Fate/Grand Order: Mystic Code Tier List

Fate/Grand Order: Mystic Code Tier List

This article was last updated on November 27, 2023.

Tier List Introduction

The international version of Fate/Grand Order currently has 16 mystic codes. And there are 4 more (currently known) mystic codes coming in the future. As new mystic codes are released, and I get them to level 10, I’ll update this tier list accordingly.

To start, the 4 mystic codes that we don’t have in the international version of the game are:

  • Decisive-Battle Chaldea Uniform
  • Souya High School Uniform
  • New Year’s Attire
  • Summer Street

Now, for this tier list, I’ve split the mystic codes into 5 tiers labeled S, A, B, C, and D. The higher up on the list a mystic code is, the better it is. However, where a mystic code is placed horizontally doesn’t matter. All that matters is the tier the mystic code falls within.


Pictured above is the complete tier list. If the mystic codes you see here don’t look exactly like yours, you’re playing as the male character. I play as the female character, so I chose to use her variants of the mystic codes in the tier list.

Throughout the rest of this article, I’ll be breaking down the skills of each mystic code. I’ll also be explaining why I placed each one where I did. There are three things to keep in mind, though.

First, this tier list assumes all mystic codes are at level 10. Second, it doesn’t take the experience required to reach level 10 into consideration. And third, it doesn’t take cooldown times into consideration.

S-Tier Mystic Codes

Chaldea Combat Uniform

The only S-tier mystic code is the Chaldea Combat Uniform. While I wouldn’t say it’s the best one by far, I would say it stands above the rest. The two primary reasons for this are its versatility and signature skill.

Something you’ll notice as we continue through the tier list is that versatility is key. Generally speaking, the more niche a mystic code is, the worse it is. And the Chaldea Combat Uniform is a great generalist option.

The Chaldea Combat Uniform mystic code from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
Chaldea Combat Uniform

Buff All Allies grants a 30% attack buff for 1 turn to all present members of the party. As you might expect, this is a very good skill when you need a burst of power.

Gandr stuns a single enemy for 1 turn. Stuns are some of the most powerful effects in high-difficulty content. They protect your team from incoming damage and can give you 1 more turn to prepare for an incoming NP.

Order Change is what really sets the Chaldea Combat Uniform apart. This skill allows you to switch one of your front-line servants with a back-line servant. Order Change is an extremely powerful skill that you can use in a variety of ways. Most notably, it’s used for buff stacking.

The Chaldea Combat Uniform is the only mystic code with an order change skill, for now. But, another is coming in the future.

A-Tier Mystic Codes

Mystic Code: Chaldea

As the starting mystic code, you may think Mystic Code: Chaldea isn’t good. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s another great generalist mystic code. But, unlike the Chaldea Combat Uniform, it doesn’t have an overpowered signature skill.

Mystic Code: Chaldea from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
Mystic Code: Chaldea

First Aid is a standard healing skill that heals a single servant for 3,000 HP. On its own, healing isn’t the best effect. But, when combined with defense buffs, it can be very good.

Instant Enhancement buffs a single ally’s attack by 50% for one turn. With its higher percentage, this is a better attack buff skill than the party-wide options.

Emergency Evade applies a 1-turn evade to a single servant. This is an excellent way to keep an important servant alive for 1 more turn.

Since these skills can be useful in most situations, Mystic Code: Chaldea is one of the best mystic codes.

Atlas Institute Uniform

In my opinion, the Atlas Institute Uniform is a bit underrated. It’s yet another good, generalist mystic code. But, it also enhances specific niches. Specifically, this mystic code is great for both stall and last-man-standing situations.

The Atlas Institute Uniform mystic code from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
Atlas Institute Uniform

Dust of Osiris is an all-around better version of Emergency Evade. Instead of applying evade to a servant for 1 turn, it applies invulnerability to a servant for 1 turn. Invulnerability is a better version of evade because it protects against sure-hit. Both sure-hit and pierce invulnerability hit through evade.

Rain of Isis removes all debuffs from a single servant. This isn’t a bad skill, especially as debuffs become more common and oppressive later in the game. But, it’s the worst of the Atlas Institute Uniform’s skills.

Eye of Medjed is the best skill this mystic code has. It reduces the skill cooldowns of a single servant by 2, which is extremely powerful. Longer battles and last-man-standing situations can make great use of this skill.

As someone who likes to play stall teams myself, I use the Atlas Institute Uniform all the time.

Anniversary Blonde

Anniversary Blonde is one of the highest-tiered specialist mystic codes on this list. It’s designed specifically for Buster-crit teams. And, all its skills work well with Merlin’s kit, which makes this mystic code that much stronger in its niche.

The Anniversary Blonde mystic code from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
Anniversary Blonde

Mana Burst buffs the Buster card effectiveness of 1 servant by a whopping 60% for 1 turn. If you need to defeat a boss right now, this is the skill to use.

Confident in Victory grants 20 critical stars. This pairs very well with Mana Burst so your 60% buffed Buster card can also crit. You can get some insane damage this way without even using any NPs.

Knight’s Oath applies guts to a servant for 1 turn, reviving them with 4,000 HP. Is your Buster servant of choice a Berserker? This skill will keep them on the field a bit longer.

Basically, if you’re using a Buster team that relies on critical hits, this is your mystic code.

Chaldea Uniform – Arctic

Chaldea Uniform – Arctic also finds itself in the A-tier. At first glance, this may seem like a worse version of Mystic Code: Chaldea. They both have very similar skills. But, I’d say the first 2 skills of Arctic are better, while the third skill of the original is better.

The Chaldea Uniform - Arctic mystic code from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
Chaldea Uniform – Arctic

Purifying Recovery is a 3,000 HP heal for 1 servant just like First Aid. But, this skill also removes defensive debuffs as well. That may be a bit niche, but an extra effect makes it better.

Illusionary Buff increases the attack of a servant by 40% and their NP damage by 20%. While that’s a lower attack buff than Instant Enhancement’s 50%, this skill is still better. Why? Because of how the NP damage buff stacks with the attack buff.

Predictive Evasion grants evade to a single servant for 1 time over the course of 3 turns. The evade doesn’t get wasted if that servant isn’t attacked on either of the first 2 turns. But, I generally prefer having a full turn of protection over 1 hit.

The primary downside of this mystic code is that it takes the longest time to reach level 10.

Halloween Royalty

Halloween Royalty released with the Halloween Rising! event and is the second Buster-specific mystic code to break into A-tier. It’s basically a Buster version of Tropical Summer, but better. And, while Anniversary Blonde is for Buster crit teams, Halloween Royalty is for Buster NP teams.

The Halloween Royalty mystic code from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
Halloween Royalty

Brilliant Escort increases the Buster card effectiveness of a servant by 30% for 1 turn. It also increases their NP damage by 20% for 1 turn. It’s literally the Buster version of Tropical Summer’s Blue Splash skill.

Pure Coordination applies invincibility to a servant 2 times in 1 turn. It’s not the best defensive skill on a mystic code, by any means. But, it’s good enough to get the job done since, in most cases, a single servant won’t be attacked 3 times in 1 turn.

Blessed Regenerate is a better version of Tropical Summer’s Safety Oil skill. Both skills increase the NP gauge of a servant by 10%. But, Blessed Regenerate also clears immobilization debuffs. That second effect is useful in more situations than Safety Oil’s.

The game has evolved over the years to be more NP-focused. So, I’d say Halloween Royalty is a better Buster mystic code than Anniversary Blonde.

B-Tier Mystic Codes

Mage’s Association Uniform

Mage’s Association Uniform is a fairly general mystic code with a signature skill. Its first two skills are pretty good, but not overly amazing. And while its third skill can be powerful and useful in certain situations, it’s also RNG-based.

The Mage's Association Uniform mystic code from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
Mage’s Association Uniform

Cure-All is a party-wide healing skill that heals for 2,800 HP. That amount of healing isn’t going to put much of a dent in the damage enemies are doing. But, when paired with defensive buffs, it can still help.

Spiritron Transfer is the best skill the Mage’s Association Uniform has. It charges the NP gauge of a single servant by 20%. It’s useful and doesn’t rely on RNG.

Command Shuffle randomly distributes 5 new command cards. This can be good if you draw a bad hand. But, it’s also not guaranteed to give you a great one. And there’s nothing worse than shuffling your cards into a worse hand than you started with.

I should also mention Command Shuffle deactivates BB (summer)’s Faceless Moon EX skill. It’s not a conflict that will come up too often. But, as a BB (Summer) enjoyer, I felt the need to point it out.

A Fragment of 2004

A Fragment of 2004 is another Buster mystic code. But, it’s worse at fulfilling its role than Anniversary Blonde. While powerful individually, this mystic code’s skills are a bit mismatched. They don’t all come together as Anniversary Blonde’s do.

The A Fragment of 2004 mystic code from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
A Fragment of 2004

Code: F increases the NP damage of 1 servant by 50% for 1 turn. This is a good skill. But, if single-turn NP damage is what you want, other, better mystic codes can also provide that.

Code: U increases the Buster card critical star gather rate for a servant by 10,000% for 1 turn. That’s nice for critting with a Buster card. But, Buster Crits with Anniversary Blonde are going to hit harder.

Code: H increases a servant’s NP gain by 50% for 1 turn. NP gain buffs are good when critting because they lead to even more NP gain. But, this mystic code is all about Buster crits, not Arts crits. So, it doesn’t help as much as you’d expect for Buster servants.

There’s one thing you may have noticed this mystic code is lacking. It has no way to generate crit stars. So, for most Buster teams, you’re not going to use A Fragment of 2004.

Chaldea Uniform – True Ether

Chaldea Uniform – True Ether is a mystic code I came to appreciate a lot while I was leveling it up. The best way I can describe it is that it’s like having Merlin as your mystic code. The effects of its skills are similar to the effects of Merlin’s Skills and NP.

The Chaldea Uniform - True Ether mystic code from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
Chaldea Uniform – True Ether

All-out Charge is a 35% Buster buff for all allies. This is a decent skill. But, it’s definitely the worst of the Buster buffs we’ve seen so far.

Triple Restoration recovers 2,000 HP per turn for 3 turns for 1 servant. As I’ve said before, healing is primarily viable when combined with defense buffs. So, on its own, this isn’t a great skill.

Mana Conversion increases the NP gauge of a servant by 10% and their NP gain rate by 40% for 1 turn. This is the best skill True Ether has. But, as with the others, there’s nothing remarkable about it.

The thing is, what makes Merlin’s kit so good is how you can stack all his buffs over and over again. You can’t do that with mystic code skills due to their long cooldown times.

Tropical Summer

Tropical Summer is the first dedicated Arts mystic code on this tier list. Though, I would argue that the Atlas Institute Uniform is also good for Arts teams that often rely on skills. But, Tropical Summer is better for short, high-damage battles.

The Tropical Summer mystic code from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
Tropical Summer

Blue Splash buffs the Arts card effectiveness for a servant by 30% and their NP strength by 20% for 1 turn. This can be very helpful for getting an Arts servant to loop their NP.

Surprise Water increases the critical star gather rate for a servant’s Arts cards by 10,000% for 1 turn. Arts crits are amazing for NP gain, so this skill works well with Blue Splash to facilitate looping.

Safety Oil increases the buff removal resist for a servant by 100% for 1 turn and their NP gauge by 10%. Usually, you’re using this skill for the 10% NP battery. However, I did actually use it to resist buff removal once in a Challenge Quest. It’s a niche use case, but it works.

In my opinion, Arts looping is one of the most fun playstyles. And Tropical Summer is a mystic code meant for Arts loopers. But, you can use Chaldea Combat Uniform’s Order Change skill and Arts buffers instead.

Splendid New Year

Splendid New Year is a decent enough mystic code. But, at the same time, it doesn’t do anything all that well. It’s safe to say that Splendid New Year is the worst of the generalist mystic codes.

The Splendid New Year mystic code from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
Splendid New Year

First Shine is a party-wide NP strength buff of 35% for 1 turn. Party-wide offensive skills are generally worse than single-target options. And this skill is no exception. It’s better to buff a single NP to hit even harder.

Little Gift increases the NP gauge of a servant by 10% and provides 15 crit stars. There are better NP battery skills and better crit star skills. There’s not much of a reason to use this over those.

Osechi Package increases the maximum HP of a servant by 3,000 for 1 turn. This is actually better than a standard heal for 3,000 HP. But, it’s still nothing special.

Really, everything Splendid New Year does can be done better by other mystic codes. You should either choose a specialist mystic code or one of the other generalists.

Captain Chaldea

As you might expect from a B-tier mystic code, it’s not great and it’s not bad. It’s good enough. And if you’re a newer player, it could provide exactly what you need. But, it has one huge flaw: it’s basically a worse version of another mystic code.

The Captain Chaldea mystic code from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
Captain Chaldea

Overcharger clears the offensive debuffs of a servant and buffs their NP damage by 50% for 1 turn. The offensive debuff cleanse is a bit niche, but still useful. And 50% is a good NP damage buff.

Star Blaster increases the critical strength of a servant by 50% for 1 turn. I prefer either getting crit stars or gathering crit stars over buffing crit damage. But, this is a fine skill.

Escape Pod applies evade 1 time for 3 turns to a servant and heals them for up to 3,000 HP. This is also a fine skill. But, again, healing skills aren’t great and 1 turn evade is often preferable over 1 time evade.

If you couldn’t guess, the better version of Captain Chaldea is Chaldea Uniform – Arctic. I like Arctic’s defensive debuff removal more than Captain Chaldea’s offensive debuff removal. And while Captain Chaldea has 2 damage buff skills, Arctic’s damage buff skill is better.

Chaldea Pathfinder

Chaldea Pathfinder is the first Quick mystic code on the tier list. It’s also currently the best of the Quick-oriented mystic codes. And that’s unfortunate considering that it’s not a very good option. But, at least Quick teams have a decent mystic code — they didn’t always.

The Chaldea Pathfinder mystic code from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
Chaldea Pathfinder

Orienting is the Quick version of Tropical Summer’s Blue Splash skill. It buffs the Quick card performance of a servant by 30% and their NP strength by 20% for 1 turn.

Campfire increases the crit strength of all allies by 30% for 1 turn. And once again, I’ll say that party-wide offensive buffs are inferior to single-target. The opposite is true for defensive buffs.

Survival Kit removes the Poison, Curse, and Burn status conditions from a servant. It also charges their NP gauge by 10%. Status conditions usually aren’t a huge deal. Most other debuff-cleansing skills also remove them.

Now, I know I said I prefer crit star generation or gathering over strength. But, since for Quick servants, that’s not the case. So, Campfire is a decent skill. However, none of these skills are special.

C-Tier Mystic Codes

Memories of the Lunar Sea

Considering Memories of the Lunar Sea is an Arts mystic code, you might expect me to like it. As I’ve said before, I’m primarily an Arts player. Unfortunately, by the time I got my hands on this mystic code, there were many, far better options.

The Memories of the Lunar Sea mystic code from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
Memories of the Lunar Sea

Spiritron Boost buffs the Arts card effectiveness of a servant by 50% for 1 turn. On its own, this is a good skill and it’s the best skill this mystic code has.

Stepping Stone to Ultimate Victory grants a servant a 100% crit star generation buff for 1 turn. This skill isn’t particularly well-suited to Arts teams. But, I think the idea is for this mystic code to be used with an Arts crit team.

Punishment applies nullify buff for 1 time to a single enemy. This is a niche skill that doesn’t matter much. If an enemy is going to apply a buff to itself, it’s likely going to apply multiple buffs.

The main problem I see with this mystic code is that its skills aren’t very compatible. It’s not like Anniversary Blonde, which has 3 skills perfect for Buster crit teams.

Royal Brand

Royal Brand is an alright mystic code meant for Quick teams. But, it has one major problem: it doesn’t really do anything Quick servants can’t already do on their own. This should be apparent upon looking at its skills.

The Royal Brand mystic code from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
Royal Brand

Reaction Reinforcement buffs the Quick card effectiveness of a servant by 50% for 1 turn. This is a good buff, but a lot of Quick servants already have Quick buffs built into their kits.

Iron Devotion increases the crit star gather rate of a servant by 1,000% for 1 turn. This is a worse version of A Fragment of 2004’s Code: U and Tropical Summer’s Surprise Water.

Inescapable applies sure hit to a servant for 1 turn. Sure hit is a worse version of ignore invulnerability.

Now, let’s use Jack the Ripper as an example of why this mystic code isn’t necessary. Her first skill is already a 50% Quick buff, so that’s the same as Reaction Reinforcement. She can also generate so many crit stars on her own that crit star gather rate doesn’t matter. And, her second skill can remove evasion, so sure hit isn’t needed.

Brilliant Summer

The second Quick mystic code of C-tier is Brilliant Summer. An argument could be made for Royal Brand being the better of the 2 in many situations. But, I prefer Brilliant Summer because it’s useful in more situations.

The Brilliant Summer mystic code from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
Brilliant Summer

Rumble Party is a party-wide Quick card buff of 30% for 1 turn. As we know, party-wide offensive buffs are worse than single-target ones. So, this skill is worse than Reaction Reinforcement.

Deadly Trident applies ignore invulnerability to a servant for 1 turn. This is a better version of sure hit because it hits through both evade and invulnerability.

Beach House Shower heals a servant for 3,000 HP and increases their NP gauge by 10%. The NP battery is the effect that makes this a good skill.

Both ignore invulnerability and the NP battery can be helpful in some situations. In general, I’d prefer to have those skills than the skills of Royal Brand.

D-Tier Mystic Codes

Memories of the Far Side of the Moon

The worst mystic code in the game is Memories of the Far Side of the Moon. It’s not even a question. I think the issue is that when this mystic code was released, Arts was the meta, and Arts teams didn’t need much help.

The Memories of the Far Side of the Moon mystic code from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
Memories of the Far Side of the Moon

Spiritron Boost (All) buffs the Arts card effectiveness for the party by 30% for 1 turn. You already know how I feel about party-wide offensive buffs.

Stepping Stone to Survival applies debuff immune to a servant for 1 time. This is almost useless. If an enemy is using debuffs, you’re going to need a lot more than a 1-time immunity. And, cleansing debuffs is already easy. So, there’s no need for this skill.

Dial Down decreases an enemy’s NP gauge by 1. This is a good skill when present on a servant who can use it multiple times, like Tamamo-no-Mae. But, as a mystic code skill, it’s pretty bad.

Stunning an enemy is always a better option than reducing their NP gauge. Both effects prevent the enemy from using their NP for a turn. But, a stun (or charm) also prevents the enemy from using their other attacks and skills.

Realistically, you should never be using this mystic code.


So, there you have it. That’s my Fate/Grand Order mystic code tier list. Do you agree with my placement of the mystic codes? Or are there some you believe belong in a different tier? Let me know in the comments.

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