Fire Force Season 2 Episode 15

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 15

Shounen Battle Series

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 15 may be the most disappointing episode of the season so far. I was pretty disappointed when Joker and Shinmon didn’t end up fighting against Burns, but at least we got some good background information from that episode.

This episode didn’t really give us anything I cared about. Sure, we got to see some good Viktor content and Charon being overpowered, as usual. But those were the highlights of the episode and they only lasted a few short moments.

What I really want to discuss right now, though, is the part of the episode I disliked the most. I don’t believe we were given her name, but the puppeteer who works for Haijima was, by far, the worst part of the episode.

The puppeteer from the anime series Fire Force season 2
The puppeteer

The problem I have with this character is also one of the main problems I have with many shounen battle series: Her humor is geared towards 12-year-olds. Now, I know I shouldn’t really be complaining about that. After all, 12-year-olds are the target audience of shounen series.

However, even with that being the case, I still think it’s the worst part of many of these series. It kind of works in One Piece sometimes. But for the vast majority of shounen battle series, I do think it worsens the anime as a whole.

To me, including fart jokes by this puppeteer woman in the middle of a “fight” is the same as including random Tamaki fan service. It doesn’t add to the series and it distracts from the good content. Though, to be fair, there wasn’t much of a fight going on in this episode. The puppeteer, Maki, and Vulcan were just talking at each other.

A Three-Way Melee

I was actually a little surprised to find that Haijima and the White Clad weren’t working together. Well, they’ve worked together to an extent as we know from Dr. Giovanni. But I thought that the two organizations would be more intertwined than they apparently are.

It does make a bit of sense though. Haijima wants to discover the secrets of the Adolla Burst, while the White Clad simply want to use it. So if the two of them really were working together at a deep level, Haijima probably wouldn’t have been able to keep Nataku for their experiments.

However, the opposite could probably be argued as well. Without all of the Pillars, it’s unlikely that Nataku will be of any use to the White Clad. I don’t think he’ll willingly help them, so they’ll have to keep him locked up somewhere.

If that’s the case, he might as well be locked up within Haijima’s labs where they can make use of him.

Charon overlooking the battlefield from the anime series Fire Force season 2
Charon overlooking the battlefield

So were both Haijima and the White Clad using each other? Haijima was probably using the White Clad for information on Adolla Bursts. And likewise, the White Clad were probably using Haijima to help them find the remaining Adolla Burst users.

Also, now that we know that the Fire Force, Haijima, and the White Clad are fighting a three-way battle over the Adolla Burst users, where does that leave the church? It was implied that the Holy Sol Temple has nothing to do with the current White Clad organization. But do they really have no stake in this?

It seems obvious that the Holy Sol Temple is going to become important to the story once again at some point. I’m just not sure how it’s going to happen.

Antagonist Organizations

As I mentioned earlier, the best part of the episode came when Charon showed up and decided to once again prove why he’s the greatest character in the series. Oh, you thought Kurono was strong because he was beating back Shinra? Well, he can’t even scratch Charon.

Seeing this really puts Charon’s strength into perspective.

And once I realized how strong Charon is, it made me think about how strong the entire White Clad organization (or at least their higher-ups) would be if they got together. Not every shounen battle series does this, but a lot of them reduce the strength of their antagonist organizations by breaking them up.

The Akatsuki from Naruto: Shippūden is a perfect example of this. That’s an organization made up of extremely powerful characters who can even defeat small nations on their own. And because they’re so strong, they travel in pairs because they never need more than two of them to complete any given mission.

Inca anticipating some danger from the anime series Fire Force season 2
Inca anticipating some danger

But what if an organization like the Akatsuki or the White Clad actually worked as a cohesive group in battle? I think if they did that, it would be fair to say that they’d be almost unstoppable.

Do you really think Company 8 would be able to do anything against the combination of Sho, Haumea, Charon, Inca, and the other top-level White Clad members? They wouldn’t stand a chance. Even if they had Joker and Shinmon on their side I don’t think they would stand a chance.

Sho and Charon alone can basically defeat everyone else. I mean, Sho can literally stop time by sucking the heat out of the universe. The only reason Shinra stood a chance against him in season one was that he was also borrowing the Evangelist’s grace. Take that away, and Sho wins every time because he’s on the Evangelist’s side.


What do you think of Fire Force season 2 episode 15? Do you like the puppeteer woman? What do you think was the extent of Haijima’s and the White Clad’s alliance? Was it solely Dr. Giovanni connecting the two? And, do you think Company 8 (and their allies) could defeat the full force of the White Clad? Let me know in the comments.

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