Gamers! Cover Art
Gamers! Cover Art


Gamers! isn’t actually an anime about games, just like A Sister’s All You Need isn’t actually an anime about sisters. It’s actually another romantic comedy, but some of the characters also just happen to like games.

Since it’s a romantic comedy with an odd number of main characters, of course there’s going to be love triangle hijinks all around, but the real main feature of this anime are all the misunderstandings that happen along the way. Just about everything that could be misunderstood, gets misunderstood.

The main thing I liked about the show were the characters, which is always good. They were well designed and all the main characters were complex enough to be interesting.

The thing I didn’t like as much was that they set up this premise of the Game Club and then didn’t really use it for anything. The Game Club itself didn’t matter and neither did most of the characters who were introduced as its members.


Our main character this time around is Amano. He’s a loser with no friends who just plays games all day long. I know, hits a little too close to home for me too. He plays games for fun and it seems that visual novels and mobile games are his go-to categories.

The main heroine is Karen. She’s the most popular girl in school, because we obviously need a high school romantic comedy cliché like that. However, she also likes to play games, but with competitive motives.

Next we have Uehara. He likes arcade games and has a knack for those claw games that are always rigged. He’s also fairly popular and has a girlfriend named Aguri who we’ll talk about next.

Aguri is the best girl in the show. She doesn’t particularly like games, and so she’s the one main character who doesn’t fit in. She’s also ditzy and hyper. Basically she’s the main comedic effect character.

Aguri acting cool and using finger guns

Finally we have our wildcard, Chiaki. Like Amano, Chiaki is into mobile games and is a loner. I don’t care for Chiaki that much, but she does have a younger sister who is an entertaining character.


Gamers! was a good romantic comedy, but that’s all it was. There wasn’t really anything that stood out too much about it and honestly it was easily forgotten. That being said, it did keep me entertained the whole time I was watching it.

I feel like this is similar to many of the anime I write about here in that I want to lower the score I originally gave it. I gave Gamers! a 7/10 so that’s what I’ll stick with. After thinking about anime I often feel like maybe I should lower the scores, but we’ll go ahead and stick with the scores I gave each one in the moment.

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