Fruits Basket The Final Season Episode 13

Fruits Basket The Final Season Episode 13

The Happy Couple

In Episode 12, we learned that Kyou and Tohru are going to be leaving wherever it is they currently live. I’m not actually sure if we know where exactly in Japan this series takes place. Though, someone could probably figure it out from the scenery.

As Episode 13 is the last episode of Fruits Basket The Final Season, naturally it focuses on Kyou’s and Tohru’s last day before they leave. The episode doesn’t follow them the whole time, though. Rather, we get to see how everyone else feels about them leaving.

I don’t think that this was the greatest episode of the series. It was pretty average, overall. But, I did find seeing everyone’s reactions to Kyou and Tohru leaving to be interesting. For example, Kagura says that she’s going to see them off for Kyou, not Tohru — but we know it’s for both of them.

Tohru and Kyou from the anime series Fruits Basket The Final Season
Tohru and Kyou

Momiji is another who I found interesting, as he’s kind of the opposite of Kagura. He loves Tohru. However, he claims that he’s going to find a great significant other just so he can show them off to Tohru and Kyou in the future to make them Jealous.

Akito’s response was a bit strange, though. She claims that she’s not going to see off Tohru and Kyou despite Tohru being her first friend. However, she does state that she can see them whenever she wants, which seems to imply she’s going to show up uninvited.

Also, at the very end of the episode, we get an epilogue that takes place in the far future when Tohru and Kyou are grandparents. Their granddaughter looks like Kagura, and apparently by this time, they seem to have moved back to Shigure’s old house.

Everyone Else

Aside from Tohru and Kyou, we do get to see what’s going on with a few of the other relationships in the series. Unfortunately, Tohru and Kyou are the only ones who we get to see in the epilogue. I wonder who else is still alive by then.

I was going to say that Shigure probably isn’t since it looked like they were living in his house. But, since he got together with Akito, he probably moved out of that house long ago. Still, he is significantly older than they are, so he probably died.

Anyway, Shigure and Akito end up together, obviously, but we don’t know much more than that about them. The same goes for Ayame and Mine. We know they’re together, but from what we saw, they’re still up to their old antics — wanting to put Yuki in dresses.

Arisa and Saki from the anime series Fruits Basket The Final Season
Arisa and Saki

There’s not really anything to say about Haru and Rin or Hiro and Kisa. Their relationships are just as they’ve always been. However, Ritsu Souma is apparently in a relationship with Shigure’s editor. And more than that, he’s no longer cross-dressing.

As for Yuki and Machi, Yuki is going away to college while Machi finishes up high school. They’re still going to be in a relationship though, with Yuki even giving Machi a key to his new apartment. How cute.

Arisa and Kureno aren’t that interesting. They seem to be having a long-distance relationship while Kureno recovers. But, there was an odd shot of Saki and Kazuma (Kyou’s master) together. I don’t think they’re a thing. I think they were together because Saki is Tohru’s “mother” and Kazuma is Kyou’s “father.”

And the last person I want to mention is someone not in a relationship: Ren Souma. I would have liked a bit more of a conclusion for her. The last we saw of her, she was staring into an empty box.

Should Akito be Forgiven?

During the scene of Momiji, Haru, and Rin talking about Kyou and Tohru, Rin brings up the fact that Momiji and Haru seem to have forgiven Akito. I didn’t really get the impression that they forgave her. It seems more like Momiji pities her and Haru is indifferent at this point.

Rin mentions that Akito had done terrible things to both of them, and so she doesn’t understand why they would forgive Akito. But, did Akito really do anything that bad to Momiji and Haru directly? They definitely suffered, but I don’t think it was directly at the hands of Akito.

I believe we did see Akito being mean to Momiji in the past. But most of Momiji’s trauma came from his immediate family — specifically the fact that he was removed from the family and his mother’s memory of him was suppressed.

Akito Souma from the anime series Fruits Basket The Final Season
Akito Souma

As for Haru, I don’t recall ever seeing Akito do anything to him directly. Maybe that was because Haru was too much of a wildcard. Out of all the Zodiac members, Haru is the one most likely to actually lash out and hurt Akito in return.

Instead, Akito hurt Haru by proxy. She hurt Rin because she knew that was how she could hurt Haru. In that regard, I could understand why Haru maybe shouldn’t forgive Akito. But I think his indifference is fine. He doesn’t need to forgive her, and it doesn’t seem like he has.

With Rin, though, it’s pretty obvious why she wouldn’t forgive Akito. I mean, Akito literally attempted to murder Rin, and Rin has a massive scar on her back to prove it. I wouldn’t forgive Akito either if I was Rin. Well, at least I wouldn’t have, but Akito is cute now so maybe I’d make an exception.


What do you think of Fruits Basket The Final Season Episode 13? Was this an acceptable ending? Is there anyone else you would have liked the episode to focus on, such as Tohru’s family? And who else would you have liked to see in the epilogue? Let me know in the comments.

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