Fire Force Season 2 Episode 3

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 3

A New Flashpoint

Allow me to start off this review of Fire Force season 2 episode 3 by thanking Inca for re-explaining the pyrokinetic generations and confirming what I stated in last week’s review. Not only did she back up my explanation of the three current generations, but, like me, she speculated about what a fourth-generation could look like.

However, as I’ll discuss in a bit, I don’t believe that Inca is a fourth-generation pyrokinetic. From what we’ve seen, all of the Pillars appear to be third-generation pyrokinetics, with the possible exception of the First Pillar.

And speaking of the First Pillar, I actually had a new thought regarding her. Last week I mentioned that if she can really turn her body entirely into fire as shown in the OP, she could be the first fourth-generation. But what if she’s actually a first-generation (Infernal) who was able to control her power?

Inca, Sancho, and Panda from the anime series Fire Force season 2
Inca, Sancho, and Panda

Moving back to Inca, but not her ability just yet, her character is a fairly unique one as far as this series is concerned. So far we’ve seen two sides for the most part: The Special Fire Force and the Evangelist’s followers. Sure, the different Fire Force companies don’t always work together, but they have a common goal generally speaking.

I’m sure we’ll see her ally with one side or the other at some point this season, but for now, she’s in the awkward position of being caught in the middle. Vulcan was kind of in this position originally, but it was clear that he heavily leaned towards the “justice” of the Fire Force even before he joined.

Inca is a much more morally grey character. She doesn’t harm people, but she’s also not a good person. She uses her ability to shake down those who are victims of fire rather than helping them from a place of compassion. And, of course, there’s also the fact that she seeks the thrill and danger of fire.

Inca – The Fifth Pillar

When it comes to pyrokinetic abilities, I have to say that Inca’s doesn’t seem that good so far. When we’re first introduced to her, she can’t even control fire — and I would argue that she still can’t. Instead, she was able to smell (and see) where fires were going to start based on heat signatures in the air.

However, once Charon appears and kills Sancho (RIP), Inca awakens her true ability. Or, at least she awakens a new layer to her current ability. And I’m expecting her to “unlock” even more ways to use it as the series progresses because as I said, it’s not that good right now.

How Inca’s ability works is that she’s able to ignite heat signatures she sees within the air by tracing them with her finger. The reason I say this isn’t a good ability (yet) is that as far as we’ve seen, she can’t actually control where those heat signatures appear.

Basically, if there’s no heat signature for Inca to trace, then she’s useless.

The First Pillar entering Inca's mind from the anime series Fire Force season 2
The First Pillar entering Inca’s mind

Going back in time to before Inca awakened her ability, we got the scene (pictured above) in which the First Pillar spoke directly into Inca’s mind just as she had done to Shinra. Can you think of any particular reason why she didn’t just incite Inca to violence as she did with Shinra?

I was thinking that perhaps because Inca hadn’t yet awakened her Adolla Burst, she wouldn’t have been as prone to being “consumed by the fire of Adolla” as Shinra was. But Inca’s not exactly the most mentally stable person to begin with.

So wouldn’t a voice in her head telling her that she can get even more of a thrill by joining the Evangelist be pretty compelling to her? It looked to me like the First Pillar could have done more to persuade Inca to their side.


Last week I discussed how excited I was to see more of Ogun in the future, and this week I have the same thing to say about Charon. His relationship with Haumea is a little strange, but seeing as Haumea is one of the Pillars, it’s understandable that Charon would be devoted to her.

But what I wasn’t really expecting was just how strong Charon is. Sure, he looks strong, but that doesn’t mean anything. We didn’t (and still don’t really) know what his pyrokinetic ability was, and we also didn’t even know his name before this episode either, if I’m remembering correctly.

Charon stomping on Shinra from the anime series Fire Force season 2
Charon stomping on Shinra

We now know that his name is Charon (the ferryman of the Underworld from Greek mythology), he seems to have the ability to create explosions on the surface of his skin, and he’s extremely physically strong.

While his ability is probably going to be confirmed next week, it seems pretty clear to me. We saw that he was able to destroy a large portion of Sancho’s body by touching him, he created an explosion when he punched Shinra, and he was able to create explosions from his feet when walking.

And if that didn’t make him strong enough, he’s also just a mountain of a man. He’s tall, muscular, able to take multiple of Shinra’s Adolla-Bursted kicks to the face without flinching, and strong enough to stomp him into the pavement. Oh, and he’s also extremely fast.

This might sound strange, but I’d like to see a fight between Charon and Captain Oubi. I think it would be cool to see Oubi go up against someone like Charon with his armor and shield.


What did you think of Fire Force season 2 episode 3? Do you think Inca really is the first fourth-generation pyrokinetic? Do you think her ability is going to be upgraded beyond what we saw in this episode? And who would you like to see fight against Charon? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Charon was named back in episode 25 during the flashback when he appeared with Haumea.

    Naming wise Charon is likely called as such because it’s a moon that travels near the Dwarf Planet Haumea.

    1. I must have missed his name back then.

      But also, Charon isn’t a moon of Haumea. Charon is a moon of Pluto. So while their names aren’t directly connected, there could still be an astronomical thread connecting them considering Sol is the diety in the world of Fire Force as well. That makes more sense to me now than the connection to Greek mythology.

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