know what anime you’re watching this season along with your rankings of them, so leave those down in the comments.

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4 Replies to “Fall 2019 Seasonal Anime Ranked”

  1. I think that Honzuki is better than Dr. Stone because the protagonist is not a genius or OP in any way, despite having a lot of knowledge she don’t tries to impress ignorant people with a gimmick, she doesn’t do everything right the first time and has a disease that limits a lot , it is not a “Because it is science”, pure pretense of being intelligent without real content.

    1. I definitely agree that it’s better than Dr. Stone in those regards. However, I do think Dr. Stone looks better and is simply more entertaining to watch. The Ascendance of a Bookworm just isn’t that exciting or engaging to me. It might be in the future, but not for now.

  2. “Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!” or “noukin” for short, I think it is much better than endro, there are really several differences and among which I highlight how a totally OP character can have, but it does not break the series, a slife of life approach is the solution to the concept of an character extremely powerful because other anime with the same concept, on the contrary were really bad.

    1. I just vastly prefer the art style, character designs, and characters themselves in Endro~! I may have only rated that series as a 6/10, but I enjoyed it a lot thanks to the characters.

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